SOIL is hiring a composting advisor (Haiti)

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SOIL is hiring a composting advisor (Haiti)

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is a US based non-profit organization that has been promoting ecological sanitation in Haiti since 2006 ( ). SOIL’s work is on the cutting edge of human waste recycling and we are currently treating over 30 metric tons of human waste each month at our 2 composting facilities. SOIL’s compost sites support innovative sanitation services in the form of household toilets (EkoLakay), public toilets, and mobile toilets (EkoMobil) while treating and transforming the wastes from these toilets into a high-quality compost, branded Konpòs Lakay.. SOIL’s compost is not only beautiful, it is popular and sells out on a monthly basis with the revenues going towards defraying the costs of waste treatment.
We are a small organization focused on the quality of our work and committed to developing innovative and sustainable sanitation solutions in Haiti. We are also committed to conducting rigorous research on novel sustainable sanitation technologies to be passed on to the Haitian government and private sector. Helping us improve operations through applied research and outreach is where you come in!
SOIL is currently seeking a Composting Program Advisor to provide guidance to SOIL’s composting program in achieving its strategic objectives. The advisor is responsible for providing key support to the Composting Program Managers and acting as a liaison between external researchers and the SOIL operational team to push forward innovations and improve operational efficiency.

The advisor will also play a critical role in the development of two new compost sites in Port-au-Prince. The first site will be designed to support the expansion of SOIL’s EkoLakay service to provide quality sanitation and waste treatment services to over 25,000 families. The second site, developed in collaboration with DINEPA (Haitian Sanitation Authority), will be located within the government’s waste treatment site and will facilitate SOIL’s research into the potential for treating latrine waste and sludge from waste stabilization ponds via thermophilic co-composting with available agricultural wastes.

We are looking for someone with a passion for environmental protection and increasing access to sanitation who is ready to put their knowledge to work in the field. This position is critical to SOIL’s long-term vision of increasing access to affordable, dignified sanitation services and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in Haiti.

We are seeking a candidate with the following qualities (many of these qualities are desirable but not an absolute pre-requisite for the job):

• Passion for development and appreciation for Haiti
• Respect for co-workers
• Readiness to work in a supportive capacity
• MBA or experience developing and/or evaluating business plans
• Experience and/or background in overseeing and/or developing composting operations
• Engineering design experience, ability to produce professional drawings (ex. AutoCAD)
• Laboratory experience, familiarity with basic protocols
• Experience in preparing and managing budgets
• Ideally, experience in WASH, especially sustainable sanitation technologies
• Fluency in English and French
• Moderate fluency in Haitian Creole (the primary language used within the organization) or willingness to achieve it

As Composting Program Advisor you will be responsible for the following:
• Work with Program Directors to develop an annual strategy for the Composting Program with clear objectives and indicators.
• Develop a business plan for management of SOIL’s waste treatment activities by exploring ways to optimize all steps of the related processes as well as actively seeking out new sources of revenue to enhance cost-recovery.
• Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of other waste treatment options in comparison to SOIL’s composting model.
• Explore methods to optimize the sourcing and production of cover material, or bonzodè, for use in the household toilet and portable toilet programs.
• Provide engineering and design support for the development of SOIL’s new composting sites as well as improvements and expansion on existing site(s).
• Analyze and improve SOIL’s current data management systems for compost monitoring (including quantities, pathogen elimination, quality etc.).
• Coordinate between the Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien offices to improve information sharing and to promote streamlined best practices between offices in cooperation with Regional Directors.
• As requested, provide the Development team with project outcome data, photos, and impact metrics to be used for funder reports and donor outreach.
• Actively seek external research partners to help SOIL achieve strategic objectives.
• Act as a liaison between external researchers and SOIL staff, coordinating all compost research.
• Ensure that research results generated by external research are clearly communicated to relevant SOIL staff through written reports and/or oral presentations.
• Research and share lessons learned with SOIL staff regarding similar projects around the world, including relevant business case studies and similar composting operations.
• Make frequent field visits to inspect progress of composting activities.
• Improve laboratory capacities for testing pathogens, nutrients and other parameters during the composting process and on the end product.
• Help with translation of key documents in French and other mastered languages.
• Other tasks as requested and mutually agreed upon.

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, CV, and 3 references to SOIL by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than July 30th, 2016.

Posted by the SOIL Team based in Haiti since 2006. Find more information about SOIL at:
Twitter: @SOILHaiti.
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