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Recent Posts - SuSanA Forum Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:13:33 +0200 Kunena Forum (Joomla) en-gb Introducing BORNEfonden Children and Youth Foundation from Denmark: A new partner organisation of SuSanA - by: secretariat bornefonde.jpg

We would like to welcome BORNEfonden Children and Youth Foundation from Denmark as a new SuSanA partner organisation!

The following text is taken from their application form and was written by the partner organisation themselves.

Description and Activities in Sustainable Sanitation:

BORNEfonden CYF is a Danish development organisation working to enable a sustainable future for children, youth, families and communities in West Africa. Established in 1972, BORNEfonden CYF works in Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Togo and Cape Verde focusing on WASH, health, education and income generation in rural areas. In cooperation with authorities, organisations and local communities, BORNEfonden CYF works 15-20 years in each community to create resilient and empowered children and youth. Collaboration and partnerships are key in BORNEfonden\'s work to establish lasting change. BORNEfonden CYF also provides humanitarian assistance in response to emergencies. In the sector of WASH, BORNEfonden CYF works to improves access to clean water and improved sanitation in households, health facilities and schools through CLTS programmes.

Contact person:
Iben Rasmine Marcussen


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New SuSanA partners Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:30:50 +0200
Introducing Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. from India: A new partner organisation of SuSanA - by: secretariat organica.jpg

We would like to welcome Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (OBPL) from India as a new SuSanA partner organisation!

The following text is taken from their application form and was written by the partner organisation themselves.

Description and Activities in Sustainable Sanitation:
Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd is involved in finding natural and sustainable solutions to impeding issues of sanitation, agriculture and solid waste management using microbe based technology. Organica Biotech has grown to be one of the leading biotechnological companies today to provide effective and eco-friendly products to over 45 countries. Our rich research expertise has propelled us to develop products which provide effective solution to present day environment and social problems. Our products are specially crafted and formulated to unlock the the potential of microbes to address global sanitation issues deftly.
We are the torch bearers of change in social front. We are closely associated with various NGOs and CSR events to eliminate all the sanitation woes. We not only provide new, portable toilets but also aid in improving the maintenance of existing lavatories including community toilets and transient toilets at tourist areas, rural areas, schools and construction sites. We have collaborated with various municipal corporations in Mumbai to expedite the maintenance of existing community toilets.

Contact person:
Khushboo Shroff

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New SuSanA partners Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:24:10 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: pave
Thank you so much for your very encouraging mail.

I look forward to meeting you soon and discussing further.

Very warm regards,

General announcements Thu, 22 Jun 2017 07:59:31 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: Ahmed Many thanks for your kind response and interesting efforts I am happy to collaborate with you on this important project. There are a lot of areas of synergy between our efforts. It is also possible for EVEL-PAVE to scale up our identified proven sustainable solutions.

Looking forward to meeting you soon to progress this discussion.

Best wishes

Prof Ahmed Balogun]]>
General announcements Thu, 22 Jun 2017 07:25:17 +0200
Advanced Development of Modular Onsite Treatment System-Co-development of Reinvented Toilet Systems (Infore, China) - by: euisochoi Public toilets, community toilets, shared toilets Thu, 22 Jun 2017 06:11:14 +0200 Re: Reinvent the Toilet Challenge - China Regional Program - Introduction and update on progress - by: muench
It would be very interesting to hear more from you about the outcomes of this project (Reinvent the Toilet Challenge - China Regional Program) which ended in December last year. Oh, I just saw in the SuSanA project database that you got further funding until 2019 under the title of "Reinvent the Toilet China Project: Innovative Toilet Solutions and Commercial Activities": .

Could you please post here what the main "winning" project ideas were? Perhaps links to further information in English or Chinese? Also any important lessons worked on what didn't work?

I came back to this thread because a new project on Reinvented Toilets in China was recently posted here on the Forum:

Does it have anything to do with your project?

