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Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Sun, 21 Feb 2016 20:39:03 +0100
Eram Scientific launched a new eToilet Mobile App (Kerala, India) - by: svmidhu Note by moderator: Further information about the eToilet is also available in this thread:


Greetings from Eram Scientific !

On the occasion of the World Toilet Day celebrations, we are happy to launch a new eToilet Mobile App for electronic Toilets in India, as part of establishing a new Connected eToilet Infrastructure (CeTI) .

Please see some Media reports

Kerala-based firm launches eToilet mobile app ( Yahoo )

Now, a mobile app to help you locate the nearest eToilet ( Business Line )

Kerala-based firm Eram Scientific Solutions launches eToilet mobile app ( Economic Times )

Eram Scientific unveils new eToilet Mobile Apps

Kerala-based firm launches eToilet mobile app

The eToilet app is freely downloadable for Android users from Google Play Store by using the keyword "etoilet"


Midhu S.V
Sr.Manager (Projects and QA)
Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Mob: +91 8606158277

Web: ]]>
Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Tue, 24 Nov 2015 05:22:16 +0100
Using ICT for Sanitation; eSani, mSani? (ICT is Information and communications technology) - by: muench ).

The article was in the Guardian and had the title:

'We want to turn poo into gold': how SMS is transforming Senegal's sanitation


It is part of this Gates-funded project in Senegal that seems to be producing very good results:

A section from the article:

Now the text service – comparable to the Uber taxi app – has a database of 65,000 customers who send an SMS whenever they need their pits emptied. The computer sends out a tender to all the pit emptiers in the vicinity, triggering a bidding war.

The “Uber-ification” of waste management has broken the back of the informal pit emptiers’ union that fixed high prices for an unenviable job not properly regulated by the government, says Mbeguere.

“In the first year of the service, the average cost of emptying pit latrines decreased from $150 to $90 a year. For someone earning less than $2 a day, that’s a big difference,” says Mbeguere, who says the target for the service is $60 per year.

Sounds really good. However, I am wondering a little bit if the pit emptying companies are "squeezed" so hard now that they may pay even less to their workers who are doing this unpleasant job? If the service has become cheaper, who is losing money now?

But anyhow, under the banner of mobile ICT for sanitation, this could be one interesting example?

Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Thu, 13 Aug 2015 20:11:21 +0200
Mobile data collection - by: Marijn Zandee
Here in Nepal there is also one service provider for data collection through mobile phones ( ). One of our programs was one of their first field tests, and to be honest I think this is the way forward for surveys that require more than about 100 respondents.

I have not had time to check out the services that you and Kris mention, but I will describe briefly how the system from rooster logic works.

You can send them your questionnaire and they will program it into there android app. You can then download it to as many smartphones as you need. As I recall, a difference with what you describe in your article is that the REMO app can store the information on the phone until you are at a good phone (or WIFI) connection again, from where you can upload the data.

I think, the guys here at Rooster logic can then process your data into a pre-agreed format and you can also get the whole thing as an SQL database.

One weakness we found is that in the hills of Nepal, the GPS signal caused some problems. Also, the quality of the phone's GPS is usually the first thing that the manufacturers of cheaper smartphones start cutting costs on.

I think on of the great strengths of the system, apart from the ones you mentioned in your article, is that the GPS coordinates any pictures and the answers to questions are linked with times in one file. This means that you can actually check and make sure that your data collectors were out in the field while they entered the data. I know this sounds slightly paranoid, but the way I have seen filled-out forms come back from the field has made me doubt sometimes whether they were actually in the field.

Further, personally, I don't think fingerprint reading technology is in any way far enough advanced to use these systems for any legally binding (subsidy payments, etc.) digital documents.


Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Sat, 17 Jan 2015 04:37:13 +0100
Hacking Toilets?!!! (sanitation hackathon, sanitation-related Apps for Smartphones) - by: muench
I recently came across this nice little factsheet (thanks to the e-mails by WASHplus weekly) and thought it fits well into this thread where we discussed the Sanitation hackathons and mobile phone apps for sanitation in the past:

A Brief Overview of Sanitation App Developments, by Marie-Alix Prat and Sophie Trémolet (2013). ( )

This note gives an overview of the types of apps (mainly prototypes) that have been developed so far in the sanitation sector and identifies the need for further development of ICT tools.

