Developing rural livelihoods through education and sustainable technology, The ASEI Institute


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  • Name: Alicwamu Moses Academic Milestone: Bsc. (Hons), Agric and Bio-systems Engineering. Institution: Gulu University. Experience: Quality Control Engineer at NWSC, Engineer and Research assistant at Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation, Makerere University, Team lead of Biomass conversion to energy project at Gulu University.
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Developing rural livelihoods through education and sustainable technology, The ASEI Institute

Dear all,
Am personally delighted to be part of the SuSanA platform for the very first time. As a Water and Sanitation enthusiast, i hope to benefit with my upcoming team both in knowledge and best practices in the water and sanitation sector. 

I would like to introduce The ASEI Institute (Under registration), a prospective non-profit organisation that shall enhance STEM education in Uganda through bridging the gap between the industrial players and the academic and research organisations. This is due to the current normal (few links between industry and academia) that has compromised graduates and the youth of the skills needed to compete in the job market.
The first initiative shall be the CODE programme in high schools that will enhance students' knowledge in technology needed in majority of the industries and STEM careers.

The organisation will further put up an innovation lab tasked with the responsibility of coming up with scalable technologies in the water, sanitation and alternative energy Eco-systems for the local community.
The organisation will be located in Fort Portal, Uganda, a new city that has been created here in Uganda.
The organisation considers strategic partnerships with the local government, NGOs, CSOs, academic and research institutions for sustainable output in its work.
As part of our work plan, we intend in the first year of operation to undertake a short term response to internal capacity development both at individual and organisational level. We are therefore, looking for partners we can work with within the Water and Sanitation Department of the Innovation Lab. 

In the future, we shall be so much happy as an organisation to be sharing our innovations, research and impact on the local community here in Uganda and Africa at large on this very platform.
Any assistance rendered to the organisation shall greatly be appreciated.
Thank you so much.

Alicwamu Moses
Acting Lead, The ASEI Institute.
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
CONTACT:  +256 785688921

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