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My name is Patrick Bakke. Currently I am a student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (one of SuSanA's partners!). At the moment I am an intern at UN-Habitats headquarters in Nairobi. In specific the Water and Sanitation unit. The work I am doing at the moment is a case study about two biogas plants in two Kenyan prisons among other minor things. In August/September I am going back to Norway to finish my msc in water and environment technology.

As an experienced lurker I am thrilled to have discovered this awesome community! One should not underestimate the amount of knowledge people obtain from reading online discussions, I for one value it immensely. Thus the benefits of having an open forum for discussion goes beyond those that are directly contributing.

This is not to say that I do not want to contribute. Compared to the vast knowledge and experience this community has to offer, a student of (mostly) conventional technology is just not up to par. On another note, my mind is a blank page (sorry for the cliché), meaning that I am not "tainted" by conformed ideas. So I hope I will bring another perspective and hopefully contribute to informing students such as me.

Warm regards
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Self introduction: Kenneth Anchang - by: Kyonga72
I am Kenneth Yongabi Anchang. Am the director of Research for Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda and Director and Founder of Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation Cameroon.I hold a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering sub specialty in BioMedical, Biochemical and Public Health engineering as well doctorate in public Health infectious diseases.I have been involved in a number of projects that explore nature-type technologies to address health, agricultural and environmental problems. My interest in vested in low cost, sustainable technologies in waste management,disease prevention and ecological hygiene practices. We are currently running an ecological farm that embodies these technologies and we had begun training interns on the skills we have developed.We developed and implemented the first ecological water filtration unit in Cameroon using Biocoagulant hybrid sand filters to purify drinking water and we have implemented this successfully in some schools. Also, we have a biotoilet project where we control odour and bulk material in latrines using plant based products.My Msc and PhD students are carrying out researches in these areas and other related areas.We have a web site:
Pls see attachement of one of our news letters.

You may like to visit]]>
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Re: Updating the factsheet of WG 3 which was written in 2009 - by: Fatai Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Mon, 03 Mar 2014 16:37:33 +0000 Introduction of AMAF in Benin - by: Fatai
My vision is to share with all members on different topics related to sanitation in the aim of strengthening the activities of our Association for the well-being of the peoples of benin]]>
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SOIL's New International Consultancy Services - by: SOILHaiti
The SOIL team is comprised of experts in civil engineering, public health, ecology, agronomy, education/community outreach, disaster risk reduction, project design, logistical frameworks, and donor reporting.

Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • EcoSan Feasibility Studies
  • Technical reviews of EcoSan projects
  • Environmental Appraisals
  • Engineering Assessments of infrastructure (toilets, composting facilities, logistical support frameworks)
  • IEC activities/document review
  • Mid-term and final evaluation of EcoSan projects
  • Recommendations on pathogen reduction and fecal re-use
  • Market assessment for end-products
  • Training of trainers and project staff

Consultancies are currently offered in French, English, and Haitian Creole. Proposals for individual consultancies will be offered after evaluation of each specific project

Interested in learning more? Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.]]>
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Re: Seeking Internship/Volunteer Opportunity - by: ecocommode This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]]> Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 26 Feb 2014 22:39:37 +0000 Seeking Internship/Volunteer Opportunity - by: daltonerick
Thank you very much. ]]>
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Re: Questionnaire for modelling of new sanitation systems - by: AquaVerde
Thanks for more details. Unfortunately I got more confused, maybe it is my limited German-English and understanding about the topics involved.

All the Best
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Re: Questionnaire for modelling of new sanitation systems - by: lyseconcept il remet en question l'approche de gestion de l'assainissement car il est globale définitif écologique biologique et surtout productif
ET ce sans aucune manipulation sans contrainte mécanique ou électrique et surtout IMMEDIAT
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it pour recevoir la documentation
jean Marius

Translation by Google Translate (added by moderator):

Organic Sanitation is a Biotechnology concept of treatment of domestic wastewater treatment.
it calls into question the approach of sanitation management because it is comprehensive and definitive biological ecological especially productive
AND it without any manipulation without mechanical or electrical stress and especially IMMEDIATE
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to receive documentation
jean Marius]]>
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Re: LyseConcept - a wastewater treatment process from France - by: AquaVerde
let me try it too:

just seeing your sketch only, it seams to me an anaerobic digestion (AD) system with a thermal insulation, as I would do it for "cold" ABRs in cold climate too, with an additional and helpful heating via solar collector and heat exchanger in second camber. Produced Gases from 2-4 camber are used or just ventilated? I regret, very sketchy only, the rest is just wishful thinking, as I do it often too

May you go in more details please?!

