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I read through the Plumbers Handbook and just love it! It is clear, concise, and detailed, but simple to read and very charming. An excellent publication that I will return to over and over again, I'm sure.

Will you be doing trainings or some kind of classes to complement the handbook?

Congratulations and all the best,

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Re: useful links on sanitation - by: pkjha
The book on Practical Handbook on FSM by AIT/ ADB has some useful information. However, the book needs to include some important information to make it practical. It mentions biogas generation from FSM as one of the options. However, it does not mention rate of biogas production from FSM. It is expected to be very low as FSM contains mostly completely degraded/ semi degraded human wastes. Design criteria for Sand filter bed is not mentioned. Rate of filtration through sand filter is required for designing the filter bed. There is no mention of any process to make sludge pathogen free for its safe reuse for agriculture purpose. All these points need to be discussed before designing any option.

With regards
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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: F H Mughal
Thank you for your interesting feedback. Yes, I understand, the printing costs these days are high, but, at the same time, that initiative which was started before 2008, has turned out to be a prized publication - and it should continue - so to form a continuing education source for us. By the way, I happen to be the graduate of AIT.

Kind regards,

F H Mughal

Dear (our very own) Elisabeth,

Thanks for your response. That photo do emphasize my strong link with this publication.
It is nice to see good publications on this forum. I'm sure, new forum users would find publications, like this one, most helpful to their work.

Best regards,

F H Mughal]]>
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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: elizabethtilley
I'm very thankful for your comments Mughal, and I'll just quickly reply to them below:

1. A new edition in 6 years may not be possible, but certainly, we will continue to compile information, feedback (like yours!) and look for funding (since printing costs are quite high). But yes! that is the dream.

2. We may have a bias towards African publications, since this is where most of our work is based (Senegal, Kenya, South Africa) but I really hope you don't think that it is focused on "developed countries"! There are numerous publications included from our partners at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand, since this is our main Asian partner, though it's true, we have few publications from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Please send us what you think would be relevant- we would be very happy to add the references for the next round.

3. We have defined the emerging technologies as "those that have moved beyond the laboratory and small-pilot phase, and are currently (as of June 2014) being implemented
in relevant contexts (i.e., in a developing country) and at a scale that indicates that expansion is possible (i.e., not a single unit)." We actually reviewed a very long list for consideration, but settled on this fairly short list of technologies that had been replicated and tested at scale (or close to it). Hopefully we will be able to add both more of a critical appraisal and more examples in the coming years once more piloting is complete.

4. Excellent suggestion!

5. It's a good point- it's always a negotiation between page limits and the need to include a holistic approach- but worth reconsidering.

Thanks again for all the feedback and support! It is very much appreciated.

Elizabeth (Liz)]]>
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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: muench featured user interview - which shows that you really like this publication! :

Well, I don't know about powerful.... With "power user" I meant someone who has read every single sentence of many of the technology factsheets (of the French version), compared the French translation to the English original, checked the URLs in the references, scrutinised the schematics (based on feedback by Christine Werner) and so forth.

By the way, you mentioned a list of further readings. I am not sure if that is necessary because there is further reading at the end of each of the 2-page factsheets. Also there is a list on page 8 called "Complementary Sanitation Sector Development Tools", which also includes a key document on "Hygiene and Sanitation Software".

Interesting that they have changed the cover page from an African-centric photo to a schematic with a clear emphasis on urban/peri-urban on-site sanitation systems showing no less than three vacuum tankers... And I see a sludge drying bed right next to a house. I wouldn't want to live in that house (flies and odour). But I guess that is the artistic freedom of the artist who designed the cover page....

And to distinguish the two Elisabeths: I have the British spelling with an "s" and Liz Tilley has the American spelling with a "z" (Elizabeth).

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Re: Handbook for Plumbers on Household connectivity - by: rahulsharma

The "Plumbers Handbook on Household connectivity" has been developed in English and three Indian vernacular languages (Hindi, Marathi & Malayalam). For effective use of the plumbers, the Handbook has been developed in pocket size & is highly durable (tear & water resistant).

The Handbook has been shared with the Municipal plumbers registered with our partner Urban Local Bodies (Shimla, Raipur, Nashik & Kochi). It is envisaged that, this easy to use & understand handbook will help in strengthening the capacities of municipal plumbers & hence will lead to improvement in the quality of household sewage connections (new & existing).

Best greetings.
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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: F H Mughal ).

This one is for Swiss Elisabeth!! :

I have few minor suggestions:

1. The previous version was issued in 2008, a time gap of 6 years. Since, this publication is a favourite of many persons, I suggest that new editions may be issued every 6 years.

2. Please include contributors from the Asian developing countries. The present version gives an impression that it is all a “developed countries” affair. Sanitation is a major problem in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

3. In case of emerging technologies, please indicate for each technology, the merits and demerits; whether it is a mature technology, or is still at pilot stage, and where it has been used. Also, the list appears small. In the new edition, please include more.

4. In an effort to make it as a “down-to-earth” publication, I suggest that towards the end of the publication, please include a list of authoritative publications on sanitation, as “further readings.”

5. Though most may not agree, I still suggest a small section on personal and community hygiene.

All said and done, it is a superb publication. I would call it a “hands-on” publication; or a guide, or a handbook.

