Pasting information to the wiki from a Word document

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Pasting information to the wiki from a Word document

Every Word document or PDF document has hidden code on the background. The same goes for information found on internet pages. When copying such information and pasting it to the wiki, it is important to get rid of the hidden code in the background, so that the information is pasted to the wiki as plain text and the article does not look "buggy" or strange.

To do this, it is good practice to first paste the information in a Notepad (TextEdit on Mac). The Notepad will get rid of all the code. So now you can copy the information from the Notepad, and paste it to the wiki. Alternatively, you can also paste the information directly to the wiki by using the icon "Paste as plain text" located at the top of the editor's toolbar:

If you still face "buggy" articles, please inform the wiki gardener (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that he or she erase the remaining code in your article.

Hector Alfaro
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