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LyseConcept - a wastewater treatment process from France - by: lyseconcept In a context general practitioner to see utopian why not.
It is not because waste comes from human, therefore biological, that it will be biological.
It is the serious error which remains currently on this idea.
lyseconcept with its process “Pit Biological " lyseconcept already applies this methodology while being surrounded of many precautions and obligatory restrictions.
- waste once created, must be preserved of any pollution carrying reached with its biological characteristic.
- The mass of origin of human waste must be reduced in a proportion of more than 70% if not it is likely to become a pollution.
- A large error is to believe that waste is used as manure. it is completely false. the element racinaire of the vegetable biodiversity absorbs only liquid. It is by the work of “LYSIS” and the biological breakdown by the micro organizations that those Ci produce diffuse pollution which is diluted in the liquid element Water. That Ci when it comes from human contains already diffuse pollution: urea, ammonia, nitrogenize, nitrate, mug up, phosphate, etc which comes to be added to works of “LYSIS”. it still misses a significant component
- the erosion of the water which pumps pollution diffuses organie.
One poeut to do everything in spirit and some do not deprive oneself any putting in danger populations.
All the people who use the process “Biologqiue Pit " lyseconcept adhere office to biology attitude.
only under these conditions one can consider the fertilization of the grounds with human waste.

Note by moderator (EvM): the SuSanA secretariat has exchanged some e-mails with Jean Marius d'Alexandris, and we can't figure out what he is trying to tell us (whether in French or in English) and have deleted some of his double posts. Christoph Platzer has also tried to communicate (see below). But we find it not clear.

Oh and here is some more information on Lyseconcept that I found with a Google search:

dear Jean,
my french is not very good but from what I saw there is no explantation on HOW does the purification process work- what are the removal principals?
That would be necesary information. At least:
  • is it mechanical - biological ou chemical treatment
  • if biological anaerobic or aerobic

That answered please post your infrormation again including the lab results and the process description. Would be good to know something about how many have been build.


Am 05.01.2014 13:53, schrieb Jean Marius D'Alexandris:

Le CEBRE Centre d' Épuration Biologique et de Recyclage Écologique des eaux usées Supprime le réseau de collecte et la station d'épuration de l'assainissement collectif
Le procédé Écologique Économique et Biologique de traitement définitif des eaux usées domestiques qui permet le recyclage immédiat de l'eau épurée pour l'arrosage de la biodiversité du jardin
L'assainissement biologique une réalité Écologique Économique et Biologique pour la protection de l'environnement et la préservation d'une ressource rare l'eau

« Reconnu Grenelle Environnement »
Madame Monsieur

Pour faire suite à votre E-mail
je vous remercie de l'intérêt que vous porterez à notre procédé
je vous prie de bien vouloir prendre connaissance des pièces jointes

la problématique de l' Eau potable est intimement liée à la problématique universelle de l'assainissement des eaux usées sa première source de pollution

Entreprise Française, je vous présente le concept de mon invention, que je développe depuis une douzaine d'années, implanté 100 fois sur tout le territoire Français

Procédé de traitement et de recyclage des eaux usées domestiques, qui permet l 'arrosage immédiat du jardin avec une eau fertilisante et enrichissante pour la terre végétale

Conforme à la réglementation et normes Européennes ainsi qu'aux normes Françaises
certificats d’économie d’énergie (CEE) En cours d’instruction dans 4 pays de la CEE
L'assainissement des eaux usées domestiques n'est plus une dépense, mais un investissement qui s'amortit sur le court terme.
Le procédé "Fosse Biologique" Lyseconcept préserve une ressource rare : l'eau.

Bonne réception
Jean Marius D'Alexandris]]>
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Introduction of Maren Heuvels (BORDA, Germany) - by: MarenH with this first post I'd like to introduce myself here at the SuSanA Forum.
Since 2009 I'm working with the German organization BORDA.
With a background in political science and journalism I'm currently working in Germany and Southeast Asia, managing BORDAs global communication and a research project under the Australian Aid ADRA scheme. My main research interest is the enabling environment for decentralized sanitation in developing countries.
You can contact me via twitter, facebook and the BORDA website.]]>
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Introducing the NGO Open Hearts – Offene Herzen e.V. (Germany/Kenya) - by: ande1978
today I want to introduce “Open Hearts – Offene Herzen e.V.” to you. Open hearts is a small German NGO which deals with a promising project in the heart of Kenya: In Western Kenya, Chwele, Open Hearts is currently installing a medical centre, aiming to support the local community in providing medical services to the poor and needy ones. In the course of the project, the organization came about to know the idea of UDD Ecosan toilet facilities. By that time, it was too late to incorporate the UDD idea into the facilities' architectural designs. Yet, the idea prevailed. Therefore, the directors took the decision to add a UDD facility in a separate premise behind the main building.

This project is currently being realized (pictures to follow soon). It was a perfect match for Open hearts and me to meet each other. I passed my Ecosan Online Course at Mariska Ronteltap's course in July and I am know incorporating the gained knowledge into the engineering challenges on the spot as being the responsible technical engineer and project manager including budgeting and supervising the financials.

