SuSanA - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:06:43 +0000 Kunena 1.6 SuSanA - Forum en-gb WASH jobs and consultancies (33) (week of 10/1/17) - by: JoshuaNewton Jobs:

1) WASH Manager – Medair (South Sudan): Until filled

2) Jordan nationals: Field Monitoring Coordinator – UNICEF (Jordan): 17 January

3) Jordan nationals: Field Monitoring Supervisor – UNICEF (Jordan): 17 January

4) Lebanon nationals: WASH Officer (Public Health) – UNICEF (Lebanon): 19 January

5) WASH Program Manager – Solidarités International (Bangladesh): Until filled

6) National WASH & Infrastructure Coordinator – Danish Refugee Council (Somalia): 27 January

7) WASH Coordinator – International Medical Corps (Yemen): Until filled

8 Innovation Project Specialist (WSEC) – UNICEF (Copenhagen): 23 January

9) WASH Programmes Coordinator – Human Appeal International (Iraq): 14 January

10) Program Manager (Sector Strengthening) – WaterAid Australia (Cambodia): 25 January

11) WASH Officer – The Water Trust (Uganda): 20 January

12) Humanitarian/WASH Officer – Oxfam America (Dakar): 31 January

13) Policy & Advocacy Program Coordinator – WaterAid America (Washington DC): 20 January

14) French speakers: Chef de projet WASH – Croix-Rouge Française (Haiti): 12 January

15) WASH Project Manager – Première Urgence Internationale (Ukraine): 31 January

16) WASH Mobile Implementation Officer – Médecins Sans Frontières (Various): 17 January

17) WASH Program Manager – Solidarités International (Turkey): Until filled

18) French speakers: Coordinateur Urgences/WASH – Solidarités International (CAR): Until filled

19) French speakers: Expert Humanitaire en WASH-Public Health – Oxfam Intermón (Various): 1 February 2017

20) WASH Technical Coordinator – ACTED (Yemen): Until filled

21) French speakers: Un(e) Responsable Technique WASH – Première Urgence Internationale (Cameroon): Until filled

22) Emergency WASH delegate - Croix-Rouge Française (Iraq): 31 January 2017

23) WASH and Shelter Programme Manager – Solidarités International (Lebanon): Until filled

24) WASH Activity Manager – Solidarités International (Myanmar): Until filled

25) French speakers: Chef de secteur Développement rural (EHA / Agriculture) – Inter Aide (France): 31 January 2017

26) Senior Consultant (WASH) – Oxford Policy Management (New Delhi): 27 January 2017

27) French speakers: Un Coordinateur Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène (H/F) – ACF (CAR): Until filled

28) French speakers: Coordinateur technique Infrastructure WASH – ACTED (Haiti): Until filled

29) Mid-Level Program Specialist in WASH – ME&A (Washington DC): 15 January 2017

30) Mozambique nationals: WASH Officer – UNICEF (Mozambique): 15 January 2017


31) Spanish speakers: Especialista en Agua y Saneamiento – UNOPS (Home-based): 12 January

32) DRC nationals: Consultant WASH (développement communautaire, suivi et supervision des activités dans les provinces intégrant le PNEVA) – UNICEF (DRC): 12 January

33) Congo nationals: Specialiste WASH – UNICEF (Congo): 16 January

For a complete list of all active water- and WASH-related jobs, please visit Josh's Water Jobs]]>
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PhD Scholarship: Field testing a novel waterless toilet - by: AParker
The PhD candidate will have particular responsibility for the day-to-day running of trials with potential users. This will include trials of the “front end” (flush and solid-liquid separation components) in both the UK and a selected low income country, and well as trials of the whole system (integrating the “back end” membrane and combustor elements) in the UK. The research will identify and quantify metrics of success for a novel toilet which will include technical performance and functionality, usability, and desirability. The findings will be fed back to the engineering and design teams so that iterative improvements to the toilet prototypes can be made. The ultimate aim of the research is to use data generated from human user trials to inform the successful development of sustainable toilet businesses which in turn meet the huge demand for sanitation services in the developing world. Understanding the impact of the toilet on women’s lives will be of particular importance.

The candidate should have a passion for increasing access of urban populations to good sanitation. Practical experience of working in the fields of either sanitation / wastewater treatment or human behavioural science is required, with an open mind to learning and integrating new disciplines. The student will be based at Cranfield University in the Cranfield Water Science Institute but will be expected to travel and study internationally.

Interview date: 10th February in the afternoon (UK time) either in person or by Skype.

