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OK, so now the plan is that the new icons will look like this in their simplified and stream-lined version:

Hygiene, health and schools:

The blue icon for sanitation systems stays the same:

Attitudes, behavious:

Business, government:

Resource recovery:

Announcements and miscellanous:

Any last minute comments before Steffen implements this change in the next few days?

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this process.]]>
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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: muench
Thanks for your suggestions. Hajo, I see your point about the icons being too "busy" (Lasse also said that in his post). The scales were meant to represent the legal aspects.

But maybe it is better to remove them and limit ourself to two things per icon only:

  • For the health icon we should perhaps remove that graduation hat from the States
  • For the attitudes icon then perhaps Option 3 is better than Option 5 as it's less busy:

  • For the grey and green icons we could remove the scales
  • For the Announcement icon we can remove one of the "miscellanous" symbols.

Does that sound good?

I was hoping that someone from our member base would pop up saying "I am actually a graphic designer, I can really help you with this!", but this seems to be not happening... Or perhaps the icons are less important than I think? "Let's not make a PhD out of it"...

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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: hajo
I can imagine to have only the head with the brain: attitudes and behaviour are controlled/directed from there... it does not need further elaboration...

... and looking at the other icons, I felt also Business, Governance and Resource Recovery could do some sliming, i.e. drop the scale in both icons...

generally I would minimise the information in an icon, to much is confusing to me...

ciao, Hajo]]>
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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: Doreen
I like option 5!

Option 1 and 2 have too many things going on

Option 5 maximizes Option 3 and 4.

Best regards,

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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: canaday
Option 5 is fine. The previous version with the head in the hand can easily be interpreted as gruesome.

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday]]>
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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: muench I think at this stage I might prefer icon number 5, because it contains 3 symbols and that would match with some of the other category icons which also have 3 symbols inside of the circle (like the red one on health & hygiene, the grey one on business and the green one on resource recovery). Perhaps 3 could become our magic number. (4 symobls inside of the circle might be too many and too confusing)

It almost matches with your preference of icon number 3, only that it includes in addition a person who is running to indicate some action or some fear or some determination...

This is icon number 5:

Any further opinions from anyone?]]>
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Re: Your opinion about new icon for attitudes and behaviours? - by: Lasse to introduce myself: this is Lasse, I'm a water and environmental engineer interested in sustainable sanitation. Just finished studying and trying to figure out which direction I wanna go...

Regarding your question: I prefer icon three, as the other icons seem a bit crowded and/or confusing to me.

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Your opinion about forum category icon for attitudes and behaviours? (and all category icons) - by: muench here), the orange icon for attitudes and behaviours was not great, at it didn't show enough "action" or "activity" (behaviour) in my opinion - only the hand but it looked like the hand was holding the head up.

This is the current icon:

I am currently working with Steffen, Trevor and Shobana to come up with something better. We have some icon ideas, see below, to symbolise better the "behaviour" and action part.

Could you please help us by pointing out which of the options you like best or if you have better ideas?

The two most helpful posts in this thread (or submissions by e-mail) will receive a PATH toilet caleander for 2015, containing two photos by SuSanA members, each!

So please give this a quick thought and tell us what you think. Thanks.

Here are the options so far (we are open to additional options):

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

Thanks in advance for your time,

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Give-aways: Toilet Calendars 2015 from PATH for active SuSanA forum users - by: secretariat
We are giving away Toilet Calendars 2015 from PATH for some of those who have been active in the forum and for those who have done excellent contributions to some Wikipedia sanitation pages together with Elisabeth.

Here's a list of those who will be receiving a calendar soon! Kindly send your postal address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in case you haven't done so already.

  1. Francis de los Reyes III
  2. Mike Carmichael
  3. Kai Mikkel Forlie
  4. Leah Nevada
  5. Julius Krischan Makowka
  6. James Heilman
  7. Christoph Platzer
  8. Chris Canaday
  9. Dennis McMahon
  10. Detlef Schwager
  11. Benjamin Clouet
  12. FH Mughal
  13. Namita Banka
  14. Jonathan Parkinson
  15. Mbaye Mbéguéré
  16. Cecile Laborderie

We would like to give away the next set of calendars in a few weeks time to other active users during the month of February. The list of winners will be announced during the last week of February and the winners will receive an e-mail from the SuSanA secretariat.

Thanks to PATH for donating these vibrant calendars to the SuSanA secretariat so that we can use them as little thank-you presents.

Posted by Shobana and Lasse
(seen in the photo above together with the calendars that are waiting to find their new owners)]]>
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Re: Thematic Discussion Series coming to the SuSanA Forum! - by: Roslyn The Sanitation Ladder: Next Steps", please see the new thread which has been created within the relevant Forum category of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global sanitation indicators.
Thank you,
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Re: Our Forum got a new front door page (and new layout inside)! - by: muench
In my post from 15 December above I had mentioned a few issues that I would discuss with our IT developer. Now I want to give you some feedback on what he said:

About the front door page (

I had written about the access from mobile versions:
Regarding making the page dynamically resize if someone views it from a mobile device, I will have to check with Steffen on that one as I don't know how complex this would be.

Steffen told me that this would be very complex to program and would require a few thousand Euros worth of his programming time. For this reason, we already way back opted for a separate page for mobile device users (with the URL: so that the users can choose if they want to view the desktop or the mobile version.

I had written about the two boxes that appear below the categories on the front page:
It's true, they are less wide. The first one about the tweets is probably a plug-in and could be made wider (I will ask Steffen). The second one, I guess is centred as there is not so much text there. But I also wonder if we need that grey bar behind "Recent topics by category"; "Most active topics past."

Steffen has made the box with "Tweets mentioning SuSanA" a bit wider now. The second one of top contributors has equal width but is centred so you can't really see the width.

