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As part of the BMGF Phase 3 SuSanA project, which aims to develop SuSanA to become a more effective knowledge management and collaboration platform, we are organising a World Water Day Edit-a-thon on Wikipedia, the world’s 5th most visited website!

It will be on 19-20 March, as a virtual event from your computer. We have already posted about it here on the Form to give you general information about this event:

This post is now specifically addressing the interests of members of Working Group 5 which is on food security and productive sanitation and for which I am the lead (see

We have suggested Wikipedia pages below which members of this working group may like to edit. However, these are suggestions only. We request the WG to decide which pages you would like to edit. Other existing Wikipedia pages relating to Sanitation can be found here, or suggestions of brand new pages are also welcomed:

For Working Group 5, I would suggest the following Wikipedia articles would be worth looking at by the WG members:

Agriculture and reuse articles:

Articles about materials to be sanitized or treated:

And for all WGs we are suggesting the Wikipedia article on the SDGs:
as well as World Water Day:

If you are interested in joining this effort to make good quality sanitation information available in one of the most far reaching portals in the world, please, by 6th of March, post in this discussion thread your interest to participate in the event, and give your feedback on which pages your WG should focus on editing.

After 6th of March, we will compile the list of pages this Working Group intends to edit, and provide all interested members with the information required to get started, via this discussion thread. If you are unavailable or away from internet on the 19th/20th March, no problem – you can add your inputs to the Wikipedia pages ahead of the event.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to get back to us.

Please register your interest to participate by posting in this thread.

Best wishes,

Linus Dagerskog, lead of Working Group 5
(supported by Elisabeth von Muench)

As a reminder (more general information is available here:

The objectives of the Edit-a-thon are:
1. To have a greater quality and quantity of information on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene available to all users of Wikipedia
2. To give SuSanA members and WGs the chance to share their specialist knowledge into a portal which is accessed by 500 million users a month, leading to likely impact on progress towards the SDG6!

Be connected to other amazing Wikipedia editors and SuSanA members by using a virtual workroom via Adobe Connect.

As an editor you can help in many different ways, be it writing new content, correcting and improving existing content, adding images, adding references, internal links, external links etc.

More information about online and offline options to get involved and help will be provided in due course.]]>
WG 5 (Food security, productive sanitation) Wed, 15 Feb 2017 21:09:46 +0000
Re: Working Group 5 update 2016 (new co-lead etc) - by: muench
thanks for your two forum posts about Working Group 5 and good luck with the planned activities! (for those unfamiliar with this working group, see here on the SuSanA website:

I have some simple pratical suggestions for Working Group 5 activities for this year:

* Currently it says this about the aims of the working group on the website:
This working group aims to raise awareness for the reuse-oriented sustainable sanitation approach, its prospective contribution to global food security and to promote this approach on a large scale. The group aims at bringing together all relevant organisations with global competence in agriculture (e.g. soil fertility, irrigation), sustainable sanitation and neighbouring disciplines, which are not yet fully involved in the sanitation discussions. This will help to convey the sustainable sanitation approach to new groups and stakeholders. The main deliverables of the group are a factsheet, flanked by a collection of case studies and a guide for farmers.

By the way, it seems to me that WG 5 has lost a bit of momentum which is interesting as WG 5 used to be a "power house" in SuSanA at the beginning (2007 to perhaps 2012). Perhaps this is indicating a shift of interest of SuSanA members (which doesn't need to be a bad thing)? Perhaps we already know it all what there is to know about reuse of excreta, but we just don't know how to get it done at scale or how to spread this knowledge and raise awareness and achieve behavior change, or how to make it work financially or in cities (= all topics dealt with in the other working groups)?

WG 5 (Food security, productive sanitation) Fri, 04 Mar 2016 03:55:57 +0000