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1Biogas generator powered by self-sustaining mixing mechanism (Frontier Environmental Technology, USA)33358
2new article: on unused toilets in India (why do some rural people prefer open defecation even if toilets are available)32309
3Hacking Toilets?!!! (sanitation hackathon, sanitation-related Apps for Smartphones)27367
4Additives for pits, septic tanks, lagoons (faecal sludge). (includes EM)26133
5Does anyone have a good synthetic/artificial recipe of human faeces? - And information on rheological data such as viscosity25716
6Grant on Advanced Toilet with On-Site Water Recovery (Eawag and EOOS, Switzerland and Austria) – Blue diversion toilet24536
7Presentation by Carl Hensman from Gates Foundation about Reinvent the Toilet grants23962
8The Earth Auger Toilet: urine-diverting composting toilet (Fundacion In Terris, Ecuador) - updates on progress23623
9Self Sustained eToilet for households/ Urban-semi urban Public/ Community Sanitation (Eram Scientific, India)23118
10Health guidelines and standards for pit emptiers and exhauster operators21110
11Concept of Massive Open Online Courses for SUSANA and its members & users?20938
12New "Technology review of UDDTs" by GIZ now published20840
13Free sanitary towels for girls in Kenya20541
14Festival toilets in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany, ...)20322
15LaDePa is a faecal sludge pelletising machine in eThekwini (Durban)19465
16What is Terra Preta Sanitation (TPS) all about? Hype or ingenious?17881
17Results from our discussion forum user survey now available17036
18Are pour flush toilets a good idea for (South) Africa?16821
19Webinar 2 on Innovation in toilet designs and waste treatment technologies, Part 1 - SuSanA-SEI webinar with BMGF grantees in 201316725
20Sanitation interventions during Ebola epidemic16709
21Catalyzing Sanitation Businesses - Sanitation as a Business, SAAB (Water for People, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, India, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador)16067
2217th SuSanA Meeting on 31 August 2013 in Stockholm at the World Water Week -- with feedback15975
23Simple urine valves to control odour on waterless urinals or on urine diversion toilets15286
24Black soldier fly (BSF) larvae for faecal sludge reduction - research in South Africa (with the company Agriprotein)15154
25The excrevator (power auger) to empty pits (North Carolina State University, USA) - now field testing15149
26Structuring of the fecal sludge market for the benefit of poor households in Dakar, Senegal (ONAS) - optimising faecal sludge emptying, transportation, processing15037
27Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL): productive sanitation, faecal sludge management - research at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden14911
28Mobile Sanitation Services for Dense Urban Slums - project re.source (Stanford University, USA and SOIL Haiti)14389
29Using Cocopeat for Treating Septic Tank Effluent (RTI, USA - Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries)13958
30VUNA - Valorisation of Urine Nutrients in Africa (EAWAG, Switzerland, and South Africa)13767
31CLTS and human rights: Should the right to community-wide health be won at the cost of individual rights?13174
32Prototype Microflush-Biofil Toilet Facilities (Ghana Sustainable Aid Project, USA and Ghana)13108
33Urine-tricity - Electricity from urine (University of the West of England, UK) - updates13048
34Uttar Pradesh rape and murder of cousins who were grabbed while using a field as a toilet (India) - and Violence, Gender and WASH12637
35Can I send a post to the forum by e-mail?12520
36Sol-Char Toilet: Using Concentrated Solar Energy to Treat Fecal Waste and Produce a Valuable Soil Amendment - biochar (Uni Colorado, USA)12449
37Benefit of Dry Fecal Matter Reuse- is it worth the cost/effort of processing?12439
38Low-Cost Sanitation for Emergencies, tested in Haiti (Aerosan, USA and Haiti)12404
39Developing fortified excreta pellets for use in agriculture - and From Waste to Food - Phase 1 and 2 (IWMI, Ghana)12387
40Webinar 7 on Adding missing links in sanitation value chains (Excravator, NEWGen MBR, pyrolysis/biochar facility) - SuSanA-SEI webinar with BMGF grantees12375
41Wastewater reuse scheme in Braunschweig, Germany - is this an ecosan system? Is it good/sustainable?12323
42Faecal Sludge Management Conference, Durban South Africa, 29 - 31 October 2012 (with feedback)12281
43Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion: A Sanitation and Energy Recovery Technology (San Diego State University, USA)12227
44RTTC cost calculation: including capital costs?12172
45What can I add to a pit latrine to stop it smelling?11966
46Ecosan - what is it really? And what is the problem with ecosan? Is there a problem?11918
47The Ruby cup business idea in Kenya11819