About the grey horizontal bar behind those two boxes, he felt that these grey bars help to recognise the similarities with the SuSanA website. That and the type of font and colours chosen shows the connection between the two, he pointed out.

I wrote about the issue of vertical distances and "white spaces":
I was told by our web designer (Steffen) that most pages nowadays are becoming geared towards mobile devices, and therefore users are used to scrolling down. But I can ask him to reduce the vertical gap so that people realise there is more.

Steffen has now reduced the vertical distance between the categories and the "Recent topics" box a bit. If he reduces it further then it might look rather cramped when the hover texts of the category icons are visible.

I wrote (about the numbers that appear in the list of "top contributors"):
The numbers in green and blue signify the number of posts someone has made in that time period and the number of likes someone has received in that time period. Does that need to be made clearer and if yes, how?

No change has been made here yet, as I am thinking it is quite self-explanatory, and not that important to warrant additional hover text (?).

About the inner page of the forum (

I wrote about the vertical space that the fixed top part takes up:
Wow, that's a lot. Perhaps you have the font size set to very large? On my screen the fixed part occupies only about one quarter of the screen. But I agree that the marquee might be taking up too much of the vertical space. Will speak to Steffen about that.

This comes back to the issue of a website looking "cramped" versus looking a bit generous with space. Here I am not sure if that's just the opinion of some few users or if more users feel that there is too much empty space? We will keep pondering about that one. Now that the marquee is not there (we only turn it on for special occasions), it does look like a rather large space there.

I wrote about a possible "animation" of the category icons:
About the animation (i.e. the icons getting bigger when you hover over them, I will ask Steffen). Could be good.

This has now been implemented. Do you like it?

About ensuring that the forum pages and the SuSanA website have a more similar look & feel to them, this is something we will continue to ponder over in the new year. So far we haven't had any bright ideas for simple changes that could make that happen. In any case, I think it is important that there are clear buttons to get from the forum page to the SuSanA website (see at the top left) and vice versa. That's important.

Kind regards,

P.S. For any of you who are using twitter: Make sure you include @susana_org in your tweets more often than not, because then your tweet will automatically appear on the front page of the forum (at the bottom left), thus giving your tweet more exposure and more chance of a re-tweet.]]>
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Re: Our Sanitation Highlights in 2014 - and what are yours? - by: muench Or perhaps there were also some "lowlights" and disappointments worth mentioning?

General announcements from or about SuSanA Tue, 23 Dec 2014 14:26:23 +0000
Thematic Discussion Series coming to the SuSanA Forum! - by: secretariat Thematic Discussion Series.


From the recent Forum Survey (question 23, 74% percent suggested that structured discussions, and 80% that summaries of threads, would be a useful forum improvement.
The Thematic Discussion Series will address the forum improvement for structured discussions by hosting discussions within the Forum which will be led by thematic leads, provide summaries of threads, and aim at addressing intersectoral topics.

All SuSanA members can get involved in the discussions on the forum when they take place, and feedback on the concept of the thematic discussion series and suggestions for future themes and thematic leads is also welcomed. As well, SuSanA partner organisations interested in the thematic discussion series format are welcome to contact the Secretariat to discuss leading future thematic discussions.

More information about the Thematic Discussion Series is in the announcement (PDF) above as well as on the SuSanA website at

The first discussion will begin in January 2015 on the topic of The Sanitation Ladder: the Next Steps. More information regarding this first thematic discussion will follow in early January 2015.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as we start into this new initiative!

Kind regards,

The SuSanA Secretariat

(posted by Shobana)]]>
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Our Sanitation Highlights in 2014 - and what are yours? - by: secretariat
2014 has indeed been a productive year for SuSanA and the SuSanA secretariat!

Let's look back in time for this year's highlights:

Second Phase of BMGF Grant for co-funding the SuSanA forum, new front door and project database (the latter is brand new, hasn't even been advertised yet)

For more information on each of these, see: (new project database)

First ever SuSanA Forum survey was conducted in October 2014. 435 users or prospective users participated in it giving us great feedback and views on the Forum. The results of the survey are available here.

Several changes have been implemented on the forum based on the survey, for example:
New category structure, new icons:
Lists of key documents (in progress):
New front door (see above)

SuSanA reached 4000 members in September 2014

New SuSanA website was launched during the Stockholm World Water Week 2014
Watch Trevor's presentation in Stockholm here at 1h13mins:

18th SuSanA meeting and Side Events
See here for more information, including links to videos.
E.g. have you seen this presentation by Arno about this discussion forum?

SuSanA members active on Wikipedia
Some SuSanA members have become Wikipedians or are actively helping other Wikipedians! For more information see here.

Six Featured Users on the forum this year
The featured users of this year were Florian Klingel, FH Mughal, Chris Canaday, Ina Jurga, Jonathan Parkinson and Cécile Laborderie! (see:

This is what came to mind for us. Do share with us your sanitation highlights for the year 2014?

The SuSanA secretariat will be back afresh next year with lots of exciting news

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

(Posted by Shobana and Elisabeth)]]>
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Re: Our Forum got a new front door page (and new layout inside)! - by: muench Thank you.

I would love to see more people saying something about SuSanA. (I see SuSanA mentioned sometimes when somebody credits a photo from the SuSanA Flickr database in their blog post for example in this case: . It always brings a smile to my face.)

If we find more information about SuSanA written by others, then I would also like to include that into the Wikipedia article on SuSanA - which is meant to be written objectively, not by someone who is active in it, like me:

(you can see on the Talk page that I was once criticised for writing about SuSanA on Wikipedia as I might have a conflict of interest:

General announcements from or about SuSanA Tue, 16 Dec 2014 15:42:42 +0000