Status of Fundación Sumaj Huasi? Status of Sumaj Huasi Foundation?


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Status of Fundación Sumaj Huasi?

Does anyone know what may have happened to the water and sanitation NGO Fundación Sumaj Huasi operating in La Paz/El Alto, Bolivia? Their website is no longer a valid URL and the most recent post on their facebook page is more than a year old. Just curious.
Kai Mikkel Førlie

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Re: Status of Fundación Sumaj Huasi? Status of Sumaj Huasi Foundation?

Buenas noches,
Actualmente la Fundación Sumaj Huasi ha dejado de operar en El Alto, Se hizo la transferencia del proyecto de recojo de residuos de baños ecológicos a EPSAS entidad operadora de agua y saneamiento local y que a la fecha sigue haciendo recojo de residuos ECOSAN.
La Fundación Sumaj Huasi, después de la pandemia bajaron las actividades, y actualmente estamos en una reestructuración y gestión de proyectos.. El sitio web esta vigente.

Oscar Suntura

Good evening,

Currently the Sumaj Huasi Foundation has ceased to operate in El Alto, it was made the transfer of the waste collection project of ecological toilets to EPSAS local water and sanitation operating entity and that to date continues to make waste collection ECOSAN.
The Sumaj Huasi Foundation, after the pandemic activities decreased, and we are currently in a restructuring and project management. The web site is up and running.

Oscar Suntura

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