Is there a standard for handwashing taps/stations to learners?

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Re: Is there a standard for handwashing taps/stations to learners?

Dear M S Khan,

Yes, please send detailed photo descriptions for each one, also where they were taken, when and by whom.
Also, could you please send the photos to me in their original resolution by using dropbox (or some other file sharing system). If I grab them from your forum post then they are in lower resolution which is not ideal.

Once we have the photos and descriptions, they can be added to the SuSanA flickr photo database, e.g. see here what we have already for handwashing:


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Re: Is there a standard for handwashing taps/stations to learners?

Hand wash in schools sustainability has been a challenge for it means hand wash facilities must be enough, functional, Include soap, water and be used habitually.
Tippy tap Kenya as an organization we have been working on a solution to barriers of handwashing behaviour at school level for over two years now that has led us to come up with an invention that has not only proved to be fun when used by pupils but also Curb the barriers observed in WASH
I pleased to introduce you to the tippy tap wash house that is operated hands free by foot to dispense water and liquid soap used in washing hands. The used water goes through a filtration chamber then channeled to A reservoir where its re used in other cleaning chores like mopping classes, cleaning and flushing toilets hence cut on water costs and wastage by up to 90%.
The station holds multiple dispensers customed to school population with full metallic features guarantees years of durability with minimal maintenance.
We highly recommend this facility to be adopted in school setting.


Clean hands healthy nation
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