I can't find the first part of the discussion? Could there be several pages of discussion?

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I can't find the first part of the discussion? Could there be several pages of discussion?

Dear Dorothee,

Please forgive me, if I'm wrong, but this thread starts with your post, which starts with: "Thank you Naomi for this write up" implying that there are posts prior to that.
Could you kindly guide me to the earlier posts?


F H Mughal

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Re: Effective Sewage Sanitation with Low CO2 Footprint (Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, USA)

Easy solution to your problem, Mughal: this thread has - due to the high number of replies - 2 pages. The earlier posts of the thread are on the first page. See the little number 1 and 2 at the bottom (and at the top) of the page that takes you to the different pages of the thread. The setting seems to be 12 posts per page. This is supposed to ease navigation for very long threads (if it leads to people missing previous pages, then this is not good).


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