Various topics of sanitation systems Wed, 21 Jun 2017 17:00:30 +0200
Contribute to the African Water Association's Publications - by: aeschrum AfWA
The African Water Association produces five (5) magazines each year, of which three (3) are general information and two (2) are devoted to the promotion of best practices and knowledge sharing. The general information magazine, AfWA News , echoes the activities of AfWA members and professionals in the WASH sector. AfWA News is released in April, August and November of each year. A hardcopy of this magazine is distributed to members during AfWA meetings and to visitors to our stand at exhibitions. The digital version can be downloaded for free on AfWA’s website, . Share water is released twice a year in June and November. It is focused on knowledge sharing and best practices of the African water and sanitation sector and the rest of the world.

For AfWA NEWS 119 for release in late August 2017
The communication department in charge of writing the magazine and we are at the stage of collecting information. In this context we solicit your contributions of articles carried out by AfWA members. The publication date is fixed at the end of August and the layout will be finalized on July 15, 2017. We would be pleased to receive contributions in the form of articles approximately 300 to 350 words and three (3) photos (1920 x 1280 pixels), at the earliest possible because of printing constraints.

For Share Water 5 for release in November 2017
We are also collecting articles for compilation. The layout will be finalized on September 17, 2017.

You can send us your contributions to the following address: while copying the Communication Manager, Olivier Konan, at:

The subjects that we traditionally cover:
  • Water Quality
  • Non-Revenue Water
  • Leak Management
  • Liquid Sanitation
  • Fecal Sludge Management
  • Fecal Sludge Management Toolbox
  • Appropriate Sanitation
  • Strategic Sanitation Plan Templates
  • WASH Research Results
  • Remote Management
  • Climate Change and Preservation of Water Resources
  • Watershed Management
  • Gender and WASH
  • Youth and WASH
Calls for proposals, tenders, applications, expressions of interest (projects and awards) Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:15:32 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: ossai
we are pleased to receive your confirmation to attend the SuSanA Nigeria Coalition Meeting billed for the 29th of June.
More so, we note with great pleasure, your interest and readiness to share the result of your survey on sanitation facilities in Akure South/North of Ondo State as well as other information beneficial to the meeting.

Indeed, we look forward to meeting you!

Your shared report was a fascinating and insightful read.It will be nice if you can share the status of some of your project components impact, for example, the building and installation of water and sanitation infrastructures in select schools and communities of need, Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition, etc...
However, we share in your optimism to have sponsors and partners supporting your projects especially as it has to do with financing which is part of the reason that we are calling for this meet-up in order to strategise on how we can attract funding for participants projects.

ATTENTION: All intending participants of the SuSanA Nigeria Coalition Meet-up
Permit me to make the following announcement:

1. I have received in custody the Federal Ministry of Water Resources Partnership for Expanded Water and Sanitation Hygiene in Nigeria document.

2. I have also receive an invitation to an interractive session with the Honourable Minister for Water Resources on the July 2. Any interested participant willing to join the delegation of SuSanA Nigeria Coalition should kindly indicate privately.

3. It is important to announce that the African Development Bank, UNICEF, Islamic Development Bank, USAID, E.U., JICA, World Bank, etc... has launced #0.7 Billion to fund water and sanitation improvement in Nigeria. This news reinforce the importance of coming together to forge a common front to not just monitor and evaluate these funds, but to ensure that it finances participants projects.

Thank you as we look forward to your participation.]]>
General announcements Wed, 21 Jun 2017 12:21:57 +0200
SuSanA webinar: How can a program design rural sanitation financial support to reach the most disadvantaged? June 29, 20:00 Manila time, (UTC +8) - by: SDickin
Hosted by the Cambodian Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Sub-Group (RuSH), this interactive webinar will discuss how different programs have tried to design rural sanitation subsidies to reach the poorest. Examples will be shared from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia. Rapid presentations will be followed by discussion questions and polls for participants to share their rural sanitation knowledge with others.

