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Florian - can you give more information about septage management in Haiphong. I am particularly interested in the mobile transfer stations and the "free" septic tank cleaning service every 5 years (with costs being covered by the waste water tariff). Looking forward to hearing more about this. best regards, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,
sorry for being late, I missed your post as I was away for a while (incidently in Vietnam, but for holidays this time, not checking on septic tanks )

My own experience with Hai Phong is a bit outdated and limited. In 2001 I did a 1 day visit there. It is documented briefly in this document:

Here a copy of the resepctive paragraph:
"Haiphong (pop. 400,000)
The Sewer and Drainage Company is responsible for septage collection. Collection is car-
ried out with vacuum tankers and small vacuum tugs for areas difficult to access, used together with intermediate-storage-tanks mounted on a hook-lift truck. The mini-vacuum-tugs were developed by the company in collaboration with a local manufacturer. They have a capacity of 350 L and cost around 4000 $. The combination of large and small equipment has proven successful and almost 100% of the houses can be covered. The septage is disposed on the landfill, which is not perceived as satisfactory solution by the Finnish Water Supply and Sanitation Project. A future World Bank project will contain a component for septage treatment, drying beds were mentioned as possible treatment option"

The "Landscape Analysis and Business Model Assessment in Fecal Sludge Management: Extraction and Transportation Models in Vietnam - Final report" financed by BMGF and done by the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering has a detailed description of sludge management in Hai Phong, probably answering most of your questions. If you need more info, you'll need to ask the author, Prof. Nguyet Viet Anh. He's the one to ask for anything sludge or sanitation in Vietnam.

Other institutions to ask would be the GIZ programme on wastewater GIZ programme on wastewater (they have done quite some work on decentralised urban sanitation and septic tanks in northern Vietnam) or Sandec (they currently have a PhD student working on fecal sludge in Vietnam, perhaps they have more recent info on Hai Phong).

Best wishes, Florian]]>
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Re: Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning Frequency - by: vdamato
Check out this guidance document on septic tank performance that I did for the Water Environment Research Foundation a few years back: Factors Affecting the Performance of Primary Treatment in Decentralized Wastewater Systems. The Research Digest is the most detailed product. See pages 2 and 17, in particular.

Your observation of longer desludging intervals for relatively larger tanks is supported by published research. Theoretically, the longer sludge age should better facilitate methanogenesis and likewise, more complete treatment of organic cabon. Additionally, as has been stated, the rate of sludge accumulation will be lower since you will have more efficient digestion of the settled sludge. I personally support "oversizing" (relative to rule-of-thumb standards) septic tanks. I don't see any particular drawback and several potential benefits, although those benefits are not fully documented in the literature.

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Re: Faecal Management Enterprises (FaME) project - using dried faecal sludge as a solid biofuel in industrial kilns - Senegal, Uganda and Ghana - by: dorothee.spuhler
Moritz wrote:

Engagement of private enterprises:
Simply raising awareness on the “theoretical” benefits of using FS as a fuel is not sufficient to engage industries. We directly pointed out the benefits of using FS as a fuel in their industry by the calorific value study which proved that the energy potential of FS is comparable to other local biofuels. …

If it is too early that the argument of the calorific value is enough convincing for industries: are you already looking other arguments (e.g. working on external factors such as the legal framework)? Or do you assume that optimizing the production technology bringing costs down and efficiency up will do the job?]]>
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Re: Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning Frequency - by: pkjha
In an over sized septic tank -cleaned after 5-10 years, sludge at bottom of the tank becomes more compact. In such case tank can't be emptied through sludge pump.It requires manual labour to clean the bottom of the tank. In some cases such sludge is disintegrated applying forced water. It is a cumbersome process and there is unnecessary loss of water.Cost of such septic tank is obviously quite high. It discourages other people of the community to adopt this technology. In case of over size tanks, quality of effluent- in term of BOD, COD, suspended solids would be better in early months due to high retention time of the tank. However, at later stage -when the tanks are filled, quality of effluent would decrease considerably.
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Re: Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning Frequency - by: aasimmansuri
Following is a link to the page from where you may find more details on the Haiphong septage Management.

Hope its useful.

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Re: Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning Frequency - by: jonpar Faecal sludge management Wed, 09 Apr 2014 21:45:54 +0000 Re: Solar Sanitation for Fecal Sludge Management - by: AFoote
We've been very busy working on toilets, treatment, and transformation. Thank you to everyone who has given us inputs along the way.

We're very exited about our upcoming pilot in Kakuma refugee camp where we get an opportunity to pilot an entire alternative sanitation system in the camp from mobile toilets, to solar treatment, and our re-use method of making briquettes from treated human waste. With support we plan on scaling our work and bio-briquette production in Naivsaha.

Below is a link to our recent newsletter that goes into more detail (including pretty pictures!) if you're interested. Thanks for all your support!

Pictures such as these two:

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Re: Appropriate Septic tank Cleaning Frequency - by: cecile christoph wrote:
situations where no grey water goes to the septic tank help a lot (just practical observation by operating a fecal sludge truck, no scientific investigation)

@ Christoph : what could be the reason for this, Christoph ?
I would tend to think that on the contrary, if there is no grey water in the septic tank then the fluid inside the septic tank would be quite viscous and too thick to pump out. I have heard (but I haven't seen in directly) that in that case the desludging operators have to introduce (pressurised) water to facilitate the suction.

@Jonpar : the same system exists in Manila in the Philippines. I attached an extract of research and presentation (dates back to 2008)

Some time ago we had a discussion on the forum ( Effective Microorganisms in the form of additives / powders sold on the market and their efficiency on decreasing sludge formation at the bottom of the tanks and therefore spacing the clearing frequency. I talked about this with a decentralised sanitation technician who said he observed a very good effectiveness of the Eparcyl additive : one mechanical action because the powder is made of small solids, sort of small balls which are suspended in the liquid area of the sludge (media to fix bacteria) and contains biological agents which enhance the bacterial activity (yogourt type bacteria). Without being a magical treatment it seems that it does have a positive impact on the clearing frequency.


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Re: septage management in Haiphong - by: jonpar Faecal sludge management Mon, 07 Apr 2014 21:33:14 +0000 eVac - pit emptying device from South Africa with small vacuum pump - by: stevensugden Faecal sludge management Thu, 03 Apr 2014 07:43:32 +0000 Re: Looking for a Gulper in West Africa - by: stevensugden Faecal sludge management Thu, 03 Apr 2014 07:33:22 +0000 Re: Looking for a Gulper in West Africa - by: stevensugden Faecal sludge management Thu, 03 Apr 2014 07:28:56 +0000 Re: Waste to Energy Technical and Financial Analysis, India - by: suniliitian
Please share the link where these files are uploaded. I would also like to know your interest and work in municipal waste disposal. You can alternatively write to my email id -

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Re: Looking for a Gulper in West Africa - by: muench

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