Application deadline: 06 Feb 2017
Start date: 20 Mar 2017
Duration of award: 3 years
Eligibility: EU, UK, Rest of World
Reference numberCRAN1189


Dr Alison Parker
Prof Sean Tyrrel

Entry requirements:

Applicants should have a first or upper second class UK honours degree or equivalent. We will consider candidates with backgrounds in science, engineering, psychology, human geography, social science or similar disciplines. It is important that applicants can make a case to explain the relevance of their academic background to sanitation technology development and their willingness to work in a multi-disciplinary team and their interest in cross-disciplinary research. The ideal candidate would have experience of working in a low income country and should expect to spend significant periods outside of the UK during this project. The candidate should be self-motivated, highly independent, and have excellent communication skills.


Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this studentship will provide a bursary of £18,000 p.a. (tax free) plus fees for three years

Doctoral Training Centre:

This higher research degree is associated with Cranfield’s Thematic Doctoral Training Centres which provides a focal point for engagement and academic discussion for all students involved in research at Cranfield. It aims to encourage an effective and vibrant research culture, founded upon the diversity of activities and knowledge. A tailored programme of seminars and events alongside our Doctoral Researchers Core Development programme, provide those studying a research degree with a wealth of social and networking opportunities with Cranfield’s wider research community.

How to apply:

For further information please contact: Alison Parker This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are eligible to apply for this research studentship, please complete the online application application form]]>
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Re: Knowledge and Network Officer- Sanitation - by: muench
By the way, the position by Oxfam has now been filled with Esther Shaylor. You can see her forum profile here and she's bound to make more posts in future and be in touch with SuSanA working group leads and members:

What you said about the person for this project being located in a developing country: the same thought process also took place with us which is why the project manager position for this project was advertised to be located in Nairobi, Kenya (with the SEI Kenya office). See here:

I believe that job ad has closed now and applicants are being interviewed so we'll see who has been found.

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Research Fellows to support the development of Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet - by: AParker
Hours of work: 37 hours, normally worked Monday to Friday
Fixed Term contract: Until 30th November 2018
Salary: £31,620 to £35,244 per annum (dependant on qualifications and experience)
Deadline: 15th January 2017

Research Fellow in Sanitation System Technology, Ref No: 2360
The objective of the post is to manage the human user testing phase for the emerging toilet prototypes. This will involve trials in the UK and in at least one low income country. The research will involve all aspects of the testing of a novel sanitation technology ranging from the planning and execution of experiments, assessing user reaction to the new technology, analysis and interpretation of data, and collaboration with our team of designers who are building and improving prototype designs. You must have experience of, or be enthusiastic about, practical work in the field of sanitation technology. This includes undertaking experiments with human excreta and discussing sanitation behaviours and attitudes to sanitation with colleagues and with human users. You will have a PhD (or be close to completion) in wastewater or sanitation process science or social science (with a focus on human behavioural science). You will have extensive experience of designing experimental test rigs and conducting trials using experimental test rigs, or extensive experience of practical human behavioural science. You will have practical experience of sanitation projects, working with wastewater / human excreta and international development. For an informal discussion regarding this position, please contact Sean Tyrrel, Tel: 01234 758320, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Expected interview date: 6th February 2017
For more see:

Research Fellow in Membrane Science Ref No: 2365
You will become part of the membrane research team at Cranfield. The team have previously demonstrated an innovative energy efficient membrane system for water recovery from faecally contaminated urine. You will be responsible for upscaling and testing this innovative membrane process as a fully integrated system. You must also collaborate and support other researchers to deliver a host of modularised membrane based architectures (pressure, thermal, and electrochemically driven) to sufficient maturity for full-scale field testing. You will have a PhD (or be close to completion) in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or related discipline, or the equivalent in professional qualifications and experience. You will have extensive research experience in membrane technology or membrane science, as well as in building and testing laboratory and pilot scale membrane technology and technology diagnosis, design iteration and improvement. You must have sound knowledge of Membrane Separation Technology in the context of both development and application and a close understanding of the contemporary challenges facing the Water sector, and practical knowledge of the design and implementation of laboratory and pilot scale reactors. For an informal discussion regarding this position, please contact Dr Ewan McAdam, Tel: 01234 754546, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Expected Interview date: 2nd February 2017
For more see:

Research Fellow in Systems Integration (ref No 2364)
The overall goal of this project phase is to produce a Whole System Prototype. To achieve this goal it will be necessary to bring the Back End of the toilet (the urine and faeces processing system) to the same level of maturity as the Front End i.e. an integrated working porotype that can be tested safely by human users. The Front End will also go through a process of rigorous human user testing in the UK and internationally (including in people’s homes) and iterative evolution to take it to a more advanced stage of development. You will be educated to doctoral level in Mechanical, Structural, Structural Integrity or related discipline, or the equivalent in professional qualifications and experience, and will be fluent in analytical and numerical modelling and methods, and able to develop new ones, alongside extensive experience of designing, building and testing pre-production prototype devices. Experience of numerical modelling would be an advantage. Communication skills, particularly a demonstrated ability to publish in high-quality journals and conferences is essential in addition to excellent presentation skills. An ability to conduct research within a multidisciplinary and multicultural team is essential as is a positive attitude to internal and external collaborations. Due to the requirement to travel nationally, and internationally for conferences, client meetings etc. you should have no travel restrictions. For an informal discussion, please contact Dr Athanasios Kolios, on +44 (0)1234 754631 or (E); This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Interview date: 1st February 2017
For more see:

Research Fellow in Mechanical Design Engineering, Ref No: 2361
You will be working within a dynamic design and scientific team with a focus on developing sophisticated parts, mechanical components and assemblies which can be used to translate learnings from research into tangible, testable ideas and prototypical solutions. You will have a PhD (or be close to completion) in engineering or product design related discipline and ideally have explored industrial design engineering or mechanical design during your PhD. You must have experience in designing and running rigs, data gathering and validation, and be proficient in CAD and have experience of designing low and high fidelity prototypes. A knowledge of industrial design engineering and technology development is essential. Knowledge of innovation and design-thinking practices is expected. For an informal discussion regarding this position, please contact Dr Matt Collins, Tel: 01234 752141, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Expected Interview Date: 7th February 2017
For more see:

Research Fellow in Control System Engineering, Ref No 2359
You will be working within a dynamic design and scientific team with a focus on developing electrical control systems which can be used to monitor, control and capture research data throughout a developing system. You must have a PhD (or be close to completion) in system control or related discipline and ideally have explored design, technology, electronics engineering or innovation related discipline during your PhD. You must also have experience of developing technology based prototypes and of applying a broad range of qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. You will be proficient at building electronic control and monitoring systems. Knowledge of innovation and design-thinking practices is expected.For an informal discussion regarding this position, please contact Dr Matt Collins, Tel: +44 (0)1234 752141, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Expected interview date: 3rd February 2017
For more see:]]>
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Reply: Internship with Cairn Foundation - by: Mnyororo Jobs, consultancies, internships Sat, 10 Dec 2016 11:54:30 +0000 Re: Internship with Cairn Foundation - by: dannyogwo Daniel]]> Jobs, consultancies, internships Thu, 08 Dec 2016 15:46:01 +0000 WSUP Consultancy call: Evaluation of Urban WASH Sector Functionality, 2016-2020 - by: Guy Evaluation of Urban WASH Sector Functionality in WSUP Programme Countries, 2016-2020

Budget: Up to £160,000 including costs and all taxes inclusive of VAT
Deadline for bids: Wednesday 14 December 2016 at UK 1700 hours

WSUP seeks a consultant to support an urban WASH sector functionality assessment process in six countries.

Specifically, the Consultant will be required a) to finalise WSUP’s existing urban WASH sector functionality framework, creating rating scales for each of the 30 items of this framework; b) to lead assessment of urban WASH sector functionality in WSUP’s six focus countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Zambia), through a process probably centred around two-day in-country workshops in early 2017 and late 2020, with a probable remote mid-term assessment in late 2018 or early 2019; and c) in parallel with this process, to additionally assess WSUP’s contribution to any observed change in sector functionality at mid-term and in 2020, as a key process of independent evaluation of WSUP’s performance under its grant from DFID 2016-2020.

Maximum total budget (inclusive of expenses and taxes including VAT) is GBP 160,000. This is necessarily an urgent procurement, with start-up in January/early February 2017 necessary in order to be ready for the first in-country workshops planned for March 2017.

Bid submission deadline is 1700 UK time on Wednesday 14 December. Bid format has been designed to be relatively simple and non-onerous. We are happy to respond to clarification queries.

Please see the Terms of Reference attached for bid submission details and more information.

Further details, including the WSUP Expenses Policy and Standard Consultancy Contracts are available here]]>
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Looking for new colleagues at UNESCO-IHE! Closing date December 12, 2016 - by: MRonteltap
(I'll be extra careful with the links this time..!)