What is the purpose of this Webinar?
The World Bank, USAID, UNICEF and SuSanA are hosting this webinar to present and discuss an emerging rural sanitation challenge. The main audience for the webinar is government staff and others working in countries with high rates of open defecation and unhygienic sanitation who want to learn more about how to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please register here:

What is a Webinar?
A webinar is a live virtual meeting that individuals can access by calling a phone number, going to a webpage, or going to a location with video conference facilities, at a specific time. The organizers do not charge any fees to participate in the webinars. However, your cell phone or internet provider may charge you regular fees for the minutes you spend on the phone or online while participating in the webinar.

How can I get more involved?
If you are government staff please help us plan future Webinars, by taking this survey (available in three languages): Spanish, French and English. We’re considering planning future Webinars on topics such as:
• How can governments measure changes in rural sanitation social norms?
• How can governments increase and effectively use their budget?
• How can governments support private sector sanitation market development?
• How can governments monitor CLTS?
• What new technologies are emerging to address sanitation in challenging environments?
• How can governments use ‘Program for Results’ or other results based financing mechanisms to increase rural sanitation coverage?

If you would like to host a webinar in the future, or if you have any questions related to this webinar, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

June 29th - 8pm Manila | 3pm Nairobi | 1pm Lagos | 8am NYC | 7am Lima

Best regards,
Webinars and online meetings Wed, 21 Jun 2017 11:54:41 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: pave
Thank you for your very interesting and encouraging mail.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting in person.
I am very interested in your survey report and pilot research and advocacy project and will appreciate if you can send me the report and other relevant documents.
We are currently working on developing a water education for schools and communities programme in Nigeria that also seek to address forestry issues and integrate Climate Change into the project and kindly request for your collaboration and support. We have carried out feasibility studies on the project (see attached report).

The aim of the Nigeria Water Education for Schools and Communities Programme is to promote better understanding of water as a key social, economic and environmental resource and to facilitate a new water-use ethic in Nigeria through projects like the building and installation of water and sanitation infrastructures in select schools and communities of need. Introducing the Nigeria Water Education in Schools and Communities Programme would be strategic entry points to:

· Develop awareness about Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Sector reform, policy issues, and WatSan related environmental issues in Nigeria;
· Develop knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the issues and understand perceptions and use of water;
· Support informed decision-making by the community that could affect the quality of their lives with respect to water;
· Participate actively in the sustainable management of their water environment;
· Evaluate and propose actions that will achieve effective water related solutions in support of water resources management.


General announcements Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:21:01 +0200
Is there a standard for handwashing taps/stations to learners? - by: kamrun
We have developed different Group Hand Washing Stations with pipe water supply and with placing static tank, usually filled by cook cum helper MID-DAY-MEAL in schools. ODISHA, INDIA. I can share with you all photos too.
Er M S Khan]]>
Handwashing activities at schools Wed, 21 Jun 2017 05:26:02 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: Ahmed
I am Prof. Ahmed Balogun. Many thanks for this noble effort aimed at addressing the sanitation challenge in Nigeria.

Open defecation is the order of the day in most urban and rural communities in southwestern Nigeria, while little or no sanitation facilities and virtually no menstrual hygiene facilities are available in schools.

I confirm I will attend the meeting and I am also happy to make a presentation at the meeting on preliminary results of our survey of sanitation facilities in
urban and rural communities and schools in Akure South and Akure North local governments of Ondo state, as well as our pilot research & advocacy efforts at promoting urine diversion and reuse, linking sanitation, water and agriculture for climate change adaptation.

It is interesting that this is coming at a time when focus is now on developing markets for sanitation.

Looking forward to meeting all at the meeting.

Best wishes

Prof. Ahmed Balogun
Department of Meteorology & Climate Science
School of Earth & Mineral Sciences
Federal University of Technology, Akure
PMB 704, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
Phone: 07067692875
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]]>
General announcements Wed, 21 Jun 2017 01:16:05 +0200
Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: aagbite General announcements Tue, 20 Jun 2017 20:57:06 +0200 Call for SuSanA member meet-up in Nigeria - by: ossai ATTENTION: MODERATOR

Kindly find below and attached the proposed meet-up draft agenda for your input.

if you will want to handle any aspect of the agenda, or you want to make specific presentation kindly notify us accordingly.

