Global Webinar: Sanitation and Employment - World Toilet Day 2019

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Global Webinar: Sanitation and Employment - World Toilet Day 2019

Ask not what employment can do for sanitation – ask what sanitation can do for employment”.

Commemorating World Toilet Day 2019, Sida and partners including SEI, SLU, WaterAid, SIWI, Water for People and SuSanA invite you to an inspirational webinar about the excellent yet untapped drivers for business, entrepreneurship and job opportunity that the sanitation value chain represents. While doing so, we will bring attention to critical challenges that workers in the sanitation industry often face and the needed actions being taken to tackle them.

Come and join the conversation on Thursday 21 November at 14:00-15.30 CET to learn more about improving the business of sanitation, for the sanitation workforce and the global communities they serve.

Join the webinar here:


Moderator - Alejandro Jiménez, Stockholm International Water Institute
Q and A - Sarah Hayman, WaterAid
Technical support - Arno Rosemarin, Stockholm Environment Institute

• Introduction by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)

• Global findings and areas for action: “Health, Safety, and Dignity of Sanitation Workers” Report. Rémi Kaupp – WaterAid

• Formalizing pit emptying services in informal settlements of Kampala. Martin Mawejje – Water for People and ITP-SUWAS (Sida International Training Programme on Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation)

• REVAMP: estimating the circular economy potential of sanitation at city scale. Daniel Ddiba – SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute)

• A concrete example: a sanitation business opportunity based on Black soldier fly composting. Cecilia Lalander – SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

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Re: Global Webinar: Sanitation and Employment - World Toilet Day 2019

Here is the recording of this webinar.


Arno Rosemarin PhD
Stockholm Environment Institute
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