F H Mughal]]>
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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: elizabethtilley
Please send an email to Caterina Dalla Torre < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > in about a week (she is on vacation currently, and the books have not arrived).

The previous policy was to send hard copies to low-income countries for free and to charge 30 CHF (Swiss Francs) for all others (it may change, but probably not).

And as before, copies will be available in Stockholm!

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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: Doreen [This is Page 2 of the thread]

Dear Team,

Very excited that the second edition of the Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies is finally out! I have been eagerly waiting for it

Question: Is it possible to have some hard copies sent to our office in Nairobi? I would like to share some copies with some of the utilities and public health officers we work with.

Thanks and best regards,

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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: elizabethtilley
Honestly, I had to look again to see what had changed, so the 5 new pages are:

PRE Pre-Treatment Technologies
T.1 Settler
T.2 Imhoff Tank
POST Tertiary Filtration and Disinfection
D.13 Biogas Combustion

Along with the emerging technologies section.

It is always a fairly heated debate about what to include, given the number of examples in existence, the state of development (pilot/full scale), the documentation available, and of course, our space limitations. I agree that short-rotation plantations could have easily been included, but I can't remember exactly why they didn't make the cut. I will add it to the list for version 3!

Personally, I was very happy that the Composter Filter, which has been championed by Heike Hoffman for so long, was included. The LaDePa sludge pelletizer, developed in South Africa, was another great addition.

As always, we are very happy for comments and feedback- so please feel free to email privately or directly or post your ideas here.


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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: muench
Congratulations for bringing out this second edition of the popular Eawag-Sandec Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies! It's great that you got the funding and resources to update the first edition from 2008. And the eCompendium will be very useful, too.

As I consider myself a "power user" of the compendium (mainly due to the work in the last year for GIZ Morocco where we used your technology factsheets as a starting point to develop Moroccan-focussed 4-page factsheets in French for those technologies that are suitable for rural Morocco (see here:, I was of course curious to see what is new in the new version.

You you wrote on Page 7:

What’s New in the Second Edition?
The revised, second edition has more content, and
1. Simplified user guidance
2. Revised technology descriptions with updated references
and improved illustrations based on reviews
by renowned sector experts and taking into account
key developments in the sector over the last six years
3. A more elaborate presentation of input and output
products that clarifies the compatibility between
technologies and streamlines system configuration
4. Five new technology information sheets and a section
on emerging technologies
5. An additional sanitation system, “System 5: Biogas

I really like that the UDDT is now shown with straight vault doors, no longer with inclined vault doors.

Old schematic of the UDDT:

New schematic of the UDDT:

I haven't checked all of them but I think you updated the schematics of several technologies.

I also like that you updated the URL links to the references (some of the references that I was co-author for, i.e. the GIZ Technology Reviews, had outdated links. Now you are simply linking to which is great).

You mentioned five new technologies - I spotted these three so far:
  • Pre-treatment technology
  • Tertiary filtration & disinfection
  • Biogas combustion

Which are the other two new technologies?

And are there any that almost made it into the list, e.g. how about short rotation plantations (SRP)? (I see you mentioned it in one sentence as part of the factsheet on irrigation). Those new pages on "emerging sanitation technologies" was a good idea.

Again, congratulations on this important work, and good luck with adding the French and Spanish (and any other languages) versions as well in the coming months.

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Re: Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: elizabethtilley
The link just went active on Friday, so you have very keen eyes!

The new version is available for download at

The French, Spanish and Nepali versions of the 1st edition will still be available, but we do not have updated translations yet, unfortunately.

The hard copy should be leaving the printers shortly, and a few copies will be available in Stockholm at World Water Week.

Please come and visit us at the Swiss Water Partnership booth- we will other publications, a Faecal Sludge card game, and various other Sandec goodies!

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Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies - by: F H Mughal
"This second, revised edition of the Compendium presents a huge range of information on sanitation systems and technologies in one volume. By ordering and structuring tried and tested technologies into once concise document, the reader is provided with a useful planning tool for making more informed decisions.
Part 1 describes different system configurations for a variety of contexts.

Part 2 consists of 57 different technology information sheets, which describe the main advantages, disadvantages, applications and the appropriateness of the technologies required to build a comprehensive sanitation system. Each technology information sheet is complemented by a descriptive illustration."


F H Mughal]]>
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Re: 2nd Edition of the Compendium of Sanitations Systems and Technologies is now available! - by: dorothee.spuhler
Thanks for the update: trust I have been waiting for this day…

For all who do not know it yet: we are currently implementing an online version of this second editions of the Compendium integrating it with the content and features from the SSWM Toolbox.

The main added value of an online version is the possibility of using interactive links to highlight cross-references and guide users from one chapter to another. Moreover we are also working on a filter functions for instance to quickly identify the technologies that fit you if you are interested in a specific sanitation chain product.

The e-Compendium will (hopefully ) be ready for our meeting in Stockholm.

Stay tuned and have a happy day,

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2nd Edition of the Compendium of Sanitations Systems and Technologies is now available! - by: donahupa]]> New publications Fri, 25 Jul 2014 07:16:35 +0000