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Thank you for the message and showing interest in our work. At Latitude Festival, we were demonstrating the new Loowatt Event System, and the demo was free to try. We received a lot of positive feedback from users as well as event organisers. Please see our customer testimonial video:

For more information, please visit our website or contact us via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kind regards,
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Re: Mobile Luxury Loos - Loowatt Demonstrates the New Loowatt Event System at Latitude Festival 2014 (Great Britain) - by: ennoschroeder
thanks for sharing these infos and the nice pictures!

They look very nice and clean in such a festival environment.

Let me ask you a few questions:
  • Do people have to pay per use?
  • If yes, how much is that?
  • In the pictures you show a very nice container with two cubicles. Is that a pilot scale application? What is Loowatt's plan in terms of larger scale application?
  • What is the reaction of event managers towards your toilets?
  • What are you doing with the collected material?

Thanks for sharing your experiences and all the best!
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Re: Festival toilets in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany, ...) - by: Florent
I just would like to inform you that the annual meeting of mobil dry toilets renters which are RAE's members will take place in october (10/11/12) in south of france.

This is the "Réseau de l'Assainissement Ecologique" annual meeting which regroup around 20 mobil dry toilets renters engage in an durable and ecological by-products management.

So, some partners from belgium and switzerland join us every year and we would like to share more and more french experience about our practices.

you are welcome to join us even if our english speaking is not very easy.

You will find enclose the program of this week-end.

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Re: Festival toilets - by: muench
This is interesting - so you have found German large scale composting plants that are willing to take in the faecal matter from your festival toilets? I thought they normally reject that because they only take "green organic waste" from kitchens and gardens, but not material that might contain pathogens?
(see also this thread:

Please tell us more about which company you are collaborating with and how they got around any legal issues in Germany? What do they do with the finished compost afterwards?

Also, could you please post some photos from your toilets at the festivals?


P.S. I just spotted you in front of the camera while watching the end of the live stream from the SuSanA meeting! ]]>
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Re: Festival toilets - by: ennoschroeder
sorry for the silence. We just finished our festival season here and are now back in office.

As far as the composting process is concerned we are currently "outsourcing" the process to official composting plants as we didn't want to make mistakes in our first season.

We have already spent quite some time in investigating other composting options and are going to continue with that very soon. Seems to be good winter work

I will keep you updated.

Have a nice day,
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Re: Festival toilets - by: Pootopia The Environment Agency in UK took three years to give me the permit to do what we do. They in fact created a special document explicitly for us as there was no precedent for them to rule on. We gained approval in 2011 after three years of operation on the UK. The EA had full knowledge of what we were doing in that time and actually told us they would 'unofficially' allow us to do it until the paper work came through. The EA is not the fastest org in the world however they allowed us 'retro fit ' our practices to the new ruling. We are very proud of leading the pack in the UK and have taken this to new levels with over 1000 composting loos at Glastonbury in 2014.

We also have our brand new super flat packing loos that can fit 180 in a 40 ft container. These new loos can be set up with no or minimal tools at a rate of 20 per hour for a three to four person team..

We are always moving in terms of scale and so we have already developed a system to deal with large scale mass deposits. Our next development will be in line filters using bio char and reed beds for in situ liquid use.

2015 will see us across Europe in Germany, France, Croatia, POland and Malta! viva la revolootion.


Hamish Skermer]]>
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Re: Festival toilets - by: SusannahSoilet
Good to see you are working with Hamish who we had the pleasure of meeting for an evening a few years ago.

Are the German authorities permitting the vermicomposted waste from the Natural Event installations to be used on agricultural land? And if so, after what time scale and subject to any checks for pathogens?

As I recall, Hamish had clearance as to the safety of the system from the regulatory authorities in Victoria, Aus, but was facing obstacles from the UK/ EU ones. I would be delighted to learn that these had been overcome!

Susi Batstone]]>
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Re: Festival toilets - by: ennoschroeder I just want to add to your (Jürgen) initial question of this thread that since this year there is another start-up getting active in mobile composting loos on festivals - Natural Event Germany.
The name tells it: We are connected with Hamish Skermer's Natural Event and use the same toilet design.
Our concept is simple: Give people good and sustainable toilets and mix this with humour, art, music and education/awareness raising.
Despite being our first season we were able to be present on various events and festivals (e.g. Altonale, Habitat, M'era Luna, Highfield, Dockville and Freifeld) - and it is just amazing how good the feedback from both the users and organisers is - we did not anticipate this.
However, there is still quite some work to do in terms of convincing festival organisers to move away from the accepted state of the art = stinky portable loo.

If you are interested to see what we are doing please visit

There is also another thing which I would like to communicate here:

We are currently taking part in the SOCIAL IMPACT START AWARD 2014 - an award for Social Start-Ups where we can win 5.000 € for the further development of our project.
Since we are the only toilet guys in this competition we would really like to show people how attractive sanitation can be So, if you like, vote for us:

All the best!
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Mobile Luxury Loos - Loowatt Demonstrates the New Loowatt Event System at Latitude Festival 2014 (Great Britain) - by: vgardiner
Loowatt demonstrated the Loowatt Event System, a mobile off-grid, energy-generating luxury loo system, at Latitude Festival 17-20 July, 2014 in Henham Park, Suffolk. We were really excited to tell the public about our waterless, chemical-free luxury loos. To read more about the toilet system, please visit our website.

