Faecal waste: the next sanitation challenge – Water21 article

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Faecal waste: the next sanitation challenge – Water21 article

Dear All,

FSM made the cover of this month’s edition of the IWA magazine Water21, surely a sign of the growing recognition of our field and the need for FSM!

The edition can be downloaded for free at this link, and is also attached. The article can be found starting on page 16.

Faecal waste: the next sanitation challenge
The management of faecal sludge from onsite sanitation systems in many areas of the world has yet to be properly addressed, with subsequent impacts on human health and the environment. LINDA STRANDE, an editor and author of the new IWA Publishing book ‘Faecal Sludge Management – Systems Approach to Implementation and Operation’, explains how the importance of faecal sludge management is finally being acknowledged, introduces some of the unique challenges of working in the field, and looks at the steps required for sanitation to move forward.

Best regards,

Linda Strande, PhD
Senior Scientist
Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology
Sandec - Department of Water & Sanitation in Developing Countries

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