Forum navigation, is it easy or not - and have our recent improvements made things better?

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Forum navigation, is it easy or not - and have our recent improvements made things better?

Hi All

As you hopefully have noticed we have made a few small changes in the forum yesterday and today, in an effort to improve user navigation in the forum - particularly for first-time forum users and newcomers:
  • We have added permanent labels under the category icons, so you know which icon leads to which category.
  • We added the category icons next to the individual threads in the Recent Posts panel (on the left of each thread). We hope that this allows you to get a quick visual overview of the category of each new post. This should make it easier to keep a close(r) eye on the category that you are particularly interested in, with a quick glance.
  • We have added blue "top" and "bottom" buttons at the end of each post to make it easier to jump up and down long discussion threads.
If you like or dislike some of these changes please reply to this post, and - as always - if you want further changes to help with navigation, please give us your suggestions as well by answering this post. We are particularly interested in small incremental improvements that are easy to program for our IT developer. So please do keep your suggestions coming.


Trevor Surridge
Sanitation Advisor
GIZ Water and Sanitation Program
German Development Cooperation

GIZ Water Programme office
Chaholi Rd. No 5, Rhodes Park
Private Bag RW 37x
Lusaka, Zambia
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Re: Forum navigation, is it easy or not - and have our recent improvements made things better?

Dear Trevor,

While the new changes are interesting, I do not quite like one aspect of the forum's mail. It goes like this:

When we get the forum's post/email in our inbox, and click on a heading, it leads to its link "BELOW" the post. When we click that link below, it opens up in a new window.

Would it be possible to delete the second step of going below the post, and instead, the link should open up, at its first click, directly in a new window, as is done in almost all the posts I get (WHO, UNEP, Circle of Blue, Pacific Institute, ADB, etc, etc.)


F H Mughal

F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
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Re: Forum navigation, is it easy or not - and have our recent improvements made things better?

Dear Mughal,

Thank you for bringing up this issue, and apologies for the delayed response to your feedback!

We have chosen to have this feature (when you click on a link in a digest email it goes further down in the email, not directly to the online page) to facilitate reading for people who are offline to read the post in the email, rather than lead directly to the forum, which requires internet connection.

Because the content of the posts is important, we have left it this way so that people with limited internet connections still have access to the post content and information, although it is one more step for those with internet access.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement on this feature!

Kind regards,


Posted by a member of the SuSanA secretariat held by the GIZ Sustainable sanitation sector program
Located at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
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