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Thank you, Jonathan. PROMOTING and UNDERSTANDING are two different things. The final wording "dedicated to ADVANCING sustainable sanitation systems" makes sense.

I don't have the brains or years left to educate myself to your level of understanding. But I have enough understanding to know how important it is to promote your work and that of others. Plus it's rather fun hanging out on the shoulders of giants.

By the way, we're actively promoting the free MOOC "Planning and Design of Sustainable Sanitation Systems and Technologies" and the Compendium, as well as forming virtual study groups.]]>
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Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - updated version now ready (June 2016) - by: muench I like the new flyer, thanks to everyone who was involved in this major overhaul!

I am putting here some thoughts for improvement for when it is updated and printed the next time:

  1. I think the front page of the flyer is a bit bland and it's not clear that the flyer is about SuSanA (the flyer could also be about sustainable sanitation in general)
  2. I would not put the photo credits in the caption of the two photos as that is distracting (who cares that the group photo was taken by F. Luedermann!?). You could mention the credits on the last page.
  3. You might consider making all the website and resource links clickable so that the flyer works not only as a paper version but also when viewed online (in fact, this would still be easy to modify now)
  4. Under "Contact us" I would also put the encouragement to post on the Forum.
  5. We are using different terms for the same thing now: Knowledge Hub, platform, umbrella... are these just buzz words or have we decided what we'd like to be seen as?
  6. I think the flyer should also mention SuSanA members' work on Wikipedia pages, not just the SuSanA Wiki pages (e.g. see here the new Wikipedia page on FSM: )
  7. We could perhaps also highlight the map function of the project database which is currently little known ( and then click on the world symbol at the top right or click here directly:
  8. Take out the fullstop after "SuSanA’s 12 working groups"
  9. Crop the top part of the group picture.

If anyone else has suggestions for improvements for further versions please put them in this thread so they are available when the time comes for the next version. Thanks!

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Re: 7000 SuSanA members and growing! - by: secretariat

I'm glad to announce that our forum community just past the 7000 mark!

Thank you for the interesting discussions, forum posts and publication submissions! Welcome to the new forum members!

You can see our growth curve here:

Kind regards,

Antonio Seoane Dominguez
on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat
Located at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany

Follow SuSanA on:,,]]>
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Re: The new SuSanA Flyer - updated version now ready (June 2016) - by: annetempel
I am pleased to let you know that a new version of the SuSanA flyer is now available.
After two years, it was time to overhaul the flyer, to update the figures and numbers of the SuSanA network and to better explain the tools and services that the SuSanA platform offers.

The flyer aims to give a quick overview about SuSanA, its scope, its aims and the SuSanA online platform. It explains what you can find under the SuSanA umbrella and what SuSanA means when speaking about "sustainable sanitation".

Thanks to Arno Rosemarin, Sarah Dickin, Carol McCreary, Diane Kellogg, Leonie Lohwasser and Elisabeth von Muench for providing feedback to earlier versions of the flyer.

In case you have some further ideas and suggestions, please post them on the Forum - the next update of the flyer is sure to happen in the upcoming years..

If you want to distribute the flyer at any events you are attending, please feel free to print the flyer.
The flyer is available in the SuSanA library:

Best regards,

Annkathrin (on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat)]]>
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Re: SuSanA's first regional chapter: India! - launched now - by: annetempel
I am pleased to let you know that we have set up a Mailing List for the SuSanA India Chapter. To keep yourself updated about all activities around the Indian Chapter, please subscribe here:

And don't miss out to join the first thematic online disussion of the SuSanA Indian chapter: On the way to a “clean India” – 2 years of Swacch Bharat Mission (Gramin/Rural)

Best regards,

Anne (on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat)]]>
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Re: SuSanA's first regional chapter: India! - launched now - by: nityajacob
It is great to participate in SuSanA's discussions. I am Nitya Jacob, the moderator for the India Chapter of the Alliance that is hosted by the India Sanitation Coalition and supported by Arghyam.

We have just launched the first discussion on the Forum. I invite you to read and comment on the topic of the Swacch Bharat Mission, India's sanitation campaign. We have specialists from India to lead the sub-topics of the discussion.

Please visit to view and post on the discussion.

Warm regards
Nitya Jacob]]>
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Re: Feedback: Have a chat with us: „Open microphone“ SuSanA online webinar 18 June - by: arno We use various predetermined layouts during presentations. We have used breakout rooms. And recently we set up a dial-in account. This will be used later this month.

Maybe you would like to hold a webinar on a relevant topic?
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Re: Feedback: Have a chat with us: „Open microphone“ SuSanA online webinar 18 June - by: JKMakowka I assumed given the general lack of flash on most mobile devices that it would not work, but of course with a dedicated app it is a different story.

My main concern is that most modern operating systems and browsers are discouraging the use of flash or even disabling it outright. The chrome browser even has it's own cut down version that as far as I have heard will be soon disabled all together, so it is only a matter of time before only older Windows systems will be still able to connect from a desktop PC.