Thank you.
This attachment is hidden for guests.
Please log in or register to see it.
This attachment is hidden for guests.
Please log in or register to see it.

SuSanA Nigeria Coalition Meeting Draft Agenda
09:00am - 10:00am Arrival / Registration Ushers Welcoming and organized environment
10:00am – 10:30 Self & organizational Introduction Master of Ceremony Better knowledge of participants fir participants and by participants.
10:30am – 10:15am Welcome address Convener Setting the stage
10:15am – 10:45am Virtual goodwill messages (Skype) SuSanA MENA Moderator, Secretariat, Elizabeth, etc… Reinforce SuSanA Global expectation
10:45 – 11:30am Training on Soft Skills and Management Abilities for Increased Impact Consultant Enhance members capacity
11:30 – 12:15pm Paper presentation on PEWASH document Hajiya Jummai Wakaso, Desk Officer PEWASH, Federal Ministry of Water Resources Expose on government policy on water and sanitation hygiene
12:15 – 02:00pm PEWASH Paper review and strategy session
Expose participants to opportunities in the PEWASH document
02:00 – 03:30pm Conclusion and communique
Recommendations for further improvement in the sector.]]>
General announcements Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:54:50 +0200
FIT programme assessment study in Cambodia, Indonesia and Lao PDR - by: F H Mughal
Thank you for your interesting and informative response. The attachments are useful, especially the Beijing Declaration.

I'm sure there must be a close monitoring of the program, from the fluoride use point-of-view.

Just one query: are there any local regulations of Cambodia, Indonesia and Lao PDR, on the use of fluoride toothpaste?

Kind regards,

F H Mughal]]>
Schools (sanitation and hygiene in schools) Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:02:51 +0200
DoVac - a new method for fecal sludge transport from pit to road? - by: F H Mughal
Thanks for your inputs on cost component. The costs would vary from one region to another. Sometimes, the government offers tax relaxation on solid waste vehicles to reduce their costs. As you say, motor tricycles can be used for smaller amounts of sludge.

Although, this post limits itself to "sludge transport from pit to road," you say: "but here the path to the treatment site is too far, rough, and steep to allow for smaller vehicles," could you kindly comment on the "treatment" aspect, like what sort of treatment is given to the sludge - aerobic or anaerobic; how do you determine whether the sludge is fully stabilized (are their any guidelines from international agencies); and what you do with the final product.


F H Mughal]]>
Faecal sludge transport (including emptying of pits and septic tanks) Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:48:58 +0200
DoVac - a new method for fecal sludge transport from pit to road? - by: JKMakowka

mst wrote: @Kris, Thanks for the lead! Do you know anyone using this technology in the field or pairing it with a vacuum truck?

Sorry, no. That was just a link I had in my bookmarks as a possible supplier for a small mobile vacuum pump system.

However regarding the costs: that seems to be still an order of magnitude too expensive to be commercially viable (assuming a target of less affluent households).

Do you really need the expensive vacuum truck? I understand that you had bad experiences with manually hauling and transporting the barrels, but what about the following:

Assuming the pit contents are quite liquid and that you can do some simple sieving or quick removal of sharp object in the first barrel, why not utilize a large diameter diaphragm pump for the second step? That way you can have more flexibility as it works both as a suction and a pressure pump and you can use a single tractor with several cheap trailer mounted tanks to transport it. In addition you can use the much cheaper and easier to handle 4" or 6" flat hoses for the delivery to those trailer tanks (that is also much more durable, as those green rigid suction hoses start leaking quite quickly with normal handling).

See here for an commercial example of those diaphragm pumps:
I also posted some pictures of a cheap locally build version here: ]]>
Faecal sludge transport (including emptying of pits and septic tanks) Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:22:11 +0200
Toilet Accelerator India Edition Challenge - open for applications until 10th July!! - by: clairebalbo
Apply for over 100,000 Euro in support from global brand companies by 10 July 2017!