We are realizing a four chambers UDDT with a separate urinal's chamber, meaning to offer four user interfaces at a time. The UDD chambers themselves will be provided with a self-made ferro-cement single squatting pan, each one on top of a feces chamber. One of them will be used while the other one remains closed until the feces chamber is filled. Hence, the use is alternating.

The urine is going to be stored in two 500 ltr PVC tanks in rectangular shape to allow sanitisation of the urine after each tank is filled before applying urine in agriculture.

We intend to promote the whole system to the local community and look forward to share the knowledge alike; authorities, ministries, businesses, international and local organizations are warmly welcomed.

This will be one of the rare privately funded hospitals in Kenya being equipped with an UDD Ecosan facility. However, realizing the project of the hospital takes a lot of aspects into account. Therefore, we face a lot of challenges at the moment. One of the biggest one is the installation of a water infrastructure for the hospital. We got several offerings from various companies in Kenya in order to construct a drilled borehole of 80m of depth (survey by the geologist has already been done).
Are there any hints for fund raising platforms or well-wishers you know? I would really appreciate.

The second challenge is the installation of the septic tank for the inner sanitation facilities which have been planned since the early start and hence have to be realized after Ecosan came onto the agenda.

We currently discuss two septic solutions: 1) being a standard cement solution according to the given Kenyan governmental rules and 2) being a septic solution with a plastic PVC horizontal tank (there are various suppliers on the market).
Is there any experience from you with such a plastic solution e.g. from Jojo Tank Inc.?
The septic tank should also receive the grey water from the hospital. Are there any known restrictions for such PVC septic solutions as compared to ferro-cement solutions?

I appreciate your answering.

Best regards,

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LyseConcept - a wastewater treatment process from France - by: lyseconcept It does not use any filtering device, it does not produce residues of muds and the water of rejection at exit is used for immediate watering of the vegetable garden
It is a total and final biological concept biotechnological economic ecological.
Its performance épuratoire at exit of the process is of 90% complete by a vegetalized discharge system which suits him to purify the ground of diffuse pollution carrying the whole with a performance of purification to more than 98%.
the concept is declined spous the form of project:
- Individual cleansing of habitat
- the CEBRE information system strategic plan of Biological Cleansing of urban area. it removes the sewage treatment plant and the infrastructure of the collecting system of the traditional collective cleansing.
- the Revalorization PROJECT of Waste waters for a Productive Organic farming on farms in Africa Senegal Cameroon Ivory Coast Burkina Faso Burundi Benign Mali RCA Niger Mauritanie Congo Conacry Guinée DRC Sierra Léone Gabon Mayotte Inde Monténégro Kénia etc
- the Recycling project of water Banks food for an honorary reintegration in the work world
- the Recycalge project of water vegetalized Biodiversity Pushes back the flood and fights against the erosion of the grounds

Note from Moderator: Combined English and French posts together into one post

In French:

l'Assainissement Biologique (A.B ) avec son procédé "Fosse Biologique"lyseconcept est une révolution dans l'approche et le traitement des eaux usées domestiques.
Il n'utilise aucun dispositif de filtration, il ne produit pas de résidus de boues et l'eau de rejet en sortie sert à l'arrosage immédiat du jardin potager
C'est un concept biotechnologique économique écologique biologique global et définitif.
Sa performance épuratoire en sortie du procédé est de 90% complèté par un exutoire végétalisé qui lui va purifier le sol de la pollution diffuse portant l'ensemble à une performance d'épuration à plus de 98%.
le concept se décline spous la forme de projet:
-Assainissement individuel d'habitat
- le CEBRE schéma directeur d'Assainissement Biologique d'agglomération. il supprime la station d'épuration et l'infrastructure du réseau de collecte de l'assainissement collectif traditionnel.
- le PROJET Revalorisation des Eaux usées pour une Agriculture Biologique Productive sur des exploitations agricoles en Afrique Sénégal Cameroun Cote d'Ivoire Burkina Burundi Bénin Mali RCA Niger Mauritanie Congo Conacry Guinée RDC Sierra Léone Gabon Mayotte Inde Monténégro Kénia etc
- le projet Recyclage d'eau Banque alimentaire pour une réinsertion honorifique dans le monde du travail
- le projet Recycalge d'eau Biodiversité végétalisée Repousse l'innondation et lutte contre l'érosion des sols]]>
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Re: Seeking Internship/Volunteer Opportunity - by: mwaniki
My name is Mwaniki and am the publisher of Africa Water,Sanitation & Hygiene magazine.

This is free publication, not for sale and once in a while we get assistance from various organizations to offset our bills as this is a not for profit project now running for 8 years and done almost 50 editions.

I like your courage by coming out with set goals.I would like to see you succeed in your chosen career.We could tighten our belts by cutting costs here and there to help out in one area or another.I think whatever little we will contribute is an investment of time in economic development any place in the world where you will choose to put your knowledge in good use.

And for that reason I wouldn't want to discuss any proposal between ourselves in an open line and I suggest you may contact me personally at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .We also have a website


Kind regards / Steven]]>
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