We have a very exciting announcement to make - we're looking for new colleagues! Please check out the following two announcements: we need one lecturer in the field of Sanitary Engineering (more "classic" wastewater treatment oriented), and two in the field of Sanitation, to help us with the development of the new MSc in Sanitation - and beyond!

1: 2 Lecturers in Sanitation:
2: 1 Lecturer in Sanitary Engineering:

Feel free to contact me or my colleagues in a personal message in case something is not yet clear about the vacancies. Looking forward to your application!

All the best, Mariska.

Some background about the new project:
UNESCO-IHE received a grant to strengthen human resources in sanitation via postgraduate education and professional training. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant will accelerate the impact of education and training on sanitation. The grant will be primarily used to develop and implement a new Professional Master of Science Programme in Non-Sewered Sanitation, jointly with partners from South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

The new programme will be developed and provided by world experts from both academia and practice and will be simultaneously delivered at several partner universities. The project will also include an expansion of the current UNESCO-IHE Graduate Professional Diploma Program in Sanitation, in terms of both content and scope and will ensure its adoption by several partner institutions worldwide.

Among beneficiaries of the grant will be recipients of scholarships. The programme will yield several hundreds of educated and trained sanitation professionals, who will help people, particularly those with the greatest needs, to lead healthy, productive lives.
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Internship with Cairn Foundation - Cairn Centre of Excellence (CCOE) at Jodhpur, India - by: sidharth Duration – ~ 2 months

Brief about the Projects:
Among our most significant programs are the ‘Safe Drinking Water’ initiative, which will be among the largest CSR water projects in the world impacting over a million people at full sacale under which over 300 water purification units are being established in Barmer; a large-scale ‘Household Sanitation’ project under which Cairn India is constructing 20,000 toilets in Barmer and our flagship ‘Skills Centre’, the Cairn Centre of Excellence (CCOE) at Jodhpur, a state-of-the-art training centre spread over 12 acres.

Accommodation –
Cairn will facilitate accommodation and food as far as possible for international interns.

General guidelines for internship:
a. The intern would be responsible to abide with the rules and regulations
b. The internship will be with Cairn Foundation (a registered not-for-profit Society
c. The intern is expected to be based at site location and have maximum field exposure,
d. The intern is expected to understand the job requirement and deliver with a concrete output which is measurable.
e. The internship would be for 6-8 weeks
f. Based on the performance the internship duration may be increased or can be terminated
g. There is a strict non-smoking, non-drinking policy on all facilities and needs very strict adherence
h. The intern should be ready to move (commute locally) as per the requirement of the project.
• Reporting and Project Guidance: Sidharth Balakrishna
Performance Evaluation:
• The intern would be measured clearly on the set effort as well as result indicators from his assigned job.
• At the end of the session (internship duration), the intern is expected to make a presentation of the key finding and his contribution to the senior management.
• On successful completion of the internship, the final report will need to be submitted.
• Post submission of final report, the intern will be award a certificate from Cairn Foundation
Job Description for:

A. Safe drinking water initiative and Sanitation
The intern is expected to develop an understanding about the project and contribute his share in the following manner –
a. Under Demand Creation –
The intern would be very closely working with the implementing partner field team to ensure-
i. Awareness creation
ii. Increasing the customer registration
iii. Increasing water sales
iv. To drive distribution mechanism for increase sales and ensuring better penetration for community reach.
v. Ensuring IEC activities are carried out effectively .
vi. Driving usage of constructed toilets
vii. Overseeing work of the partner agencies

b. Strategic Communication –
i. The intern would be responsible to suggest best practices that can be implemented on ground to improve the project impact,
ii. The intern would be responsible to suggest innovative measures to improve project visibility, awareness and community ownership for the project.

c. Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting –
i. The intern will be responsible to develop a monitoring mechanism (as well as indicators) to ensure project progress,
ii. The intern would be responsible to visit all the operational plants to report the project performance. Based on the field inputs, suggest measure to improve performance.
iii. The intern shall be submitting a weekly report highlighting his contribution to the project.]]>
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Re: WSUP Consultancy Call: Situation analysis of the urban sanitation sector in three countries (Bangladesh, Ghana and Kenya) - by: reynolds I am from Ghana and currently in Ghana. I would be grateful if i could be part of this research opportunity.
Thank you for your cooperation.]]>
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Re: Looking for a job in WASH? - Check out Josh’s Water Jobs - by: Mackjo
Congratulations for the good work done.
We are ready to receive all job advertisements.

