SuSanA - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Mon, 27 Feb 2017 18:06:42 +0000 Kunena 1.6 SuSanA - Forum en-gb SuSanA Working Group 10: Take part in edit-a-thon on 19-20 March (and before) to improve Wikipedia for Operation, Maintenance and Sustainable Services - by: ajaypaul Dear Members of SuSanA Working Group 10 (Operation, Maintenance and Sustainable Services)!

Your expertise is needed!

SuSanA has announced an Edit-a-thon to commemorate World Water Day and to improve WASH-related Wikipedia articles. Educating the public is critical to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal Number 6 (SDG6): "Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all".

Therefore, this event is taking place:

What: World Water Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
When: 19-20 March 2017
Where: Wherever you and your computer are.
Who: You can contribute solo, or work with a group of friends.
Why you? You are committed to achieving SDG6.
Why now? Achieving water and sanitation for all requires educating and informing all stakeholders. Wikipedia is the 5th most often visited website in the world.

Next steps for you:
  1. Register your interest by replying in this thread and posting “Yes, I’m interested because...” to this thread.
  2. Look at the list of suggested articles to work on below, and provide your feedback or comments. Which article would you like to work on?
  3. Have a look at what the other working groups will work on here:
  4. Learn to edit Wikipedia articles by giving it a go (this page can get you started: and by viewing short videos which we will post here next week:

What if I can’t make it on 19-20 March?
No problem. You can edit Wikipedia anytime. Please let us know what you’re working on. This effort is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant to SuSanA. The project team wants to know how many SuSanA members contribute to the Edit-a-Thon.

What if I don’t have a reliable internet connection?
As an editor you can help in so many ways. Write new content. Improve existing content. Correct errors. Add images. Add references with links.

What if I have more questions?
Just ask. We want to make it easy for you.

Let’s pull together for SDG6! Please join this Edit-a-thon.

Kind regards,

Ajay Paul and Stefan Reuter
Leads for SuSanA Working Group 10


Wikipedia articles that WG 10 members could work on:

- Adding content to existing articles touching on O&M and services:

- Adding O&M content to existing articles about particular technologies:

Possible new articles:
  • Sanitation as a business - or add content about this to existing article on sanitation

... What else?

Again we could also think about languages other than English, like we had discussed here for Working Group 11:]]>
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