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Jonathan, thank you for your comment. We added it to the list of other comments, which are going to be discussed and added to the second version of the flyer.

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Tue, 02 Sep 2014 09:38:42 +0000
Re: "Most progressive water utility in Africa” wins 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award - by: scottchen Thank you for the detailed information given to me.
It is hilly area and the households have enough space for the gardening work. The urine can be used for growing vegetables where can be grown throughout the year.
If there were an research opportunity for the reuse of urine and dried feaces, i would like to go there to demonstrate my practice to them.
best wishes
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Fri, 22 Aug 2014 09:03:17 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: jonpar [Page 2 of the discussion]

Hi Friederike,

It looks great... well done to you and your colleagues at SuSanA.

One comment/observation..

In the section "What is SuSanA?", we say " is an open network with members who are dedicated to understanding viable and sustainable sanitation solutions".. whereas later in the section "Who can join?" we say, ..." understanding and PROMOTING sustainable sanitation solutions".

In the first sentence, I think we should also stress that SuSanA is about promoting as well as understanding. I also wonder whether it is necessary to say "viable and sustainable" when the definition of sustainable incorporates viability but the first comment is more important as SuSanA is a community who are keen to learn/understand so as to improve practice and influence policy.

best regards,

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:19:51 +0000
The new SuSanA Flyer - Final - by: Friederike
Thank you all for your comments and useful input resgarding the new SuSanA flyer. We are happy to tell you that the flyer is now in the process of being printed and that we were able to include a lot of your suggestions for improvement.

For example we changed the order of the photos; it has now a more logical flow, as it shows bad sanitation situations on the left and good ones on the right.
We also removed a large part of the pipework in the schematic on the front of the flyer, as it was suggested by several users. Additionally we made some small text changes and other formatting improvements.

I hope you like these changes, which were made just in time before the Stockholm World Water Week. The final version of the flyer this is now being printed is attached below.

All further comments - that we were not able to address yet due to time constraints - will still be discussed, elaborated and worked into the second version of the flyer. Therefore you are still very welcome to give feedback and suggestions, as we will continue working on the SuSanA flyer.

Friederike and Elisabeth]]>
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:50:22 +0000
"Most progressive water utility in Africa” wins 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award - by: morgan By SuSanA secretariat or core group Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:29:47 +0000 Re: "Most progressive water utility in Africa” wins 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award - by: muench
No, that large-scale UDDT implementation that the eThekwini municipality has done (which Arno mentioned above), does not include any reuse activities.

It is all described here in this SuSanA case study:

At that time in 2011 it was 75,000 toilets. Arno said it is 100,000 now (although I haven't seen that figure confirmed).

I was involved in writing this document and we asked several questions about the reuse side.

I copy here from the document (see page 6):

Although EWS is not advocating the use of dried or
composted faecal matter or urine as a soil conditioner or
fertiliser at this stage, this is something that could change in
the future, through the completion of further studies and field
tests in eThekwini as well as from sensitising and informing
the UDDT users about the opportunities that reuse could offer
Gardening activities are apparently not very popular in this
area. (Why ?)

I could never really figure out why gardening activities at household level are not popular in this area, which is why the document still includes the "Why?" question.

Perhaps Chris Buckley would like to give us more insight (now 3 years later after the case study was written).

A related research project (which is making use of the collected urine for research purposes) is the VUNA project which we have discussed in detail here:

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Wed, 20 Aug 2014 04:08:51 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: Carol McCreary
I'm sure that when all the flyer for World Water Week is done, key elements elements can be arranged on a flat page. Happy to help make a simple flat printable flyer so SuSanA partners can tell others where to get the best information. We get inquiries all the time. At the same time, it's nice to reply to inquiries and introduce SuSanA with links that take people to exactly what they are looking for.

Re the logos, great to see them anchoring web pages!]]>
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Wed, 20 Aug 2014 00:03:45 +0000
Re: "Most progressive water utility in Africa” wins 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award - by: scottchen Congratulations! It is the largest scale UDDTs in the world. Has the waste been turned into money?
best regards
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Tue, 19 Aug 2014 18:30:31 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: Wolfgang Berger
You combine a very different impression with the UDDT picture, as I do. Interesting!

My attempt to understand the sequence of pictures in the flyer(not only the one picture), resulted in demonstrating a waste water discharge for growing plants (the "story" I mentioned before). A logical sequence may begin e.g. with pictures from an open sewer(as in the flyer), an information meeting with stakeholders, the construction of a sanitary installation, completion, operation and treatment as well as utilization of the final products for crop production. So it is a matter of order, too.

It is not relevant whether the toilet is run with or without water, but to develop an approach that turns the initial problematic situation towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

I will gladly help to find the right pictures. I hope there are also suggestions of other forum members.
Best regards

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Fri, 15 Aug 2014 17:05:58 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: muench
Hah, that's funny you think someone could think the photo is showing flooding with wastewater for crop production? That had never occurred to me.
The photo was actually used on this page in the past:

to illustrate a seminar on Learning from WASH System Failures: Resilient Risk Reduction (see also:

UDDT withstanding Cyclone Aila 2009 by Sustainable sanitation, on Flickr

I like it because it does show how a UDDT can be used in flood-prone areas, but only insiders will know that it's a UDDT.