With regards!

Dr. Joseph Makaya
University of Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso]]>
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WSUP Research Call: Scoping study for development of a sanitation investment planning tool (Bangladesh) - by: Guy Scoping study for development of a sanitation investment planning tool (Bangladesh)

Budget: Up to £80,000 including costs and all taxes inclusive of VAT
Release date: 18 November 2016
Deadline for bids: Sunday 11 December 2016 at UK 2400 hours

WSUP seeks a research institution or other research partner to carry out an urgent piece of research in Bangladesh. We are looking for a research team who can carry out high-quality work that is rooted in and useful to the local policy context, but that also leads to publication of findings in a respected peer-reviewed journal. Lead bidders may be based in Bangladesh or outside Bangladesh.

BACKGROUND: This Call forms part of the first set of Calls released under WSUP’s Urban Sanitation Research Programme 2016-2020, core-funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development (Research & Evidence Division, RED). This first set of Calls is for three small pieces of start-up research; further Calls are anticipated in 2017, following more extensive processes of in-country consultation. Since this is urgent start-up research, we note that the basic design is relatively constrained at the Call stage; future Calls may be more open in scope. Further, the research topics in this first Call are not necessarily indicative of focus topics in subsequent Calls.

AIMS: This research project will be a preliminary study to assess what type of sanitation investment planning tool might be of value to support sanitation improvements for low-income urban communities. The research will be carried out in the example context of Rangpur, a city of about 0.7m people in northern Bangladesh.

TIMELINES: This is urgent in view of WSUP’s desire to start up three small pieces of research immediately within the wider programme. Final deliverables are due 31 August 2017, but an inception report and a preliminary report are due 30 January 2017, and an interim report is due 15 April 2017. Thus this work will require rapid start-up.

DEADLINE: Bids are due before midnight (UK 2400 hours) of Sunday 11 December 2016.

Please send bids (as per format indicated in Call) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Sunday, 11 December 2016 at UK 2400 hours. We are aware that this is a tight timeline, but we note that bid format is simple and non-onerous. We are happy to respond to clarification queries before bid submission: for more details and the full Research Call, see the WSUP website.]]>
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In French: Mali: Stages d'activité (internships) - by: CNCIEPA
Dans l’intérêt de contribuer au renforcement des ressources humaines dans le secteur de l’Eau Potable et l’Assainissement (EAPA) la CN-CIEPA/WASH offre des stages d’activité aux jeunes professionnels.

Ces stages permettront aux stagiaires de se familiariser avec le milieu professionnel dans le secteur de l’Eau Potable et l’Assainissement et d'y mettre en application leurs connaissances. Mais aussi de valider et préciser leur projet professionnel ou encore de prendre des contacts pour se constituer son réseau professionnel.

Vous trouverez les TdR sur ce lien:…/contact/jobs/

Envoyez votre candidature par e-mail à contact(a), objet : stage d’activité]]>
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In French: Chargé/e de la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de communication / responsable des relations publiques (Mali) - by: CNCIEPA
Votre Mission:
Le/La responsable des relations publiques veille à la mise en œuvre de la stratégie et du plan de communication de la CN-CIEPA/WASH.
Les tâches spécifiques sont :
• rédiger le bulletin bimensuel (newsletter) de la
• participer aux réunions d’équipe
• rédiger et/ou corriger tous textes publicitaires
• contrôler le respect de la charte graphique (signatures
e-Mail, modèles, etc.)
• veiller à la conformité des images
• briguer une langue accessible à tous (langue facile)
• actualiser régulièrement la page web et
tenir à jour la page facebook de la CN-CIEPA/WASH
• archiver les photos
• resauter avec des journalistes
• surveiller le processus de production des matériels Relations
Publiques (auto-collants, support publicitaire)
• collecter tous les articles de presse sur la CN-CIEPA/WASH
• actualiser le plan de communication, assurer son application
et fournir un rapport d’évaluation à la fin de l’année

Votre Profil :
• Niveau minimum d’instruction : Diplôme universitaire; formation
en relation avec la communication ou tout autre domaine
• Une expérience minimale de deux ans dans le domaine de la
presse, de la communication publique ou de la communication
dans le domaine de l’Eau Potable
• Haute compétence de communication et de rédaction des
textes; de l’ élaboration des documents et d’ autres produits
• Excellente maitrise orale et écrite de la langue française; bonne
connaissance de la langue anlaise ; une maitrise de la langue
allemande serait un atout
• Excellente maîtrise de MS Office (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint)
et de l’utilisation pratique des moyens de télécommunication