The Toilet Accelerator India Edition challenge calls for applications from businesses that are addressing the most challenging water and sanitation issues in the country.

Top 3 winners will be announced at the 9th Sankalp Global Summit from 6-8 December, 2017 in Mumbai. The winners will receive over 100,000 Euro of in-kind support from leading companies over a 12 month period, as part of the 2018 Toilet Accelerator cohort of the Swiss based Toilet Board Coalition. The Toilet Accelerator Program provides expert mentorship and support, as well as access to the TBC-Sankalp investor networks. The Toilet Board Coalition is supported by some of the largest multinational corporates like Firmenich, Lixil, Kimberly-Clark and Unilever.


The Toilet Board Coalition brings together experts from business, investment, and the global sanitation community through our platform to cross-fertilise experiences, innovate at all levels, and catalyse the growth of profitable sanitation businesses that deliver sanitation to all. The Toilet Accelerator is a corporate accelerator program to facilitate private sector engagement and mentorship to sanitation businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. For more information on the Toilet Board Coalition, please visit the website.
Sankalp Forum is one of the largest platforms promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets and building the ecosystem for business-led inclusive development. Over the past nine years, Sankalp has showcased over 400 sustainable enterprises across India, Africa and Southeast Asia, enabled 500+ mentoring connections and facilitated over USD 240Mn of equity investments. For more information on Sankalp Forum, please visit the website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by contacting Claire Balbo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

#WeCantWait to know about your business!!]]>
Capacity development Tue, 20 Jun 2017 09:56:26 +0200
Advanced Development of Modular Onsite Treatment System-Co-development of Reinvented Toilet Systems (Infore, China) - by: infore2017
Title of grant: Co-development of Reinvented Toilet systems
Subtitle (more descriptive title): Advanced Development of Modular Onsite Treatment System
Name of lead organization: Infore Environment Technology Group
Primary contact at lead organization: Dr. Yong Zhang
Grantee location: Foshan, China
Developing country where the research is being or will be tested: in Fuzhou, China, and possibly in Indian and Thailand.
Start and end date: November 9th, 2016 to November 15th, 2018
Grant type: Global Development
Grant size: $ 4,886,084 (see here in BMGF grant database: )
Short description of the project:
Infore is a leading firm in the environment protection business in China with a commitment to develop, with a long term objective to commercialize, Reinvented Toilets (RT) to help meet the sanitation needs in China and elsewhere to improve the lives of the worlds’ poorest and most in need populations. Infore plans to develop a pre-production prototype of a bio-pretreatment electrochemical/bio-fuel cell disinfection sanitation system, as well as advancing the technologies of systems/modules from the RT portfolio, working with multiple Technology Partners of the Foundation, to push these technologies closer to commercial market. At the same time, Infore will further develop one of the RT technologies to make a functional demonstration toilet unit for the Sanitation Industry Expo that is to be held in China in August 2017, with the option to further develop the demonstration unit into a commercially viable product after the Expo.We propose to take a portfolio approach with a goal of, in the long term, developing multiple generations of products based on multiple technologies suitable for different applications (user cases).
To reduce the amount of untreated waste released into the environment in urban and peri-urban locations in China, India and Sub-Saharan Africa by developing and commercializing foundation-funded Reinvented Toilet technologies.
Research or implementation partners:
Infore will deeply engage with RT Technology Partners (TPs) to evaluate various technologies and teams. These technologies will include, but not limited to, those that were developed by RTI, the University of West of England, the University of Toronto, the University of Loughborough, USF, AIT and Caltech.
Links, further readings:
Contact Email: Dr. Nan Cai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]]>
Public toilets, community toilets, shared toilets Tue, 20 Jun 2017 09:35:51 +0200
Is there a standard for handwashing taps/stations to learners? - by: wmwangi Handwashing activities at schools Tue, 20 Jun 2017 08:12:49 +0200