In any case, we are open to other photos. So if you have photos that you would like to suggest for this kind of flyer (or for the new SuSanA website), please don't hesitate to post the photo here or to send it in by e-mail (or to send me the link on flickr if it's already in our flickr database of 10,000 photos). It needs to be quite good resolution though, around 1 MB.

These are the photos we have currently selected for the flyer:

Looking forward to seeing your photo suggestions.

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Fri, 15 Aug 2014 15:12:13 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: Wolfgang Berger
It can be any kind of toilet that demonstrates our intention. The picture showing a small building in the middle of a flooding area is not a symbol for a toilet. Only you and several hundred other specialists know that there is a UDDT inside.

Concerning my intention to make conscious of recycling human excrements by hygienic treatment for crop production: The information I get from the pictures is that untreated waste water is used for crop production...

The flyer is made for non-specialists, I suppose, who accidentally come into contact with sustainable sanitation solutions and/or who want to deepen the subject. They should be be made curious by illustrations, they can understand.

Best regards
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Fri, 15 Aug 2014 08:27:19 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: muench
Thank you very much for all your comments on the flyer on the forum and by e-mail. We are currently busy evaluating them all; I have split them into "things that can be addressed easily" (for the planned print run for the Stockholm World Water Week) and "things that will need further discussion" (for a possible further version to be done up later in the year). It is certainly interesting to see the different perspectives!

One thing that might be important to mention (in the direction of Chris and Wolfgang): as much as I like UDDTs and composting toilets (and reuse), we are very mindful that they should not in any way "dominate" the flyer, because we feel that it's important that SuSanA is seen as a very broad alliance, where (almost) any type of sanitation system (be it dry or wet, reuse oriented or not, with pipes or without) can have a place, provided it aims for sustainability. That's why I would not include a close up of a composting toilet or a UDDT or even a UDDT schematic. Already the flyer does include one photo of a UDDT (that picture with the flooding in Bangladesh) and it does include one reuse activitiy photo (spinach with Annie; photo by Peter).

(but I do agree that the one schematic is showing too many pipes; this was an artist's impression, I am going to suggest to remove all or most of the pipes)

Carol: As to upgrading the old flyer: We thought about that but we couldn't get our heads around what to do about the logos. The old flyer was printed in 2012 and we had only 170 logos on there. Now we have around 230 - how to get all those logos onto a flyer? That's why we opted to have no logos on the new flyer.

The new flyer will not be printed on A4 paper but needs paper a bit larger than A4, so that it can be folded correctly (like an altar). Once we have them delievered, I will post a photo here so that you know what it looks like.

But I agree with you, Carol, that we will have to think about creating a version that people can easily print on normal printers that only take A4 paper.


(nearly the same time zone as you, Carol: in Toronto for a few weeks)]]>
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:26:01 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: Carol McCreary

At large events like World Water Week you definitely need a colorful print flyer that makes people want to open it and read it. The "altar" folding very much contributes to that.

But for partners who want to promote the SuSanA library and Forum, something that we can print out ourselves is useful.

Has the secretariat thought of taking basic elements from the new 8-panel flyer and putting them into a simple two panel rack card? Then members and groups could print out copies as needed, or even attach as pdfs.]]>
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:40:29 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: canaday
I agree with Mughal and Wolfgang.
// The graphics only show large, piped systems (which many of us consider less sustainable compared to decentralized, dry systems). I especially question the disorganized, huge pipes under the public park (and cementary?) on Page 1. Plus the words under the ground largely repeat the names of the work groups. This graph could be replaced by my next point.
// It would be great to include a simple and effective UDDT (which could be presented as a true cycle, see below).
// The blue cycle on Page 2 includes the word disposal and thus stops being a cycle. On further examination, it is not actually a cycle, but instead everything collides on reuse or disposal (!), thus this is shows the conventional, linear, throw-away thinking, disguised as cyclical. It also says interface, but shows no interface. I would say that this graphic does not make much sense, its print is too small, and should be revised to give a clear, simple message. If the goal is to name the working groups, this could be a simple list, with interesting graphics next to each. I would suggest that if it is presented as a cycle, it should be a cycle.
// The globe on Page 1 adds little or no content. I support Mughal's suggestion that this graphic include real data on membership (even if not flattened out to show the whole world).
// The graph showing increase in membership could also show increase in messages.
// A brief list of some of the more interesting or provocative subjects of messages may be worthwhile to include.
// What do you think about adding: Everyone is welcome and we would especially like to invite more psychologists, marketers, epidemiologists, agronomists, green builders, futurists, and tinkerers (and any other fields that we feel are under-represented)?

When people visit the website for the first time, is there an easy way for them to browse the most popular messages? This should be feasible combining the number of likes and the number of views.

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday]]>
By SuSanA secretariat or core group Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:42:12 +0000
Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - by: Wolfgang Berger
Thank you for presenting the new flyer and for giving us the opportunity to comment. is, among others, a pool of project presentations, scientific reports and guidelines on training and education, but also of information and discussion of practical ideas and improvements for sanitary solutions. However, our eyes capture information fastest by pictures, as you know. My impression at first glance is that the pictures of the new flyer show more deficiencies than solutions. I am missing a picture e.g. of a simple and nice dry toilet and maybe a picture of the final product, so that the connection to the plant photos can be made more obvious.

The pictures may tell a story and even may be recognized by people who do not read?
Best regards

By SuSanA secretariat or core group Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:50:26 +0000