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Firstly , i would like to Introduce myself , I am Ahmed Omar, water and wastewater process expert work at kharafi national company in Kuwait and before that i was Manager of wastewater quality in the holding company of water and wastewater in Egypt, I do have 11 years of experiences in water, wastewater design, operation, commissioiong and analysis including more than 5 years in training, i have conducted many training programs in different countries around the world like
1. Boost in UAE (conducted training for Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company and Dubai Municipality in 2015 and 2016)
2. ICTD in UAE (conducted training for Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Company in 2016)
3. Public Authority for Electricity and Water Company in Oman in 2015
4. Alex4 you company in Egypt in 2015
5. Beyti Company in Egypt in 2015
6. PAEW Company in Oman in 2015
7. Enertech Company, Kuwait , 2017

I write here now to offer my availability to conduct training programs like Online courses , on job training or class courses for any interested person or entities , if you have outlines or a general topic please send it to my email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
My Cv is attached for your information

Best Regards
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Sun, 21 May 2017 14:34:45 +0200
Sanitation community in Brazil - and translations of materials to Portuguese - by: muench

I also think that more material in Portuguese would be a plus, in academic environment, we manage to grasp the English, but the general audience does not, so for the medium level / technical workers, Portuguese would be a plus.

Which materials do you have in mind?
How about starting out with important Wikipedia articles and translating them to Portuguese or updating Portuguese articles that already exist?

We have talked about that for French and Spanish a bit here on the Forum:

Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 12 Apr 2017 13:13:50 +0200
I am interested in pursuing an internship - question from India - by: gogreen123 I am Hiral Jariwala, Student of M.E.(Environmental Management) at L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I finished my B.E.(Environmental Engineering) with 8.89 CGPA from this college in June 2016.

I am interested in pursuing an internship.

My area of interest is water and wastewater treatment.

I am planning for the internship after completion of my 2-semester exam in Second of June. So, I am planning for an internship from 12 June to 1 July 2017.

Please review it & reply me.]]>
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:54:08 +0100
Candidate looking for WASH/MHM vacancies - by: LiChin ]]> Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 23 Nov 2016 11:07:05 +0100 changing from this… - … to that - Website of Sahajo Waterworks - by: AquaVerde

… to that

Dear Colleagues,
I came across this Canadian very resourceful web page in English and French language with
"no copyright! use, share, copy freely"

special on floating islands & Biofilm:

The roots of the plants on a floating system create a very extensive surface for colonization. Each square meter can yield up to 120m² bio-effective surfaces. This root-sphere serves as a colonization surface for the microorganisms.
Phosphates and nitrates are taken out of the water column by different types of bacteria: Phosphates are taken out of the water by aerobic bacteria (that need oxygen to do their work) and nitrates by anaerobic bacteria (that do not need oxygen). Polluted and eutrophic water bodies typically are poor in dissolved oxygen. To be able to cultivate biofilm that accommodates the two types of bacteria, we place an aeration system below one part of the floating system: the rising bubble stream moves oxygen poor and nutrient rich cold water up to the roots; the air bubbles dissolve oxygen into the water so that the aerobic bacteria can thrive. The other part of the island only gets the water movement created by the air bubbles without the air bubbles which is convenient for the anaerobic bacteria.

The absorption of heavy metals varies according the plant species: some incorporate these pollutants in their roots, some in their leafs. The floating system does give for the first time the possibility to harvest not only the leafs but also the roots to finally take the
heavy metals permanently out of the water.

Take your own advantages out of it.

Direct contacts with the page-owner are not possible, I wounder why.

Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Sat, 11 Jun 2016 09:12:05 +0200
Introduction to ECOLOO Group (Biological Toilets) - by: ecoloo Note by moderator: See related thread about ECOLOO toilets here:

Greetings from ECOLOO Group!

Please let me introduce ourselves to you, and we'd be happy to work together with you in the near future.

ECOLOO Group is a leading Swedish organization with distributors across 5 continents specialising in sustainable solutions related to water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and environment with global presence in more than 17 countries to date.

Our solution has been used by UNDP (UNESCO world heritage sites such as Petra in Jordan), UNHCR, Municipalities, floating chalet, floating homes, schools, events & festivals, residential & disaster aid sites such as Tacloban in the Philippines, construction sites and public areas, just to name few.

Our best selling item, ECOLOO, is an odourless, waterless, sewage free, energy free, maintenance free toilet system that employs bacterial culture to treat the waste and create organic fertilizer that is pathogen free yet rich with nutrition. It is affordable, beneficial, biological, durable, ecological, economical and ergonomically designed for comfort, health and safety; it comes in various designs and shapes i.e. standing (urinal), sitting, squatting or both for indoor and outdoor; it is designed for multi purposes and it is suitable for all weather conditions.

To understand ECOLOO better, kindly click the links below:
Jordan Times:

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and take care!]]>
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Tue, 07 Jun 2016 02:51:32 +0200
Search for a supplier of plastic Sanplats in France - in French: Recherche un fournisseur de sanplat en dalle plastique en France - by: Florent thank you for your feedback. We plan an intervention in the Calais jungle for which the French government has launched a tender to equip the mobile toilet jungle. Unfortunately, we have not been retained for the benefit of chemical toilets.
We have in stock a few plates (5) commissioned in India 10 years ago ... Our plan was to build 60 cabins but he fell into the water.
Again thank you for your encouraging responses.
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 27 Apr 2016 10:02:42 +0200
Introduction of toilet innovation by Sanitec, Madagascar - by: Silvester
Thank you for your post. Now I realize that iIt would have been more convincing if I had added an audio thread for the video which I shall do and upload in YouTube if necessary.

