SuSanA - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:23:20 +0000 Kunena 1.6 SuSanA - Forum en-gb Hall of Fame - by: F H Mughal Hall of Fame Award" for significant contributions to the sanitation sector in Bangladesh. The award was handed to Dr. Akramul Islam at the 14th World Toilet Summit 2015 in Delhi by Dr. Subramanian Swamy MP, Former Minister of India, and Jack Sim Founder of the World Toilet Organization. Minister Devendra Chaudhry, Special Secretary, Ministry of Power India, was also present at the occasion along with representatives from governments, donors, development partners, business sectors, NGOs and media (

I suggest that the title "User of the Month" may be changed to "Hall of Fame" in sanitation.

F H Mughal]]>
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BRAC enters sanitation Hall of Fame - by: dietvorst World Toilet Summit 2015 in Delhi by Dr. Subramanian Swamy MP, Former Minister of India, and Jack Sim Founder of the World Toilet Organization in the presence of Minister Devendra Chaudhry, Special Secretary, Ministry of Power India.

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in providing basic sanitation services to its people. It is now estimated that throughout Bangladesh, 57% use sanitary latrines, while a mere 3% of the people still practise open defecation.

Over 8 years, the BRAC WASH programme reached more than 66 million people, about half of the rural population of Bangladesh. It has successfully worked to improve household sanitation by creating demand for hygienic latrines while supporting an extensive supply chain and local businesses. Current coverage with hygienic and adequately maintained toilets is 82% in the 152 districts where BRAC has worked. All these successes have been underpinned by a strong provision of service to the poor and ultra-poor and by a unique hygiene promotion programme focusing on universal use and sustainability of services in communities, households and schools.

IRC is a knowledge partner of BRAC WASH since 2005.

Read more at:]]>
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Massacre in school in Pakistan: We share your grief - by: Sowmya
You are a long-standing member of SuSanA and I have always loved to read your posts, have learnt from you and appreciate your readiness to always respond to queries and give feedback on forum discussions. This message is specially for you as much as it is to the people of your country.

The massacre of 141 people in Peshawar, 132 of whom were children, is an outrage against the people of Pakistan and the world. We share your grief and join your prayers for peace and earnestly hope that the deaths of so many innocent children will not have been in vain, that it will unite Pakistan and the world in ensuring that no child anywhere needs to know the meaning of fear.

We do know that your government is strengthening its efforts to weed out terrorism and all of us stand by you. We appreciate the courage of 17-year old Shahrukh Khan for his presence of mind, salute the proudly defiant parents for deciding to send their children back to school and join the people of Pakistan in the protest against terrorism.

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Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene is looking for a new home - by: mwaniki
The Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene is looking for a new home

.After producing the publication for 9 years and 50 issues plus down the road as a no profit operation, it has become increasingly difficult to continue doing so. Publishing is resource demanding and since the publication can’t sustain itself, we have thrown in the towel and this maybe the end of the road for the journal.

It has been a wonderful experience to strive and chip in efforts for Africa to meet the MDGs target for access to water and sanitation for all by 2015 during the Decade of Action – Water for Life and probably oversee the achievement for the continent’s Water Vision 2025 and other commitments by raising awareness on these issues.

We are now looking for an interested party to hand on the baton in order to take the publication to the next level but observe the publishing policy and guidelines and other objectives as set out in the ‘Profile of the Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene’ which is enclosed in the attachment.

Kindly write to the publisher in confidence at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Regards / Mwaniki

Note by moderator (EvM):
See here the editions of this magazine that came out in 2014:]]>
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Sun Gil Kim, new project officer, Sanitation Product Certification Joined the Gates Toilet team in Oct 2013 - by: WSHBMGF
We are thrilled to announced that Mr Sun Gil Kim joined our team as PO (project officer), Product Certification, starting Monday October 13th, 2014.

In this role, Sun will make investment to support products compliance with national and international standards and certificates; assist the development of final product specifications that are acceptable to the end users and reflect their needs and aspirations as well as protecting users, operators and the operating environment; develop test plans, gather and distill the data and disseminate to the wider team for review and feedback. I expect Sun to develop and lead the relationship with national and international standards and certification authorities to develop certificates of conformity for Foundation-funded technologies that qualify for global commercialization. He will be responsible for the coordination of certification and accreditation tasks with Foundation partners. The Job description is attached.

Sun graduated from the University of Washington in 1984 with a BS in mechanical engineering. After graduating from the UW, he worked 2 years for Schlumberger Wireline Services in the oil fields of the Middle East as a geophysical test engineer. Sun worked for Boeing Commercial Airplanes for more than 27 years on pressurized doors mechanisms and systems design, analysis, test, and certification. His areas of focus were safety, certification, reliability, function, ease of production, reduced weight, reduced costs, and value to the customer.

Sun recently left Boeing as a mechanism design Associate Technical Fellow and as an Authorized Representative of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration working with regulators from the U.S, European Aviation Safety Agency, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, Russian, Chinese, and other authorities.