I also created a separate thread for the suite of apps called "Sanitation Investment Tracker" here:

This thread which was originally called "Hacking Toilets" is by the way our number 2 thread (20,303 views so far)! It was located under "Events" until now, but I have now moved it to here under "Working Group 9 on business and awareness creation". Not sure if it fits perfectly into this category either and am open for better suggestions. We may need a new sub-category on ITC tools one day if that topic proves to be popular (ITC = Information and Communications Technology).

Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Thu, 15 May 2014 09:31:03 +0200
Sanitation Investment Tracker (SIT) - a suite of mobile phone applications to track investments in household-level sanitation - by: muench

The Sanitation Investment Tracker is a suite of mobile phone applications to track investments in household-level sanitation. This App was developed by Tremolet Consulting and with the support of the DIFD-funded SHARE research consortium. It was submitted to the Sanitation App Challenge organised by the World Bank in March 2013.

As with all these things, it would be interesting to hear from people in the field who have used it. How many people have used it and what came out of it?

So I understand right that the tool is not available for free (expect for trial versions). Normal apps cost very little, like 1 Euro or so, is it the same with this one?
Hans, can you clarify this?
Can you also tell us how many copies of the tool have been sold so far?

Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Thu, 15 May 2014 09:18:00 +0200
Survey on technologies for WASH data collection (use of Information Communication Technologies for mobile data collection analysis) - by: ryanrowe
This is my first post as a SuSanA member. :)

By way of introduction, I am a Household Water Specialist at the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I provide communications support and technical assistance to the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, and am also becoming more involved in managing knowledge around broader WASH issues.

I would like to use my first post to announce a short 5-10 minute survey being conducted by my colleagues at the Water Institute. I hope that this message is appropriate for SuSanA and for this forum. :unsure:

The Water Institute is gathering information on the use of Information Communication Technologies for mobile data collection analysis relating to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects. If you are using software or mobile phone applications to collect data on your WASH projects, please participate in our survey to share your experience in using ICTs and how you decided what tool to use. To complete the survey, please click this link: . The deadline is July 10.

Many thanks for your participation and looking forward to future discussions on SuSanA.

Best regards,
Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Tue, 02 Jul 2013 22:03:23 +0200
Sani Tool- ICT integration to Sanitation - by: kcmishra I am K.C.Mishra,Founder of eKutir,a Social Enterprise addressing to the problems of the BOP Customers by encouraging micro entrepreneurs enabled by ICT.Sanitation is a big issue where ICT can play an important role and with that in mind it was designed by eKutir with its Technological partner Grameenmobia Social Enterprise.
The basic premises are as follows.
1.Sanitation as an issue needs to be addressed at the user level,by taking cognisance of the Sanitation ecosystem.
2.If user need/needs are addressed then the sanitation behaviour can be changed and our objectives realized.
3.The user needs are not common and it may differ and for that there are players in the ecosystem to help.But in the existing system,all players are working but mostly parallel to each other than in a collaborative way.
4.This tool helps in building a collaborative platform in addressing the complex needs of the poor and brings transparency to the whole implementation process.
5.It is a low cost application which can be used on an Android Platform by all agencies engaged in Sanitation.
6.The marketing right of this application is with WTO.
For any clarification I will help.
You can reach me in Skype (Skype ID kcmishra40) Mobile 9937373888.
Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Mon, 24 Sep 2012 01:24:49 +0200
Knowledge sharing on mobile phone for water, sanitation, and hygiene applications - by: madeleine Found this link on the Linkedin this morning. It is alot about the games which might be good for behavioral change. Ho´wever big gains are probably the facility of access credits and banc accounts ,Time will tell. Interesting topic worth to explore .madeleine ]]>
Mobile phones, ICT for sanitation (Information and communications technology) Thu, 28 Jun 2012 06:51:22 +0200