But to answer your your question, I would like to brief the following:

1) The video is demonstration of two different instances of what is happening to the exceta model lumps in a closet, sump,initially with usual water medium and secondly with our newly suggested dual liquid systemwith a non-polar liquid along with water. Anyone can observe the resistance of ecreata lumps to flush out of the closet sump in the first instance, meaning that so much of water is required to flush out.In the second instance it may be observed the magic of the excreta getting out of the sump without any flushing;This is the basis of our simple innovation which has immense value in Sanitation. This means there is water seal but the flushing does not require any effort. What is happening to the excretaafter it is ridden out of the sump of the closet and what is happening to the accumulated excreta in our newly desighned UTube septic tanks are elaborately explained the doc. attached in our earlier mail.

2) I would like to further inform you that this innovation shall simplyfy Sanitation and make the poor to practice sanitation without the burden of fetching buckets of water and the worry of emptying the septic contents periodically. Also this system willhelp eradicating the open pit latrines promoted by even by many of international organizations in the name of 'Improved Sanitation'

Kind Regards,

Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Fri, 15 Apr 2016 19:47:38 +0200
Young WASH Engineer from DR Congo looking for experience - by: cmampuya1990
My name is MAMPUYA Mazebo N'Zinga from DR Congo. I'm a 25 years old Engineer in Water and Sanitation. I'm about to complete a specialized master in WASH. Beside my academic background I am involved in the World Youth Parliament for Water.

I'm currently looking for an internship or job position to get more experience in WASH related issues. I speak both French and English and as a Young Engineer I am highly motivated in improving my skills and knowledge about WASH issues by working in a WASH related project.

You could find more information about my profile in my attached CV]]>
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 25 Nov 2015 12:20:27 +0100
New mobile sustainable sanitation system (human8ture), Cambodia - Update on our biogas digester and UDDT work - by: MichaelCarr
After consultation with NBP in Cambodia we are currently working on a modular version of their bricks and mortar Bio Gas Digester - (BGD) - Ours is fabricated in the workshop and built on site in a fraction of the time it takes to build a brick built BGD and has many other advantages, such as easy transport and storage - especially the 'last mile'.

We are currently fabricating a full size prototype (4cube) in the factory and searching for a site with a couple of bullocks not far from Phnom Penh to road test it. It has already sparked a lot of interest and we have a group of potential investors coming out from Germany to Phnom Penh in two weeks and I will be making a presentation for that.

The potential customer base is huge and there is big demand from farmers with bullocks to convert the cow waste into a soil enricher, plus the advantage of clean methane gas for cooked, opposed to burning firewood. We are not releasing sketches of our BGD as yet due to IP and (c) concerns - but should be able to do so soon.

As far as my UDDT is concerned, we now have professional autoCAD sketches of that prepared for tooling up and production, we also have a 3D model built to show investors - there have been several modifications made to my earlier version and we believe we have finally made the "go to market" model for production - including a utility sink that comes with it to encourage hygiene.

We are currently seeking investors for that and can be ready with 100 units for field trials 2 months from signing of agreement, including making of molds. All parts have been designed to be mass produced in a rotor molder and we can produce in very large scale given enough notification to make molds and set the factory up.

Any interested parties can contact me through my website or through this forum.

thank you for your interest


Eco Solutions & Creative Eco Designs
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Sun, 23 Aug 2015 07:12:23 +0200
Toilets without connection to pits, sewerage and water supply pipes (introduction email) - Verity SmartLife Solutions, India - by: sampark could you send me the design, features, brochure, video & installation process.etc to start in odisha ?

Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Thu, 28 May 2015 08:15:34 +0200
Introducing Ecosec, new company from Montpellier - by: ben
Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter notre cahier d'exploration .
Ce travail met en dessin la nouvelle approche de gestion de nos matières organiques en centre ville que nous proposons à Montpellier. Couplé à une gestion de composteurs en pied d'immeuble, les nettoyages pluri-quotidien des cabines en vélo serait ainsi facilement rentailisés.
Nous vous invitons à vous promener dans le Montpellier de demain, où l’écologie est à chaque coin de rue, où recyclage et économies d’eau sont associés à toilettes modernes et composteurs fleuris.

Bonne balade,


Dear All,

We're happy to present you our new Project for Montpellier .
This work (sorry only in french) tries to present graphically what could look like a service of public toilet management parallel to a management service of composters a the feet of center town buildings.
We invite you to wander by the Montpellier 2.0, where ecology is surrounding us, reminding that with intelligent infrastructures everyone could locally and daily join the adventure of the ecological transition.


Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Tue, 07 Apr 2015 11:13:00 +0200
Experienced sanitation staff available in India's Odisha! (from project Sammaan) - by: kshane
Attached is the CV for Amalin Patnaik, who has been the project manager for Project Sammaan over the past 6 months. Amalin brings with him nearly 20 years of management experience and would be a great addition to any organization working in India's state of Odisha.

Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Tue, 17 Mar 2015 06:52:58 +0100
Introducing a new organisation in Ghana " Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES)" - by: Mutbaby
It is part of our long term strategies. I will surely inform members when we started issuing the newsletters. Thank you.]]>
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Tue, 17 Feb 2015 22:05:42 +0100
Notre realisation en matiere de WASH (introduction of "Organisation Rwandaise pour la solidarite et le developement", an NGO in Rwanda) - by: canaday
Félicitations pour le travail de votre organisation. Faites-vous la promotion des toilettes sèches (UDDT) et l'assainissement écologique en général? Comment pouvons-nous mieux vous aider?

Meilleurs voeux,
Chris Canaday

Translation by Google Translate:

Dear Claudine,

Applauds the work of your organization. Get promoting composting toilets (UDD) and ecological sanitation in general? How can we help you better?

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday
Persons or companies offering their skills or products (and introductions) Wed, 20 Aug 2014 12:31:25 +0200