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This is a copy of the paper and presentation given at the Water Engineering and Development Centre conference in Loughborough, UK in July 2015 that illustrates WASHplus' approach to WASH and nutrition programming.

Thanks, Renuka Bery]]>
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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS - ACF/ UNICEF/ ECHO WASH in Nutrition Operational Manual - by: JovanaD

We are looking for successful stories around the world to be included into the upcoming ACF/ UNICEF/ ECHO WASH in Nutrition Operational Manual. We need examples of good practice on:

 Enhancing geographical / programmatic integration of WASH and Nutrition projects by focusing WASH projects in the areas with high undernutrition prevalence
 Targeting and prioritization of “mother / accompanying - malnourished child" dyad from the nutrition centers to home in order to prevent the vicious circle "diarrhea / nematodes / enteropathy - malnutrition" and associated diseases;
 Ensuring and reinforcing the WASH minimum package (kit, messages & standards) both in health & nutrition centers and at the household level in the communities affected by undernutrition
 Placing emphases and investing in behavior change regarding hygiene in the health centers and the community
Enhancing collaboration between WASH experts and nutrition or food security experts
 WASH and Nutrition Advocacy

The “WASH in Nutrition Operational Manual” primarily addresses field practitioners, WASH project managers and other actors involved in the undernutrition prevention mandate. The manual will be simple, illustrated, attractive and focused on presenting “small doable actions”, translated into English and French, available in hard copy and the PDF format for on-screen use.

If you have an example of good practice to share and you would like to be a contributor to “WASH in Nutrition Operational Manual” please send an email to Jovana Dodos This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will be collecting your contributions until December 1st 2015!
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Re: WASH and Nut research project: Impact of Household WASH package to nutrition program in Chad. - by: ClaireGaillardou
Thank you all for your interest about the OUADI'Nut research project (funded by the NEEP and ACF_ See project sheet attached).
Special thanks to Elizabeth for sharing links to the project presentation which was made last August in Stockholm.

As she points out, this project is a two-year study and we are now halfway through, so we can not yet possible to disseminate results.

However, I can still make you some state of tracking points:
-The Ouadinut project took a little delay due to the decline in admissions to the Outpatient Nutritional Units supported by ACF in recent months (partly explained by out-of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)).
-The field part of the project have been extended until June 2016, partly financed by the Research Foundation ACF, the NEEP but always in search of additional financial partner).
-However The project is already showing quite visible results in terms of reduced relapse (PB <115) decrease in cases of children at risk of relapse (PB 115 to 124), death and abandonment.

-I would be traveling to Chad for two weeks from October 8 to track ACF WASH projects in the country, including the Ouadi'Nut. On this occasion we will make a small photo report on the progress of the project in the field by ACF teams.

I also want to join in the post PJ France ACF research currently underway.



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Aug 2015 literature review on food hygiene by the FANTA project - by: campbelldb
Literature Review on Effective Food Hygiene Interventions for Households in Developing Countries, Aug 2015. Authors: Monica Woldt and Gerald G. Moy, FANTA.
Full text:

This review specifically focuses on household-level food hygiene behaviors that result in infection with pathogenic microorganisms that cause diarrhea through the fecal-oral route, given the high burden of diarrheal disease in developing countries for all segments of the population and the contribution of foodborne illness to diarrheal disease.]]>
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Re: WASH and Nut research project: Impact of Household WASH package to nutrition program in Chad. - by: muench
Good that you have picked up this thread, one year after the last post.
At first I thought this project is the same as the WASH and nutrition project in Chad run by Concern Worldwide. I made a post about that one here yesterday:

They seem to be separate and I wonder if they somehow work together or alongside?

About this project in Chad by ACF, I took a look at the meeting from from the 20th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm last month, as I know that ACF is a very active SuSanA partner (which is great).

If you use the function Ctrl+F on this page:

then you find ACF mentioned five times.

An update about the project in Chad that you asked about is given in this presentation:

It is a 2-year study and they are now at the half way point. The presentation outlines their methodology.

The objective of the research is to assess the effectiveness of adding
a Household WASH component to the standard outpatient treatment
of severe acute malnutrition.

Their study design is shown here:

These nutrition studies always take quite a long time to complete, as it takes a while to see effects. So I guess we have to be patient.

But I hope that Carlotta or Jean (or Jovana Dodos) from ACF could tell us a bit more on how it's going so far?

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Integrating WASH, nutrition and health programmes to tackle malnutrition in Eastern chad (project by Concern Worldwide) - by: muench I am attaching the paper below.