Excited festival-goers from around the world attended the family friendly and environmentally-conscious event.

The Loo Unit offers a clean, well-appointed interior including mirrors, porcelain sinks and LED lighting and is equipped with luxury soap and lotion.

We had customers queuing to experience the Loowatt Event System for free. The children especially loved our unique waterless “flushing” mechanism.

We estimate we saved around 8,000 liters of water during the festival. The Loowatt luxury loo is 100% waterless, using biodegradable liner to package the waste.

The Loowatt team was onsite nearby to answer any questions and to keep the toilets pristine.

Customers were impressed by the clean, odourless, and luxury experience. Read some of their testimonials below:

‘This is the best and most well conceived and executed idea and solution I have come across for a very long time. Clean, comfortable, innovative + well made = marvelous.’ – Geoffrey

‘Great! (There is) no smell of anything. Was lovely being in a sealed ‘cocoon’ & in a world of your own for a couple of minutes, much as I love being at this festival.’ – Phillipa

‘What a pleasant experience to have at a festival! Lovely clean toilets and such a unique system. Perfect for large events and after speaking to the representative – perfect for disaster areas where clean sanitation facilities are essential.’—Mhorag

Are you looking for off-grid luxury loos for your event or festival? Please contact us. We would love to hear from you.]]>
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Re: Fresh Life Toilet in Kenyan slums - improved urine-diverting squatting plate (Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya) - by: elizabethtilley
I should have been more clear in saying that I am NOT trying to offset the costs with any sort of recovered value, but am rather looking into ways in which the costs are feasible, fair, and acceptable to all members of the system.

It wasn't correct of me to say "very few ways" because actually, in my particular context, there are "no ways". More correct would have been to say that I have not found any ways to make the system cost neutral, and very few ways to optimize the payments between the customers and providers, such that we can maximize use and minimize operating costs.

I will definitely keep you posted once my results are ready to share!

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Re: Fresh Life Toilet in Kenyan slums - improved urine-diverting squatting plate (Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya) - by: Juergen
with regard to the increase in prices for "P", a look onto charts for the last decades and price development does not show an abnormal increase in these prices; rather, speculation spin-offs might play a bit, as with other raw materials.

unveils a bit of reality as opposed to hopes one might have for alternative sources for phosphate. The chart linked-in above displays prices for Moroccan raw material. A geologist's point of view: Morocco is leading exporter for phosphate, but not the only one. Significant resources can be found, e.g., in Spain and some other (north) African countries.

We should remain realistic with expectations, please. Collecting, transporting, processing and using urine in agriculture will, for the foreseeable future, remain dependent on low wages and low income in remote areas in -for the processing purpose- climatically appropriate regions.

Best regards,

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Re: Fresh Life Toilet in Kenyan slums - improved urine-diverting squatting plate (Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya) - by: muench
You raised some very pertinent questions in you post on 20 May 2014. From the answer by David I draw my own conclusion that there is no full cost-recovery with the Sanergy model in Kenya yet. It is on the one hand a bit disappointing but on the other hand not surprising, i.e. why should they be the only one worldwide who have found a way to make sanitation provision for the urban poor be able to support itself, solely based on fees, and without any government subsidies (or, in their case, external donor support or some other form of long-term investment)? I think it is simply not possible and need not necessarily be our aim either, as we are talking here about a public good - sanitation, public health (just like education).

You wrote:
I've been doing some modelling for my own research about how a urine collection and transport system can be sustainable and regardless of the scenarios (that I run) I find very few ways in which the income exceeds the costs (especially considering increasing labour and fuel prices).

What are actually these "very few ways"? I asume things like the scenario that fertiliser (phosphorus) prices go up a lot compared to now? That's actually the only one I can think of right now.

(Related thread to this is the VUNA project thread:

Oh and there was also a post by Kris on Smart Sanitation Subsidies which nobody has picked up on yet:

Kind regards,
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Re: Open discussion on MOSAN toilet design - by: JKMakowka

I doubt one could move a 200kg loaded rickshaw with all the hills (and badly maintained road-sides) here in Kampala though. Never the less, cheap and convenient transport is probably the missing link for a full sanitation service provision chain.]]>
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Re: Fresh Life Toilet in Kenyan slums - improved urine-diverting squatting plate (Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya) - by: elizabethtilley
I can totally understand: I've written to you directly and look forward to learning about whatever results you are able to share at this time.


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Re: Fresh Life Toilet in Kenyan slums - improved urine-diverting squatting plate (Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya) - by: Sanergy
Thanks for your email. We're in good touch with your team at EAWAG and would very much like to continue the conversation offline with you.


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