This category contains topics on market development, financing and governance: core functions of supply and demand in the market, supporting and rules functions. Governance and global political processes are also included in this category; they are market players as well as drivers.
Includes implementation of market development, market based approaches, sanitation marketing, theories of change and market landscape analysis.
Re: Up-scaling Basic Sanitation fo ...
by jsauer
19 Sep 2017 19:57
Includes "sanitation as a business" programs, developing new business models for sanitation, providing improved sanitation products and services, and better faecal sludge management.
Re: Commercially Viable Business D ...
by ossai
05 Sep 2017 11:08
Includes public finance from government, subsidy models, tariff systems, ODA (official development assistance) and results-based financing, and costing.
Re: Financing sanitation infrastru ...
by Marijn Zandee
01 Aug 2017 10:52
Includes public private partnerships (PPPs), government and citizens, governments and NGOs, government to government, policies and regulations for upscaling.
Re: Policy analysis and research s ...
by fides
18 Sep 2017 12:54
Topics around sanitation in cities in particular with regards to appropriate planning, implementation, and management processes in cities
SFD Exchange @ Stockholm World ...
by CeciliaRodrigues
25 Aug 2017 13:14
Includes also quality control, certifications, monitoring and enforcement issues.
Re: Survey on Multiparameter Field ...
by sarapesekMIT
30 Aug 2017 22:36
Topics such as human right to sanitation, post-2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda, global monitoring, Sustainable Development Goals, Swacch Bharat Mission etc. are discussed here.
Re: Why Toilet is Not a Prem Katha ...
by Marijn Zandee
28 Aug 2017 07:18
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