Soon, we will start introducing Sun to our transformative technology grantees and partners as well as partners who have been working with us to develop testing plan, certificates and standards for innovative sanitation technologies. As we are onboarding Sun on the WSH team, please share with us your perspective on how best we should approach this important workstream on sanitation technology certification and development standards. This is an important area of work for all of us, and your continuous support and sharing of expertise will help shaping our vision.

Best regards!

The WSH Team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation]]>
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On Facebook- Sustainable sanitation in India - by: zenrainman A small Facebook page has been opened here just to bring the discussion to a more wider audience which perhaps has no exposure to water and sanitation issues and may be interested in volunteering or even in engaging on a long term basis perhaps as a career. Those interested and on Facebook are welcome to become part of the discussion which now engages India at various levels starting from the agenda set by the Prime Minister.]]> Any other announcements Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:15:59 +0000 Staff at flagship organisation "Water and Sanitation for Africa" in Burkina Faso go on strike June 24, 2014 - by: arno

According to the article published in Burkina24 by Noufou KINDO and Aboubakar KAMAGATE, the flagship organisation Water and Sanitation For Africa with its HQ in Burkina Faso is suffering from serious management setbacks forcing the staff to go on strike to draw world attention to the conflict.

Excerpted from the article written in French:
The staff of the Pan African Intergovernmental Agency Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA) observed a sit-in twelve hours, Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at the Agency's headquarters in Ouagadougou. Several items on a platform of demands were raised. They demand, the "departure without compromise" of the director of the institution, Idrissa DOUCOURE.

"Enough is enough" say officials of the WSA critics of the financial management climate and working conditions. According to the spokesman Mamadou Ouattara, the image of the institution is "tarnished" by the lack of trust between the President Executive Secretary of the WSA, Idrissa DOUCOURE and staff and between technical partners financial and other.

The striking staff demanded "the immediate payment in arrears of salaries. They say they have repeatedly tried to attract the attention of the administration, in public and in private, on the immense risks to the institution that is "in bankruptcy".]]>
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Re: Remembering Hans Huber, former CEO of HUBER SE, Germany - by: mwink
thanks for this memorial post. I was really shocked when I learnd that Mr. Huber died. He was active in sanitation issues since I started in this field. For me he and his company were always there.
E.g. one of my first conferences was his wastewater conference in Berching in 2004 - where we already could visit the struvite reactor you mentioned running in a container.

I am very sorry but hope that his relatives, friends, companions and employees derive comfort from the knowledge of all the things he created, supported and promoted.

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Remembering Hans Huber, former CEO of HUBER SE, Germany - by: muench
We are deeply saddened to announce that our supervisory board chairman and former CEO

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber

passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the night before Saturday, 15th March 2014, at the age of 71.


Read the full statement and orbituary from the German HUBER SE company here (in English):

I quote:
Among the awards he received are the German Environmental Award, the Environmental Medal of the State of Bavaria, the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Bavarian Order of Merit. Furthermore, he has been the spokesman of the Bavarian Environmental Technology Cluster right from the beginning in 2006 when the cluster organisation was founded and recently appointed honorary spokesman. In October 2007, Dr. Huber was awarded the honorary doctorate by the Technical University of Munich due to his outstanding achievements in the field of technical environmental protection. In 2006, he further initiated the foundation of the Huber-Technology-Foundation with the goal to increase the public awareness for the element water and symbolise the idea of sustainability.

The remainder of this post I do in German:

Meine Kollegin Christine Werner (GIZ), die Herrn Huber öfters getroffen hat, schrieb mir folgendes aus Marokko:

Hans Huber ist ein zunnächst sehr überraschender Mensch gewesen ist, der sein urbayerisches Unternehmen, das ursprünglich Anlagen zum Bierbrauen hergestellt hat, zu einem der führenden internationalen Unternehmen zur Produktion hochwertiger Bauelemente aus Edelstahl für Kläranlagen gemacht hat. Hierbei hat er typisch bayrische Bodenständigkeit und Schlitzohrigkeit mit unternehmerischer und umweltpolitischer Weitsicht und Innovationsfreude verbunden. Er war ein Unikat und es war ein Vergnügen, mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten.

Ich selber habe Hans Huber nie kennengelernt, aber stets nur Gutes über ihn gehört, und ich weiss, dass er mit seiner Firma sehr daran interessiert war, in Deutschland neuartige Sanitärsysteme (mit Wiedernutzung von Wasser und Nährstoffen) voranzubringen. Schon vor Jahren (2006?) hat er in seinem Betriebsgebäude in Berching in Bayern einen Struvit-Reaktor für die Behandlung von Urin installieren lassen. Mit dem Struvit-Dünger wurden Apfelbäume auf dem Gelände gedüngt, habe ich gehört.

