How can I interact with other users on the forum? - With video tutorial

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How can I interact with other users on the forum? - With video tutorial

This short video explains how you can interact with other users:

Video 5: Profile information and interaction with other users

Content of this video:
- how to get to your own profile page and which information you find there
- how to edit your personal information in order to make your profile more interesting for other users (you don't have to reveal more than you want to)
- how to upload a picture
- how to find other users
- what you can find out about other users by looking at their profile
- how to indicate that you like their posts by clicking the "like" button or giving "karma points"
- how to send private messages to another user
- what the statistics tell you about the forum users
- where to find the help section

More tutorial videos for this forum are also available here:

See also this forum post for more details on the other videos:

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