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It seems like a simple/effective but easily overlooked intervention, so I guess it is good this was highlighted by the award.]]>
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Civil Society Innovation Award Winners Announced - by: kimmee22
First place went to Save the Children – Nudging handwashing among primary school students in Bangladesh. Kamal Hossain from Save the Children Bangladesh was excited to receive the award in person from Anne Joselin, DFAT. Save the Children’s innovation to improve hand-washing in schools uses environmental cues and nudges. handwashing.pngIt is more cost effective than hygiene communication programs and has shown positive results in changing and sustaining behaviour change amongst school children.

Second place was awarded to Water for People! in Uganda for their submission, Low cost solutions for Faecal Sludge Management. Water for People! have shown their work innovating at many stages of the sanitation chain, from low cost modular toilet design, pit emptying and faecal sludge treatment and reuse. Their holistic approach to sanitation and faecal sludge management (FSM) are impacting many peoples’ lives, particularly in the slums of Kampala.

Third runner up was Wetlands Work! Cambodia for the HandyPod – Sanitation solutions for floating communities in Cambodia. The Handy Pod is a floating toilet design suitable for the communities of the Tonle Sap lake area and uses wetlands treatment technology.

Read the complete article.]]>
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Ton Schouten - IRC, in memorium - by: arno

You may register your condolence message at

Funeral services will be held on May 30, 2016.]]>
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Name Change from Whereever the Need to Sanitation First (a UK-based NGO) - by: DavidAlan
We have changed our name to Sanitation First – it is what we do! The new website will be and will be updated over the next few weeks with more detail.

We have also launched our fundraising programme (mainly in the UK) for our Inner City Sanitation project having had the go ahead to site the first 100 of our mobile UDDTs in Chennai slums; there will then be a transport and collection service operating to manage and safely dispose of the waste. Lots of people will be very pleased to know that we are working very closely with Chennai Corporation and are collecting data from (prospective) users and following this up to determine health, economic and lifestyle improvements. We have done this in Pondicherry and the data is very encouraging; I hope to share this document through the forum shortly.

Anyway, we are Sanitation First!]]>
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Stockholm water prize winner on water quality and health (2016): Joan Rose from Michigan State University - by: SDickin I thought some people might be interested to hear more about the new Stockholm water prize winner for 2016 announced yesterday during world water day: Joan Rose from Michigan State University.
Here is the link to SIWI
And a quotation from the article:
“I have always been motivated by the principles of public health, how to prevent disease. A key barrier, our water infrastructure, is crumbling or non-existing in many parts of the world. The global population unserved by sewage treatment is counted in the billions” says Professor Rose.

best regards,
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Re: USAID and Water Information Survey - by: muench
You said:
I believe USAID uses Water Portal rather than WASH because USAID also is involved in agricultural water management and integrated water resources management in addition to WASH.

This made me aware that in my mind, the term "water" in WASH was not necessarily restricted to water supply but I guess officially it is.

So such a USAID "Water Portal" could perhaps simply be renamed "Water and Sanitation Portal", in which case it could include water supply, agricultural water management and integrated water resources management - and also sanitation.

Subsuming "sanitation" under a "Water Portal" is in my opinion misleading and negates the progress we've achieved in recent years to raise the profile of sanitation to a similar or at least closer level to the profile of water (in development cooperation).

Have you had any feedback from your USAID colleagues about the naming of the portal?


P.S. You comment prompted me to add this information also to the Wikipedia article on WASH, where I've now added (see:

The term "water" in this acronym is generally understood to refer to water supply only, not e.g. to integrated water resources management (IWRM) or water resource management in agriculture.
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Re: USAID and Water Information Survey - by: campbelldb
Thanks for your comments and I will share them with USAID. I believe USAID uses Water Portal rather than WASH because USAID also is involved in agricultural water management and integrated water resources management in addition to WASH.

Best regards,
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Re: In Memorium - Jeroen Ensink - by: F H Mughal
That was nice on your part, and on part of the secretariat. Surprisingly, many of the above papers are about Pakistan. I'm happy to note that.


F H Mughal]]>
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Re: In Memorium - Jeroen Ensink - by: secretariat
The SuSanA secretariat would like to express its sincere condolences.

In response to Mughal’s request, we have collected a small selection of Jereon’s publications.

