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Ada Oko-Williams - Technical Support Manager for Sanitation at WaterAid.

Ada is currently working in the UK providing leadership and direction for the sanitation portfolio at WaterAid. Her background is in social development, and she was awarded the International Water Prize by the University of Oklahoma in 2013. Ada has been working in the WASH sector for the last 16 years with experiences in Africa and globally. She was Associate Director for 'Sanitation at Water and Sanitation for Africa' (former CREPA) in Burkina Faso and before then worked for WaterAid in various capacities in the West African Regional programme and with WaterAid Nigeria.

John Sauer - Senior Technical Advisor for PSI’s water, sanitation, and hygiene programs

John provides support in developing and executing sustainable business models with a focus on breaking down market and enabling environment barriers to growth to achieve high coverage and increased use of WASH services. John has 16 years of program implementation, advocacy, and strategy development experience in the WASH sector. Before joining PSI John worked for Water For People, Water Advocates, and Action Against Hunger with a recent focus on sanitation as a business in rural and urban contexts.

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Where can I find thematic discussions about market development here on the forum? - by: muench
For market development:

For financing, taxes, tariffs, and transfers:

In contrast, this sub-section here only discusses organisational issues around the Working Group 2 on market development, such as the date for next meeting, minutes from meetings, planned outputs of working group etc.]]>
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