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Thanks for bringing us this feedback on what the SuSanA Working Group 9 (Sanitation as a business, awareness raising) discussed at the working group meeting in Stockholm in September.

I think your list looks very interesting and also potentially doable.

If anyone would like to hear a verbal account (just a few minutes long) of the feedback from that working group, you can see it here in this video from the SuSanA meeting (just click on the blue hyperlink):

17:50 Feedback about Working Group 9 meeting on sanitation as a business and public awareness

(I am sorry, I don't know the name of this young lady who was presenting it?)

Also in terms of HOW the working group members could achieve these action items, it is interesting to listen in to this discussion how the working groups can work both online and offline:

22:04 General discussion about how the working groups can get action items done, using the SDG process to provide momentum, use of online meetings, regional meetings, using Trello for online project management, reducing the "signal to noise ratio" with the help of structuring discussions, ...


P.S. See here for the rest of the videos from the second day of the SuSanA meeting:]]>
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