New concepts for on-site sanitation based on bio-additives and pit design

Importance of Waste Stabilization Ponds and Wastewater Irrigation in the Generation of Vector Mosquitoes in Pakistan

Wastewater quality and the risk of hookworm infection in Pakistani and Indian sewage farmers

Salinity Implications of Wastewater Irrigation in the Musi River Catchment in India

Farmer driven wastewater treatment: A case study from Faisalabad, Pakistan

Estimating the Potential Impact of Sanitary Child Stool Disposal

Wastewater Use in Pakistan: The Cases of Haroonabad and Faisalabad

Jasmin (on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat)]]>
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Re: USAID and Water Information Survey - by: muench
I took the survey the other day. It was short and painless. However, I find it odd that they speak of "water portal", "water program" etc. and expect people to know that sanitation falls under water with USAID. Obviously, there are lots of connections, but some things are also different. E.g. things like soil-transmitted helminths, reuse of excreta in agriculture, open defecation behavior change, CLTS, faecal sludge management, pit latrines, other types of dry toilets, composting etc., are not really "water issues" but sanitation issues in their own right.

Has there ever been any talk at USAID to change the title of the portal to a "WASH portal" or a "water, sanitation, hygiene portal"?

By the way, this call for proposals by USAID looks terrible interesting:
The thread is called: "USAID solicitation – Sustainable WASH Systems - submit Expressions of Interest no later than February 10, 2016"


P.S. I had to chuckle at the term of "voluntary survey" in your post. Is there also such a thing as a compulsory survey? ]]>
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USAID and Water Information Survey - by: campbelldb
I received the note below from a member of the USAID Water Team. Please respond to the survey to contribute your ideas and suggestions to USAID for a Water/WASH web portal.

USAID is developing a new web portal that could potentially serve as a centralized resource for Agency staff, partners and the public on global water issues. The portal is being designed as a hub for news, technical content, program and country information and data on Agency-wide water sector activities.

The below brief and voluntary survey will help USAID determine what content and features would be of greatest use to the water and development community. The entire survey should take less than 5 minutes for you to complete.

For more information please contact the E3/Water Office – Communications and Knowledge Management team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Link to the survey:]]>
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News from WSSCC: Amina Mohammad, former top Advisor on UN Sustainable Development Goals, to chair leading WASH organisation (WSSCC) - by: OUmelo Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) announced that Amina J. Mohammed, Environment Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, will serve as its new Chair, effective April 5, 2016.

The former Assistant-Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General on Post-2015 Development Planning, Ms. Mohammed will chair the Steering Committee and guide the work of WSSCC’s Geneva-based Secretariat, its operations in 20 countries in Africa and Asia, and its 5,000 members in 150 countries. Hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), WSSCC is the part of the United Nations devoted solely to the sanitation and hygiene needs of the most vulnerable people around the world. Ms. Mohammed replaces the interim-Chair, Andrew Cotton, Emeritus Director of the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC, Loughborough University), and previous Chair, Prof. Anna Tibaijuka, Member of Parliament, Tanzania, and former Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN-Habitat.

Read more here or feel free to share the attached press releases in English and French.]]>
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End of Trémolet Consulting - by: F H Mughal End of Trémolet Consulting

I was sad to learn that Sophie Tremolet is closing down her Trémolet Consulting. Trémolet Consulting was in operation for 11 years, and they have carried out 150 assignments for a broad range of development partners.

Sophie Trémolet, who is also a fairly regular contributor on this forum, has now joined the World Bank as a Senior Economist in the Water Global Practice. She will be based in London and will work globally on issues ranging from urban sanitation to the definition of performance measures for institutional and financial sustainability in the water sector.

Other members of her team have moved elsewhere. Goufrane Mansour, a Muslim-sounding name, is now working for Aguaconsult, with a particular focus on water and sanitation financing. Marie-Alix Prat joined Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) on a range of infrastructure economics issues, including in the water sector.

Trémolet Consulting was a source of great publications for me. While their website ( will be there for sometime, and will continue to host the publications, I would request Sophie to kindly keep on working for sanitation in poor developing countries. Sanitation is poor in most developing countries. In Pakistan, for example, 82 per cent of Pakistan’s population consumes polluted drinking water and, there are 41 million people who do not have access to a toilet in Pakistan and as a result they are defecating in the open.

I wish Sophie all the success in her new World Bank position. I’m sure, this forum’s moderators will also wish her well, as after all, she has great contribution in sanitation marketing and finance.

F H Mughal]]>
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Re: In Memorium - Jeroen Ensink - by: F H Mughal
As a tribute to him, will it be possible for the secretariat to make available the publications by Jeroan Ensink, on this forum?

F H Mughal]]>
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Re: In Memorium - Jeroen Ensink - by: arno]]>
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