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Following up from Ada's posting, I would encourage those of you working on projects/programmes involving different elements of market development to give us an update on what you are doing and where you are working.

Your activities may relate to either the supply (business development) or demand side (sanitation marketing) of the market, or the enabling (or disabling) environment in which the market lies.

It doesn't need to be a long posting, just a summary and highlight a few key points that you would like to raise with colleagues in the group. You may want to share you experiences about what is going well or perhaps describe what your main challenges are that you are facing.

So, let's hear from you !

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WG 2 (Market development) Wed, 04 May 2016 10:37:00 +0000
Re: Proposed activities for the SuSanA Working Group 2 on Market Development - how do you envisage being involved in the group and how can you contribute. - by: jonpar WG 2 (Market development) Wed, 04 May 2016 10:31:13 +0000 Proposed activities for the SuSanA Working Group 2 on Market Development - how do you envisage being involved in the group and how can you contribute. - by: vpost Thanks for sharing this. As part of the new year resolutions, I am trying to become more active in SuSana (my colleague Jan Spit being a good example). Let me share the forthcoming activities from my side that are relevant. Unfortunately my colleagues are not in, so I cannot ask them to supplement.

1) Knowledge, research and learning

We have started with a series of papers, totalling 6 on sanitation financing, so far we have done 2 out of 6, which are available on SuSanA: Paper 1 is here in the library: and Paper 2 is here:

If you have comments on these two papers, please use this discussion thread for them:

2) Networking, collaboration and partnership

Financing sanitation and financing faecal sludge management - part of the online course of UNESCO -IHE / AIT etc.

3) Policy and advocacy.
Do not know if it fits here perfectly as one of our main thrusts is about the practice of market development for faecal sludge, but my guess is that it gives sufficient input for the policy work.

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Valentin Post
Finance Director

WASTE advisers on urban environment and development
Lange Houtstraat 26
2511 CW The Hague
The Netherlands
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Re: What do we aim to achieve in 2016 ?? (question to Working Group 2 on Market Development) - by: AdaOkoWilliams
Thank you Jonathan for the stimulation to get this group going!

My quick suggestion on one of the things we can aim to achieve in 2016 around the themes would be a compilation of key project reports and documentation around market development from different organisations implementing projects and programmes in this regard.

The compilation will focus on highlighting emerging lessons, good practices and elements of iteration for quality and improvements.

I know this may be a difficult ask in terms of organisational culture around openly sharing on live projects, there is also the question of who will do this reviewing and compilation, we can work around that if members think this is a worthwhile venture.

Lets develop this idea a bit more and structure it together, Listening to hear form you all.
Kind regards,
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What do we aim to achieve in 2016 ?? (question to Working Group 2 on Market Development) - by: jonpar
Our aim is to "promote understanding and uptake of approaches for market assessment, market based programming and financing mechanisms for sustainable sanitation service delivery".

I would therefore encourage you to consider what activity you will contribute towards to promote the activities of the working group on WASH market development.

I have previously proposed that we define the specific areas of activity related to where we are now and where we want to make progress to. Broadly speaking, these areas are:

1) Knowledge, research and learning
2) Networking, collaboration and partnership
3) Policy and advocacy.

(added by moderator: see also related thread on objectives of working groups here:

In many cases, as we all have limited time. The best way to contribute is to utilise some activity that we are already working on. But each year we collectively try and make some achievement within each of these areas.

For example, one suggestion relating to "Knowledge, research and learning" would be to identify the Top 10 key documents / websites relevant to the topic of the WG.

Related to this we should ensure that library content ( for the WG is up to date (these are the documents that appear when you filter the library for our WG 2:;vbl_8%5B39%5D=39) and we should use the SuSanA forum to make announcements regarding a change in WG lead, upcoming meetings, minutes of meetings.

Please consider my request, and let's hear from you about what your expectations are from the WG.

best regards,

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Welcome to two new Working Group 2 co-leads - Ada Oko-Williams and John Sauer - by: jonpar and John Sauer - Senior Technical Advisor (see

Ada Oko-Williams - Technical Support Manager for Sanitation at WaterAid.

Ada is currently working in the UK providing leadership and direction for the sanitation portfolio at WaterAid. Her background is in social development, and she was awarded the International Water Prize by the University of Oklahoma in 2013. Ada has been working in the WASH sector for the last 16 years with experiences in Africa and globally. She was Associate Director for 'Sanitation at Water and Sanitation for Africa' (former CREPA) in Burkina Faso and before then worked for WaterAid in various capacities in the West African Regional programme and with WaterAid Nigeria.

John Sauer - Senior Technical Advisor for PSI’s water, sanitation, and hygiene programs

John provides support in developing and executing sustainable business models with a focus on breaking down market and enabling environment barriers to growth to achieve high coverage and increased use of WASH services. John has 16 years of program implementation, advocacy, and strategy development experience in the WASH sector. Before joining PSI John worked for Water For People, Water Advocates, and Action Against Hunger with a recent focus on sanitation as a business in rural and urban contexts.

* Find out more about this working group here: (added by moderator)]]>
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Where can I find thematic discussions about market development here on the forum? - by: muench
For market development:

For financing, taxes, tariffs, and transfers:

In contrast, this sub-section here only discusses organisational issues around the Working Group 2 on market development, such as the date for next meeting, minutes from meetings, planned outputs of working group etc.]]>
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