SaniArt, to drive demand - What is the role of art in driving demand for sanitation?

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SaniArt, to drive demand.

Dear Sanitation Enthusiasts,

A belated Happy World Toilet Day to one and all!

With the help of the brilliant musicians and producers from Chicoco Radio, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, I hereby present a song for the occasion: "S-A-F-E (poop in a bucket) -

I hope you like it.

My question to the forum is: What is the role of art in driving demand for sanitation?
By 'demand', I don't just mean behavior change communication and toilet sales, but also increasing political will, and perhaps even influencing policy.

More specifically; are there any other sanitation artists out there who are producing sanitation art? what are you doing? how is it received? and would you be interested in collaborating on "Fekal Soul Melodies: The Album."?

Happy Thanksgiving!
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