48Bill Gates blog posts: This Ingenious Machine Turns Feces Into Drinking Water (Omni-processor by Janicki to process sludge) - now in Dakar, Senegal11656
49Updates on Sanergy in Kenya (public toilet business with urine diversion and composting)11596
50Roediger NoMix toilets - good or bad? And SANIRESCH final report (urine diversion project with UD flush toilets and treatment reactors in Eschborn, Germany)11493
51Squatting versus sitting as a defecation posture - The Squatty Potty - "healthy colon - healthy life"11461
52Webinar 5 (resource recovery and reuse) - SuSanA-SEI webinar with BMGF grantees in 201411432
53Breathable membrane enclosures for fecal sludge stabilization (University of Delaware, USA)11331
54Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning (emptying) Frequency11221
55Press Release: iDE Cambodia hits 100,000 latrine sales in 2 years (single or double pit pour flush toilets, Easy Latrine) - and general discussion11157
56Results based financing for sanitation – do the costs outweigh the benefits? WEBINAR on Wednesday 29 April 2015 - follow-up discussion11141
57Looking for a mould for producing UDDT locally in Moldova10997
58An Energy-Producing Waterless Toilet System (Loowatt, UK and Madagascar)10939
59Introducing x-runner mobile system (piloting in Lima, Peru)10929
60Looking for standards for school toilets (recommended toilets:learners)10822
61Mobile toilet in Ghana (WSUP), the Clean Team (and faecal sludge management)10717
6216th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (with feedback)10629
63Diabetes and NCDs (non-communicable diseases) as rallying point for improved sanitation10570
64dewats and horizontal planted filters10477
65Composting with hot box method (Howard-Higgins system)10476
66Bamboo for greywater treatment (constructed wetland)10086
67How should we call the excreta-derived product of a composting toilet or a UDDT? Do we need a new term?9995
68Shit flow diagrams - does it need to be called "shit"? The use of the term shit (a swear word or not?) in sanitation dialogues9968
69Developing urine diversion systems in a developed world context9966
70Faecal sludge to biodiesel (Columbia University, USA and Kumasi, Ghana)9865
71Use excreta compost only for non-edible plants (preferably)?9819
72Sanitary system to replace septic tank or municipal system9811
73How did you celebrate UN World Toilet Day 19 Nov. 2013 (and media report for 2012)9685
74On-site sanitation based on bio-additives and pit design (LSTH, UK and Tanzania, South Africa and Vietnam)9558
75Publications of relevance for the topic WASH and nutrition (nutrition literature updates)9540
76Designers, inventors, tinkerers... unite! (urine diversion squatting plates) - publication Compilation of contemporary toilet designs9534
77Social Media for Sanitation9530
78The Mukombe - Zimbabwe's first Tippy Tap handwashing device - a description of its value and use9430
79Pit emptying (Gulper and others)9296
80What constitutes success for CLTS? – Measuring community outcomes and behavior change - Webinar on Wed 22 July 20159174
81Open defecation solves the (lower) child mortality puzzle among Indian Muslims9123
82The Ruby cup and MHM experiences from Kenya9121
83Dirty Toilets and Poor Sanitation cause Blindness - Physically and Mentally9119
84Communal Sanitation Solutions for Urban Slums (Institute for Financial Management and Research, Orissa, India)9105
85SuSanA Mission Statement9085
86Solutions for pit desludging and sludge management in low income urban settlements in Malawi (Mzuzu University) - and policy issues9069
87Sandec FSM video9056
88Piloting mobile sanitation with full service provision (MoSan, now in Kenya)8868
89WG1 Factsheet Update8867
90Research project funded by BMGF: Sustainable Decentralized Wastewater Management in Developing Countries (AIT, Thailand)8851
91Faecal sludge to fuel – two research projects led by Eawag-Sandec (FaME and SEEK) - Senegal, Ghana, Uganda8784
92Conversion of human waste into biochar using pyrolysis at a community-scale facility in Kenya (Stanford University and Climate Foundation, USA and Kenya)8781
93Scale up urea treatment for safe reuse of excreta (SuSan Design, Norway and Uganda)8677
94Large Capacity Building Project in sanitation (UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands and Sub-Saharan Africa and SE Asia)8588
95Revised Sanitation 21 Planning Framework - draft for comment8559
96Urine infiltration /subsurface fertilisation in school UDDT8558
97Sanitation Product Development for Sub-Saharan Africa - affordable, aspirational latrine products, SaTo (American Standard Brands, USA and Water for People)8465
98Modelling the next generation of sanitation systems - NewSan Simulator (University College London, UK)8463
99Potential ideas/tasks/next steps for the WG 12 "WASH & Nutrition"8448
100Squatting versus sitting in Latin America - and Wikipedia article on squat toilets8240
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