Période : Janvier, mars, mai, juillet, septembre, novembre 2017.
Honoraires : 70 000 F CFA / mois

Le dossier de candidature doit comprendre:
rriculum vitae, lettre de candidature, copies scannées des diplômes ;

Envoyez votre candidature par e-mail à contact(a)…/contact/jobs/]]>
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SEI Senior Project Manager SuSanA Phase 3 Development (Nairobi, Kenya) - by: arno SEI Senior Project Manager SuSanA Phase 3 Development

Monday, 14 November 2016 12:11

Duration: 3 years to Dec 2019 (6 months’ probation period); contract subject to extension by the funder in Oct 2017 based on satisfactory project performance
Salary range: Competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with experience
Start date: February 2017
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Application deadline: 4 December 2016
Open to: Applicants worldwide

SEI’s Africa Centre seeks a Senior Project Manager during the 3-year period of support provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to further develop the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), a global knowledge management platform: and
The successful candidate will lead the consortium, report to the SEI Africa Centre Director for local operations and liaise with the SuSanA project team at SEI Stockholm.

This position is open to candidates from the global South (Africa, Latin America and Asia). i.e. the majority of worktime and personal life in one or more developing countries.

About the SuSanA project
This knowledge management platform development project is led by Stockholm Environment Institute and implemented by a consortium that includes the German International Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ), WaterAid and Oxfam, as well as specialized additional consultants.

The project will have three key outcomes:
Improved use of SuSanA Platform by identified target groups, through a clear communications plan and platform improvements;
Demonstrable improvements in the impact that use of the SuSanA Platform has on members’ work in sanitation;
Strengthened governance and institutional sustainability of SuSanA as reflected in an operational plan that includes a plan for funding the budget needed to assure the future of SuSanA.

Job responsibilities
Project leadership and operational responsibility;
Frequent internal communications and meetings within the consortium to monitor progress and to steer the project – following work plans for each consortium member;
Day to day Project Management assisted by SEI employees;
Assistance in writing of the Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan;
Assistance in implementation of the above plan;
Liaison with the SuSanA secretariat (along with the Project Senior Advisor);
Strategic outreach with SuSanA partners to build linkages and collaborations (in a chosen region eg East Africa);
Building of alliances with future funding sources for SuSanA;
Co-chair of the Project Advisory Board (alongside co-chair SuSanA Secretariat);
Representation of the project to provide senior and high profile exposure targeted according to the Communications Strategy;
Collaboration with the Secretariat in executing networking campaigns in the new SuSanA regional chapters (India and MENA); and
Liaison with the Gates Foundation

Essential qualifications
Masters or Ph.D. in sanitation or a related field (NOTE: a Master’s degree must be complemented by a minimum of five years of experience in a strong implementation, research or policy organization);
Fluency in spoken and written English;
Proven experience and dedicated interest in knowledge management and communications;
Proven experience working in the thematic areas of sanitation, hygiene or water in the global South;
Proven experience in policy-relevant and interdisciplinary research;
Experience and proven ability to work in international, multi-disiplinary research teams;
Proven track record of managing programmes;
Knowledge and capability to analyse policies and programmes in the context of sanitation governance;
Ability to prepare articles, policy briefs, working papers and other publications;
Ability to coordinate workshops, manage publications and supervise interns;
Ability to represent SEI at a senior level at formal meetings with partner organisations;
Ability to work independently, without much instruction from the management, as well as being comfortable working in international teams in a virtual environment, both as team leader and as team member; and
Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills for both technical and public audiences.

Desirable attributes
Familiarity with SuSanA and other similar knowledge and communities of practice;
Fluency or working ability in French, Spanish and/or other relevant languages;
Experience liaising with funding agencies;
Experience in capacity-building activities;
Track record of publications on sanitation, hygiene and/or water issues in peer-reviewed journals and/or scientific reports; and
Comfortable with detailed analysis and fieldwork to support research.

Please submit your application on line:

Applications sent via e-mail will not be accepted. Applications must be written in English and arrive at SEI as soon as possible but no later than the 4th of December, 2016. Attachments must be in PDF or Word format and should consist of a cover letter (maximum 1 page) and a CV.

Inquiries concerning the content of the position can be directed to Kim Andersson ( or or Stacey Noel, SEI Africa Centre Director (]]>
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