I would copy here the abstract but the pdf files from these WEDC papers which we received on a memory stick are protected in a way that you cannot copy and paste from them.

Anyway her paper had the title:
"Integrating WASH, nutrition and health programmes to tackle malnutrition in Eastern chad (project by Concern Worldwide)"

The paper concludes with this statement:
Tackling malnutrition is therefore a very complex process and reaching significant improvements on nutritional status on the under-fives is challenging.
Sustaining them is even more challenging.

At the conference the paper was presented by her co-author Franck Flachenberg as Anne-Laure was on holidays, I think.

I hope Franck or Anne-Laure will also post the presentation as that is always a good way to get a quick overview about the results.

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Re: WASH and Nut research project: Impact of Household WASH package to nutrition program in Chad. - by: Parve Nutrition and WASH Mon, 14 Sep 2015 08:05:54 +0000 Re: WATSAN-AGRICULTURE: Improving on the Nexus among Water Quality and Quantity, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Agriculture - by: antonini
On August 17-18, the Sustainable Development Goals - A Water Perspective International Conference was held in Bonn.

Here's a link to the recommendations from the Bonn Water Conference on the SDGs.

You can access the presentations under the following link. In his Keynote Speech, Prof. Joachim von Braun presented first results from our surveys in Ethiopia, Ghana and India.

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2015 SHARE; UNICEF Policy Brief on the Impact of Poor Sanitation on Nutrition - by: campbelldb

- The Impact of Poor Sanitation on Nutrition – SHARE; UNICEF
- Diet and specific microbial exposure trigger features of environmental enteropathy in a novel murine model
- WASHplus – Small Doable Actions: A Feasible Approach to Behavior Change
- Stunting Among Children in Yemen: Prevalence and Associated Factors
- WHO – Global Nutrition Targets 2025: Stunting Policy Brief
- Stunting is associated with poor outcomes in childhood pneumonia
- Sanitation, Disease, and Anemia: Evidence From Nepal]]>
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Hygiene indicator in SDGs - by: WASHanna
Please consider co-signing our response to the IAEG indicator consultation. More information is available here:

The deadline for expressing your interest is Friday, September 4, so don't delay!]]>
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Re: WATSAN-AGRICULTURE: Improving on the Nexus among Water Quality and Quantity, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Agriculture - by: antonini
Part of our WATSAN-Agriculture Team was at the 29th ICAE Conference in Milan in Italy earlier this month. I would like to draw your attention to the presentations given by:

Mohammad Malek: Water quality information, WATSAN-agriculture hygiene messages and water testing with school students: Experimental evidence for behavioral changes in Bangladesh (PPT)


Charles Okyere: Strengthening the Capacity of Households and Communities for Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Water Testing Experiments with School Children and Adult Household Members in Ghana (PPT)

Samantha Antonini]]>
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Nutrition in Ethiopia: An emerging success story? Better sanitation one cause of success? - by: muench
Nutrition in Ethiopia: An emerging success story? Author: Headey, Derek D.

Research does not always provide the results that we expect. At the recent conference on improving nutrition in Ethiopia, Together for Nutrition 2015, we learnt about the rapid progress in Ethiopia in child nutritional outcomes that are linked to improved birth size and, hence, improved maternal health. However, most of the improvement in maternal health seems related to better sanitation, rather than to diet, care, or health factors.


This is the link to the 2-page synopsis:

And this is the link to the full report:

I find it interesting that this is coming from two organisations which are not traditionally linked with the WASH sector:

The Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP) is financially supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom. This publication has been prepared as an output of ESSP.

It makes me wonder how we could align ourselves or connect ourselves with them. E.g. it would be great to have one of their people in the SuSanA working group 12 on WASH and nutrition somehow.

Is there someone on this forum who is connected to Ethiopia and who can perhaps make this connection?

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Re: WATSAN-AGRICULTURE: Improving on the Nexus among Water Quality and Quantity, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Agriculture - by: antonini
I would like to share with you a poster which Muhammed Usman has presented at the AAEA & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting in San Francisco, July 26-28 2015.

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Re: Your feedback on hygiene promotion material for Sahel (Benefits of a household WASH package to Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Chad) - by: F H Mughal
The attachment in your first post is not in English language. Can you put up an English version, please?


F H Mughal]]>
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Re: Stockholm World Water Week 2015 - WASH in Nutrition seminar - by: JovanaD
I would like to share with you the latest version of the program of the “Wash In Nutrition – Review of strategy and operational solutions to fight undernutrition with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene” event we are organizing during the Stockholm World Water Week 2015.

Also,you can find more information about it following the link

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