Das 4-jährige SANIRESCH-Forschungsprojekt (, das unter Leitung der GIZ (Martina Winker) von 2009 bis 2012 lief, hatte u.a. die Firma HUBER zum Partner und es war eine Modellpartnerschaft, wie sie besser nicht hätte sein können. Hier ein Beispiel von der Verfahrenstechnik (Membranereaktor für Grauwasser und Struvit-Reaktor für Urin), die von der Firma HUBER geliefert wurde und auf engstem Raum in einem Kellerraum installiert wurde:

Hans Hubers Interesse an Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutzaspekten im Bereich Wasser, gepaart mit seinem erfolgreichen Unternehmertum, war eine wunderbare Mischung.
Wir sind traurig, dass er zu früh von uns gegangen ist. Er wird im Wasser/Umweltsektor in Deutschland sehr fehlen. Unser Beileid gilt auch seinen Hinterbliebenen.

Elisabeth von Muench
Christine Werner]]>
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IRC selected as an exhibitor for the Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India - by: dietvorst
The Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India aims to stimulate discussion and spur partnerships to improve global sanitation and bring affordable sanitation solutions to people who need it most. The fair is also an opportunity to recognize India’s leadership and commitment to improving child health and fostering innovative solutions to persistent development challenges.

IRC’s project is one of approximately 50 exhibits that will be on display during the two-day fair.

IRC will present the WASHCost Calculator; an online tool that helps professionals to plan for WASH services that are built to last. WASH organisations working in developing countries have largely been focusing on infrastructure, instead of providing services. The result is that pumps break down, water stops flowing, and investment is wasted. To combat this short-term planning, the WASHCost Calculator was developed.

The Calculator takes into account everything from construction, finance, and installation, to maintenance, repairs and eventual replacement. It raises issues such as who owns the infrastructure or who is responsible for replacement. It helps you to think about how you are going to maintain the service before you’re trying to build it. The online tool is designed to compare data across organisations and is dynamically updated, growing smarter with each additional project. And the tool is now online at

“Of the 1.1 billion people who defecate in the open, almost 60 percent are Indian,” said Professor K. VijayRaghavan, secretary of the Indian Department of Biotechnology. “Sanitation solutions using the latest technology need not be complex or driven by expensive gadgetry, but they need to be innovative and address the many aspects of this multifaceted problem.”

“Today, because of a lack of toilets and poorly functioning infrastructure, massive amounts of untreated waste winds up in the environment, spreading disease,” said Brian Arbogast, director of the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We are privileged to host the Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India with our partners to advance conversations about sanitation – it is a testament to the Indian government’s commitment to improving how we deal with this pressing problem.”

Note: attendance at the fair is by invitation only. No further invitations will be extended.

Start using the basic tool at

For more detailed information on the Calculator, please contact Nicolas Dickinson at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Details Local requests (India): Dr. Kurian Baby, +91 81 29 876383]]>
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Re: Remembering Florian Erzinger - by: Doreen
Thank you for informing us. I wish to express my sincere condolences to his family and friends for the loss. It was really sad to hear of his passing.

I first came across Florians work when I was an intern in GIZ in Eschborn. I remember one picture in particular that he took in Burkina Faso that I am certain I will never forget.(see below)

Passing the faecal sludge to the top of the pit latrine by Sustainable sanitation, on Flickr

This picture really depicts what is wrong in the sector as it shows the gross violation of human rights. It inspired me to also raise awareness on the struggles of manual emptiers in Kenya
See below:

He had a passion to make a difference and inspired me to look into the issues that manual emptiers face and develop standards for them to bring back dignity to their profession. I thank him for his work and his contribution to the sector.]]>
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Remembering Florian Erzinger - by: muench
Some of you may have known him: Florian Erzinger. He made some great contributions to the knowledge base of SuSanA. Sadly, he passed away suddenly middle of last year, leaving behind a wife and two young children - and so many ideas and a great passion for sustainable sanitation - ecosan in particular! The news of his passing made me very sad. From time to time I come across his photos that he had contributed to the SuSanA Flickr database and I think of him. For this reason, I decided today to write a few lines here in remembrance.

Florian worked in Switzerland for the EPA in Berne and did a postgraduate degree with NADEL which belongs to the university ETH in Zürich ( That's where he got into contact with sanitation in developing countries.

He worked in rural Burkina Faso (also with CREPA, now WSA, and Eawag-Sandec) and developed what he called "Ecosan ARA" - ecosan which is adapted to the realities of Africa - i.e. low cost. A urine diversion toilet that was meant to be as cheap as possible (not dissimilar to the work that e.g. Chris Canaday is doing in Ecuador).

You find his publications in the SuSanA library here, in English and French:

and in the SuSanA photo database in Burkina Faso:

(there are 11 sets in this Burking Faso collection that contain his photos, from this set:
to this set:

Here you see him - modestly in the background with a group of pit emptiers whose jobs he wanted to improve:

Step 2: Formalization of the assotiation of manual toilet emptiers by Sustainable sanitation, on Flickr

And here he is also in action:

Step 3: Information and sensibilisation seminary by Sustainable sanitation, on Flickr

Dear Florian Erzinger, the SuSanA community and future users of your photos showing e.g. deplorable pit emptying practices are very grateful for your contributions!

Rest in peace.


P.S. Florian also made one post on the forum, see here:]]>
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