Our Discussion Forum now has a better search function. - Do you like it?

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Our Discussion Forum now has a better search function. - Do you like it?

Good news: We have upgraded the Forum's search function!

When you enter a search term into the search bar, you now land on a page that provides you with two different options for searching, which you can access with two tabs (see white labels on grey or black boxes here: forum.susana.org/forum/search ).

First option (and default option): Forum site search

The default is the Google site search for only the Forum. It uses the Google algorithm for ranking of your search results. E.g. those with more links to it or more views and replies should come out on top.

Second option: SuSanA Website and Forum site search

The second option is the Google site search for Forum and mother website ( www.susana.org ). Again, search results are ranked by the Google algorithm, and this time it is searching through all the Forum posts plus all the pages and sub-pages of the SuSanA mother website.

You can access both search option when clicking on "search" at the top, or when putting a search term into the search bar.
Or when you go here: forum.susana.org/forum/search

What do you think? Is it working well for you? Please do try it out and put your feedback into this thread.


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