I understand that Adobe connect also has a lot of advantages and additional features, but which of those are really used in the SuSanA sessions? Has anyone ever actually tried to call in using a land-line for example?]]>
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Re: Feedback: Have a chat with us: „Open microphone“ SuSanA online webinar 18 June - by: arno Thanks for asking about Adobe Connect. We looked at the alternatives (and so did many universities, institutes and businesses around the world). There is no perfect video-conference system but Adobe Connect does still stand up to the competition - based on perfromance features, stability, capacity re numbers of participants, ability to control the software, etc.

Adobe Connect came out on top in this review from last year:
Its critique that there are no toll free telephone numbers to call is incorrect. Adobe offers dial-in and dial-out and free numbers in many countries. It is however weak in providing numbers in Africa to call - only Egypt and South Africa. But Adobe Connect can dial out to any phone number around the world.

Yes Flash has been around for a while but that doesn't mean it should chucked out. WebRTC - a Google experiment like many others, is still being developed.

Adobe Connect works on all major browsers seamlessly and requires no added software that needs clearing through virus control. For people using old machines that have never been updated, I would insist on using Chrome which updates Flash player automatically (for Windows, Mac or Linux).

On mobiles, Adobe Connect works extremely well - Android and IOS - very stable. I have hosted meetings from an Iphone 5.

There are ways of cutting down on bandwidth use from source by decreasing resolution and size of video windows. When using only audio and one speaker at a time Adobe Connect will use less bandwidth than Skype. Regarding dial-in and dial out this is a very powerful function to allow those without Internet to participate.

A proper license costs about 1500 USD per year for rooms with 100 people. The dial-in account is free but costs per minute for each user connected.

We can do some testing if you like from slow internet connections to see how it will perform.]]>
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Re: Feedback: Have a chat with us: „Open microphone“ SuSanA online webinar 18 June - by: JKMakowka
Having fought last time again with this horribly outdated flash based system that only runs properly on certain versions of windows, with certain specific browsers and flash-plugins (i.e. I don't think anyone has gotten it to work on Android, Mac or Linux), am am here to propose yet another alternative:

It's a very modern WebRTC powered solution supported by a German company, so maybe that would be easy for the SuSanA secretariat to get working (at least easier than previous suggestions)? No need to buy the advertised box itself, as the software is also installable on a regular web-server.]]>
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Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples - by: osbert I hardly spend a day without checking on the updates, new posts, opportunities for partnership, grants.]]> Announcements regarding SuSanA Fri, 22 Apr 2016 11:47:48 +0000 Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples - by: cecile
As far as I am concerned the impact of SuSanA are the following:
- daily learning opportunities through the forum especially about 3 things :
1) policy and approach (all the discussions about the sanitation ladder, WASH and Nut etc.)
2) large scale approach (vs point of view based on village or district level) and
3) research (through the presentation of the Bill & Melinda Gates research grants).
Without the forum I would not be acquainted to these topics. SuSanA keeps me updated in the currents debates and latest research topics.

- the platform as a whole : forum, library, newsletters and newsmails in particular and also webinars and thematic discussion series.
Each time I am working in a project as a consultant I am screening through SuSanA's platform and I find really interesting documents. Last month I was working on a document related to sanitation in Mali and I found specific case studies, surveys, and reports.

Newsletters and newsmail are brilliant because they keep us updated with all ongoing projects. This allows to have a broader view and plenty of ideas when working of projects. NeThis is always the case with each assignment.

The latest discussion on Wash and Nut was really rich in my view. I really appreciated the participation of different experts and the links they shared towards videos, factsheets, reports from surveys of excellent quality. As far as I am concerned this was a real learning experience.

Last but not least, I really appreciate the effort of SuSanA to bridge the language barrier by providing some of the documents in French and in Spanish. This is also done in some MOOCs in sanitation. This contributes to improve experience sharing between latin and south America, different countries in Africa and Asia.

Thanks SuSanA !]]>
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Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples - by: Mathew

SuSanA's library of examples of urine diversion and composting toilet systems was crucial in resolving key issues in the code, such as the recommended slope for urine piping. Without the SuSana Library we would have to rely mostly on US-based system examples, where urine diversion and practices such as outdoor compost 'finishing' are rare. SuSaNa's links to resources on urine hygienization were also valuable.

thanks for all the great work compiling resources!]]>
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Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples - by: Carol McCreary
I'm a generalist across whose desk come excellent sanitation questions for which I do not know the answers. Usually I go on line, find the information and a couple of good resource documents and get back to the inquirer right away. Other times, I refer people to SuSanA, assuring them that should they not find what they need in the Library, they should join the Forum. And should they not get adequate answers to their post, they can community directly with an expert.

SuSanA has impact because it's a living community supported by an extensive and well-designed online ecosystem.]]>
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Re: How has SuSanA impacted your work? Please provide testimonials, stories and examples - by: DianeKellogg
SuSanA online is also an excellent resource for networking, as I found when I went to Nairobi. I made a few phone calls and soon was meeting people from Nairobi whom I'd seen post on SuSanA. Professional contacts turn into friends, and I find myself looking for ways to help people with their Chuck Henry helped with mine. More thanks to SuSanA.]]>
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